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We're a family of 5 living in the Eugene Oregon area. We live in a small townhouse style apartment and we're trying to be our best stewards of this home.
I YouTube over on my channels UltraHuman and Rachel Muir.
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Eugene, Oregon, Pacific Northwest USA
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paul wheaton wrote:https://permies.com/t/56704/chance-SciShow-youtube-hook-Wheaton#478833

Thank you Paul! I did see that and I messaged David to see if he had any more interest in pursuing a collaboration with Hank. I know he's a very busy guy, too, so if he doesn't understand what it is you guys are doing out there he likely isn't looking for more projects. I will do what I can here, I think we would need to have the idea for the form the collaboration would take in order to have something to propose.

That said, I think the app is much more important and impactful in terms of expanding our community, marketing for projects & infecting minds with permaculture! My partner is going to school for network & security, my oldest son is learning to program & I could likely put together a team to push this project forward enough to get it to a Kickstarter phase but if it's just me it'll take a while. I have had this thought nagging long enough though I would love to see it though!

Rachel Mary YouTube Channel

UltraHuman YouTube Channel
5 months ago
Oh yeah! Thought bubble, by the way is a company that makes animations that are featured in crash course videos. without much technical experience we can put together permaculture videos and use a company like that bubble to create a much more engaging animated experience. just another thought that was kind of tangential to the whole Hank Green collaboration.
6 months ago
After listening to Paul's last couple Podcasts I realize I have an underlying dream I really want to make this happen:

If the permies forums where an application that could have the skip badges and courses made available through Paul all available on a mobile app this community would explode. I don't doubt that one of the biggest hurdles to expanding this community is the lack of availability to mobile users and people who are used to an app interface. It would mean a large influx of level 1 permaculture people which would be may be difficult to manage but if the goal is to create a larger community and infect more mine's I think this is the way we need to go.

That brings me to Hank Green. Hank Green, the host and founder of Crash Course and many other things, lives in Missoula. that means that he and his staff and his Warehouse are all right there in Missoula Montana. Hank & John Green for the last several years have been working with partners in health in Sierra Leone to help reduce maternal mortality and it has been a big rallying cry that their Community, the Nerdfighters, have gotten behind and raise lots of money for.

Nerdfighters are a huge audience interested in combating climate change and doing what they can personally to "Reduce World Suck". I can only imagine what a powerhouse Hank and Paul could be if they decided that they had enough common goals to work together. I believe that with Paul's experience with crowd fundraising and deep experience in permaculture methods that are being applied in an area that Hank Green can personally identify with could be what the Green brothers would be interested in working with. I also think that the large audience with similar interests to our own community and their experience building multiple businesses and YouTube videos and audiences would be invaluable for advancing permaculture.

I'm located all the way out in Oregon but if somehow it would help that I drove my butt out to Missoula to help accommodate this happening I would make that happen. I also don't have any personal experience with building or designing applications and have limited graphic design experience. I could probably put a team of people together who could work on that but that's yet to be seen.

I would love to know how much support this idea has from the broader community and I would really like to know what Paul has to say about Hank and or John Green, have you ever met these guys? Was I know Missoula is a tiny town I would be kind of shocked if you were not familiar with Hank by now.
6 months ago

Judith Pi wrote:

Ed Belote wrote:Check out Wim Hof. He has some interesting methods for overcoming obstacles, cold showers being one his specialities.

OMG, just googled him - I'd rather be a wimp than a Wim!

His stuff really works amazingly fast, lots of health benefits and you're not cold anymore! To each their own way 👍🏻
1 year ago
Out of fear of screwing up my last post here's the stove!
1 year ago
Oh boy! I clean just about daily but I got on this BB after being sick for two days so I feel your house keeping woes Nicole! Three kids are hard to keep up after, especially when we homeschool so there always home. Took a lot longer than I expected to recover the kitchen and myself after getting sick!

I used some vinegar/water+about 1 tablespoon 7th gen dish soap in the spray bottle on the floors and counters, baking soda on the sink and anywhere I needed a little abrasive. I've got kitchen rags and copper scrubby pads for the scrubbing.

**Will post stove pics
1 year ago

You can start with whatever badge you want! I liked starting with skills I wanted to learn (woodworking), but then moved to doing a badge I knew I could relatively easily complete, that way I'd feel success and have a shiny badge. For me, that was the Community badge. For you, it might be the Nest badge! The Nest badge is great because it also is great motivation to clean!

Sounds awesome! Thank you Nichole!

I think the Nest Badge will be fun & easy (my partner and I can be competitive about cleaning for once 😂), it'll be interesting to start the others since we live in a townhouse but it'll be fun!
1 year ago
So I've been catching up through the pods and want to start knocking out PEP badges but I'm confused about where to start? Like, is starting here with a Nest badge as good a way to go as any or should I have some more background?

Thank you for your time! Excited......
1 year ago
Yay for clothing swaps! I love these, it's been a while since the last one I attended. They are a great way to have community and extend the life and use of clothes and such.

Nice looking book there 😉
1 year ago