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Without putting a giant hill in my yard, there is no way to have 4-5 ft of dirt on all sides of the cellar.  As a result I am opting for a well insulated shed which will need some supplementary heating in the winter.  I have not finalized my decision on wall thickness yet.  My neighbour has a similar building but with 4 ft thick wall filled with sawdust.  It works well, but the insulation is slowly rotting in the walls.
2 months ago
So I am working on plans, so that I can be ready to build a root storage building in the spring.  On our land the water table is very near the surface so a true cellar (below ground) is not an option.  I'm thinking I will build a shed inside a shed with about 12 inches between the inner and outer wall.  Then insulate the space between.  If I berm the walls about halfway up combined with the good insulation I should need only minimal heat to keep the inside from freezing in the winter.

Any thoughts on what I should put between the inner and outer walls.  I'm trying to minimize cost, so I don't really want to purchase that much insulation.  I'm thinking perhaps, scrape styrofoam, or cardboard or shredded paper or wood chips.  The challenge with anything organic is keeping it dry so it won't rot.

Pictures to follow, once the snow melts in the spring.
2 months ago
Looks kinda like a really fancy nut splitter
3 months ago
I like my salsa without tomato skins.  A very easy way to skin tomatoes is to freeze them whole. Then plunge each frozen tomato into a pot of boiling water. The skin will slip right off.  

Also tomatoes are easier to dice when they are partly frozen, no juice running every where.

As a result we freeze all the tomatoes that are to be preserved.  Which also means that we don't have to bother with canning tomatoes products in the middle of summer when we are busy with other things.
5 months ago
I wired an emergency light into the same circuit as my freezers.  Its one of those lights you see in public buildings that turn on when the power goes out. This way if I lose freezer power the light comes on.  I expect you could wire an audible alarm to the same circuit as the light bulb.
5 months ago
The lingonberries grow wild in our back 40.
5 months ago
My wife makes an amazing rhubarb and lingon berry sauce that we as a dipping sauce, like plum sauce with spring rolls.  The rhubarb for flavour and the lingon brrry for flavour and colour.
5 months ago
I would say the screw was stuck and stripped out so you welded the socket type hexdriver to the screw so that you could removed the screw.
5 months ago