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Currently in the boot camp at Wheaton Labs, living in Allerton Abbey.
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Recent posts by Jennifer Richardson

Awesome! I will keep an eye out!
apparently pussy willows are some of the earliest to come out of dormancy in spring
1 week ago
Apparently, willow roots will continue to grow all winter:

The best time to plant willow cuttings is in the fall or very early spring — when we call the tree dormant. Actually, only the leaves are dormant. The roots continue to grow all winter from stored energy, and when the buds burst in the spring, the new leaves will have a healthy system of roots to provide them with moisture and minerals.

from this article:
1 week ago
We have an idea for a greywater mulch pit design that, with lots of tricks, could stay warm enough to function outdoors in Montana in winter, but we need a plant . . . a special plant . . . something that will grow in, say, Seattle, in the winter, and not go dormant--so it can still take up nutrients in winter. And it is what Paul calls a "poop beast"--something that can tolerate high fertility/high nitrogen (like from gross kitchen sink water). Preferably NOT a food plant, and doesn't get too tall. And we can't think of anything. Do you have any ideas?
1 week ago
M Johnson,

We got the seeds! What a haul! I feel like Scrooge McDuck in his Money Bin.
Decided to finally figure out how to warp my loom.

(BRK Day 26)
3 weeks ago
For Christmas this year, we all made stockings from scraps from the free shelf. It was really fun, and the stockings are pretty hilarious.

(BRK Day 25)
3 weeks ago

We got the seeds! Thank you so much! I am especially excited about the anise hyssop.
3 weeks ago
Did someone try to send us a gnome? We got one, but it arrived in pieces, unfortunately.
3 weeks ago