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Recent posts by J Hymay

If you are planning on using those Trojan Batteries in the final rework, you had best get them on some kind of Desulfator asap. so they are ready for the ATC.
It takes at least a month, or more, to get big deep cell batteries back into shape after sitting discharged for a long time. I imagine if its been parked for 5 years, they are not in very good shape, even if they are Trojans.

Do you have any specs on the motor?  It looks like its all set up as a 48v system, but I couldn't read any of the motor fine print.

Best of Luck getting her going!

2 years ago

r ranson wrote:At the moment, they have a notice saying "FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS $75+ TO THE USA AND CANADA"
I like this.
I wish they still had almonds in stock.  But they do have a variety of pine trees.

I have a friend wanting to start a Christmas Tree farm, but the waitlist for seedlings is 4 years.  Do you think it's possible I could buy these seeds and grow appropriate seedlings in less?

I wouldn't worry about seedlings in that case... since its 4 years out, why not buy a tree or 2, some rooting hormone, and shred it down into a few hundred clone starts?  It may take an extra year to get them to bare root size, but that would still be faster than 4yr wait.   Or if you are feeling really froggy, you can build a hydroponic cloner or 6 & do the same thing.
2 years ago
I've been keeping up on this series & am loving it. I have been wanting to find something that could be productive during these cold Idaho winters, esp since my property has a mountain to the South.. so it gets a little less light, and a later start than most.

Also, Jack, as a FYI.. I tried watching your other Aquaponics & Aquatics playlist, but the list plays backwards in time..  It starts with the most recent, then plays the day before, then the day before that... so you cannot start at the beginning and watch forward.

Keep up the great work, I'm going to check if Tractor supply still has the sale on those rubbermaids...

2 years ago
My all time favorite Universal apocalypse movie would have to be

The 5th Element
2 years ago
Holy crap, from an animal systems feeding standpoint... this stuff could be golden...


Especially if it adds its flavor to the animals...... mmmm

On another note... Congrats MIKE! That's awesome you could put the PDC to use so quickly! Amazing!
5 years ago
Looking good Jesse! Too bad ya started on that the day I left =)
Scrolling up, it looks like new interior pics may be in order, since we pulled the walls out to open up the primary space in there.
5 years ago
Great to see some progress on the shelter! Picking a design is the hardest part sometimes.
5 years ago
I'd second what Joe said with one exception, consider a solid board rather than plywood... as she will likely do some chewing on the footrest =)
5 years ago
I'm Planning leaving after the PDC finishes out, but coming back for the Super week in July. I wanted to make sure there wasn't a population cap in place for that one =). Hopefully I'll be able to get a little done on my own place and have something to share.
5 years ago
It seems my old pup R.P. may have hurt himself playing with Shiye yesterday. He's been limping since, & did not want to go up the stairs to get out today. I thought I might shoot it out to the permies community to see if anyone could recommend a good vet in the Missoula area? Since I'm here for the PDC, its a bit far to visit any regulars back home
I'm guessing the poor lil guy tore or strained a ligament in the knee.

So, anyone know a good vet in the area?

5 years ago