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since Jun 06, 2015
45 Year old former pot farmer, widower that embraces natural farming, ethical and moral living while walking the path of life.
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Recent posts by Harry Soloman

This is amazing work.  I have worked with mushrooms to help clean up toxic sites but this is wow!
3 months ago

Samantha Hall wrote:

Cara Campbell wrote:What about Mosquito Dunks in the pond? I use them in the containers of water we collect, and as long as I make sure there's some of the dunk in there, we don't get mosquitos breeding.

I have heard of those but don't know much about them. I guess I assumed they were toxic somehow but they must not be. I'll look into them,.as that's a great idea! Thank you so much!!!


Its bacteria that affects the larva stage guts.
6 months ago
I think something is eating your roots or the soil is too wet/compact.  Hard to really tell from here.  Potentially a mold/mildew but I suspect root issues from pest to make up of soil/nutrition.
8 months ago
For azomite, rock dust, green sand etc.  If your soil needs the micro type of minerals these I use.  Generally in soils low in clay might need this.

I like to think, short, mid and long term mineralization.  It is important to know your soil and understand how you affect your soil and how to slowly work it in positive directions.  This is benefit does not come at the flick of the switch if you do not take into account all the factors that enable this source of minerals to be utilized.

Rock dust and similar does nothing for your plants this year but for the future over time.  Think of it like the Japanese say, Kaizen.  Essentially, small imperceptible changes that over time make big changes or improvements.  This helps keep brix consistent but is only part of the equation.  It really depends on your soil management and grow style/plan, soil management, and the environment.  

I think it is fine for most people here who are not using chemicals as the soil life is necessary to break that rock down and make useable for the plants.  As stated, good soil life and carbon are also essential parts of that equation for it to be of use.

Adding to worms for grit and to compost I always do.  

No need to go crazy generally but as some have already said, determine after soil test but all things simple Just give sprinkle in the spring and is already in the compost and worm castings.  Seawater and fermented seawater are great for adding maintenance minerals.  

For positive microlife I love to use natural farming techniques, worm castings, composts of varied types from leaf molds, decomposer (mushroom) compost and sea and forest composts.  Biochar I love as it helps stabilize the microlife as like fortress homes that helps during periods of soil stress.

I believe in it but only if used effectively and overtime.  Not all soils need it and is point of no return to potentially causing lockout issues if heavily over done but mostly when done like that it is just a waste of money.

I see it as a soil tool.  Like all tools, it depends on the need.
9 months ago
I agree with above posts, plants seem like they did not harden outside.

They are in a bit of shock.  

Stabilize night temps as best you can.  Look up hardening plants and you will find countless information from the simple to the luxury.

While beans grow best in low nitrogen soils it is because they form a relationship with bacteria that make viable the nitrogen from the air and supply that nitrogen to the plant and the plant gives back sugars.  This takes time so as stated a bit of low nitrogen fertilizer can be necessary early on but careful.
Was gonna say if oil you can do mushrooms, oyster mushrooms but that is already stated.  I have seen whole areas cleaned up by mushrooms!
9 months ago
It's the little things in life that get to most people.  Especially when they care.

Get along people.  There are times for entertainment purposes and times when its better to not antagonize each other.  This is one of those times to get along.  

Such upset feelings typically stem from people who care, it is ok if a bit comical to some.  Believe me.  I deal with this every day right now to keep food flowing to grocery stores.  Get along people, this is the time for adults more so than ever.  Being effective is not always being the most right.

Get hungry enough, an apple core looks pretty good!  Core me up a good one!