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Currently in the boot camp at Wheaton Labs, living in Allerton Abbey.
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Recent posts by Jennifer Richardson

As many of you might know, we have a Biological Reverse Kickstarter. Basically, it's a way for people to pledge money or things in exchange for people to do something at Wheaton Labs. There's an awesome long list of these pledges here.

We wanted to make one BIG, special Biological Reverse Kickstarter for Boots who stick around! (Here's more information about Bootcamp at Wheaton Labs.) We wanted it easy for prospective Boots to see. We wanted to reward people--like Robbie!--who have posted so much, and to reward people for coming back and posting more whenever they can.

Boots (including Fred, who's like Head Boot) -- 100 days of media (Each day is three pics or a video. The days do not have to be consecutive.  And it is repeatable - 200 days, 300 days, etc. An example of such a thread is Robbie's Permaculture Bootcamp experience)
  • $200, for up to five times --Anon A & D (1 time left)
  • $100 --anon963
  • $200 --Dr H. (2 times left at $200 and then 1 time at $123)
  • $100 --Kyle Neath
  • $25 --Julia Winter
  • $50 --Greg Martin
  • $20 --Kerry Rodgers
  • $30 --Kirk Mobert
  • $10 --Mandy Launchbury-Rainey
  • a stay at Mandy finca near Galicia, Spain if you're ever in the area  --Mandy Launchbury-Rainey
  • $25 --Liv Smith
  • $25 --Anonymous
  • $10 --Amy Richards
  • $25 up to twice --Jerry McIntire
  • pick one from paul wheaton:
          - Better Wood Heat 4-DVD set
          - Wood Burning Stoves 4-DVD set
          - World Domination Gardening 3-DVD set
          - 100 hours of PDC
          - 77 hours of ATC
          - Rocket Ovens DVD
          - 6 decks of Permaculture Playing cards
          - 6 decks of Food Forest cards
          - The big podcast gob
  • one care package --Sue Reeves
  • one care package --Anonymous2

  • click to visit Jen's Boot Camp and Allerton Abbey Experience thread

    click to visit Josiah's Bootcamp Log

    Clayton's Bootcamp Experience

    If you would like to pledge toward a Boot in this way, just reply to this thread with how much you'd like to pledge! It can be $1, $5, a hat, $40, or something else! Every little bit adds up! If you'd like to pledge anonymously, just PM me!

    Pledge as you can, I'll manually certify the project is completed (the Biological part of things), verification that the means for the Pledge are still there,  the desire is still there, that the project meets the expectation, and then I'll arrange for transfer of funds/delivery of goods.

    And, if there's a specific task you'd rather see a Boot or other Wheaton Lab's resident do, feel free to post about it and pledge over at the main  Biological Reverse Kickstarter page!

    Whoops--just remembered another one!

    Fred (and the rest of us!) would really love to have a 15" cast iron skillet. We do a lot of community meals, and our skillets just aren't quite big enough.

    Here is one from Lodge on Amazon:

    Here is the same one on eBay for cheaper:

    We would also love to have a good used/vintage one, or any one at all!
    If we could have a do-over, what name would you use instead of "rocket mass heater?"

    We got a letter from a very kind supporter who wants us to come up with a "sweet, wimpy name" for rocket mass heaters to make them sound less scary.

    Paul also told me a story about an organization who refused to endorse them because they thought they literally ran on rocket fuel.

    So if you were rebranding rocket mass heaters, what would you call them?
    5 days ago

    Floor finish cob recipe:

    3 buckets sand (filled to line)
    1/2 bucket clay slip
    1/2 bucket manure
    Forgot this one: