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since May 01, 2015
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uggg...I hate trying to describe myself. * last updated spring 2019 *
I moved to 40 acres of raw land with an existing pond in the WA Okanogan Highlands 3 yrs ago. I have been busy observing and making trails.
I am planning to start building a house this year. Though I am probably going to hold off on planting anything until I finish building a house and just work on infrastructure.
I am looking forward to finally put into practice the ideas I have without having to compromise due to it being someone else's land.
Some history and background about me.
I have traveled and lived most of the continental US. So have a decent grasp of the different areas of the US. As a kid I preferred going into the woods to play over going to a park or friend's house. Still I will almost always pick nature if given the choice.
I worked trail maintenance in the Cascades and that was likely my most favorite job ever. I lived, worked, and played in the forests of the Pac NWet. I learned a massive respect for pack goats during this. As they hauled the majority of our gear up the trail every day. Amazing smart animals and I can't wait to get my own goats to enjoy.
I lived and worked at Arcosanti for 4 yrs in AZ. Including managing their 15 1/2 acres of edible and medicinal landscaping. A fun place to meet lots of wonderful people and pick up skills. I have spotted at least one other Arco alum here who I know. Who lived there previous to my time, but who I did meet and hang out with several times both at Arco and to go see him in Prescott.
Pac Northwest, east of the Cascades
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Recent posts by Devin Lavign

I should mention that not all cooking oil is the same. What I buy at the co-op is not going to be the same as what I buy at the chain grocery store.

Now I assume most on this site know this but it worth mention, be careful and buy good oil you wouldn't mind on your land.
2 days ago
Yep I fond out about Paulownia at Arcosanti where they planted them in the gardens as shade and future lumber harvest. They work great letting the sun be blocked by the big leaves in the summer, and in the winter be open for sun to shine down and warm stuff up.

The ones I encountered at Arco were 2nd growth after growing back from stumps. The were big enough to work under and shade the garden. They were great. Arco staggered its Paulowna so some would mature, while others were just starting. That ways always having a mature crop shading the garden.
3 days ago
I'm looking at the DR brush mower attachment wood chipper

is it perfect, nope. But with an aspen groove and lots of dead branches on doug firs, it will do. Especially not being the only tool used. I already have the brush mower and snow thrower attachment. So just need the chipper attachment.
4 days ago

Joseph Lofthouse wrote:I really like fiberglass handles, but they are not as strong as wood/steel, and can be subject to degradation by sunlight.

Sun rot is something you have to watch in the desert. In Eastern WA my t-shirts get sun bleached, you can tell i wear long sleeve shirts over them. If the sun is doing that what is it doing elsewhere? Watch your tools and service them when they are dry. I would use anything that replaces water in wood, lots of oils, and for metal use graphite or similar powders.
4 days ago

Xisca Nicolas wrote:Local artcraft 24 cms Blade and a smaler knife used to remove flowers from the bananas.

I had the idea this one would be perfect to work on a skin without risking a hole!

A good knife is important.
4 days ago

Nicole Alderman wrote:LOL on the redneck quad! We totally used ours as one yesterday! (Though, we didn't modify the lawn mower at all. It's still our lawnmower!)

Our neighbors became too busy for their chickens, and so we adopted them and took their coop/run to our place. Of course, none of us had a truck. It was me, my husband, my teenager neighbor and her mom. We pushed the coop onto their trailer and tied it to our John Deer riding lawnmower with a chain. My husband drove and the three of us ladies pulled and pushed to keep the coop on the trailer and relatively balanced down about 1/2 a block of gravel road. We all wished we had a camera, because it was so redneck. But, we did it!

Editing to add a picture of the coop/run, nos that I have a picture!

l love the chicken coop/run. It is an amazing thing to have on the homestead.
4 days ago

Cris Fellows wrote:

Devin Lavign wrote:
Big difference is hori hori are made for garden use, while Lesche are made for metal detecting.

I did not know that!  I just use it in the garden!

Nothing wrong with that. It is mainly about marketing, who gets what ads.

The reason I mention the Lesche in my thread is to give it exposure outside the metal detecting crowd it normally is used to.
4 days ago

Mike Haasl wrote:Devin, what do you mean by "remove the toaster part"?

when searching looking for convection ovens instead of toaster ovens
5 days ago