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Currently in the boot camp at Wheaton Labs, preparing to spend the winter in Allerton Abbey testing the annualized thermal inertia
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Recent posts by Jennifer Richardson

I made “golden coconut rice” today, which is something I just made up.

I had some spices (ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, black pepper, dates) left over from making golden milk earlier today, so I decided to reuse them in a decoction (simmered about 30 min) of the remaining coconut milk topped off with water as the rice cooking liquid.

I added salt, extra black pepper, and about a teaspoon of turmeric to the cooking liquid for flavor and to make it a pretty golden color.
14 hours ago
With all of us sick, I have been making some recipes from this free herbal medicine mini-course lately:

Today I made golden milk (picture and recipe below).

I really want to take her full herbal medicine making course:

But my bank account is below the threshold I try to maintain, so I am being good and restraining myself from buying the course for now.

However, I thought I would share for anyone who’s interested. The full course is normally $350 (ouch!) but I have a 50% off coupon that’s good for until April 10th, making it only $175. The code is HEALTHYATHOME for anyone who would like to use it, and it’s not limited to one-time use, so feel free.

(BRK Day 78)
16 hours ago

The cast iron does take a bit longer to heat up, but in my book that’s a good thing—the extra thermal mass of the thick pan holds heat, which means your bread cooks evenly and forms a nice crust all over, and things don’t stick as easily to the heated pan.
16 hours ago

I have definitely preferred cast iron to the tin pans I’ve used in the past, but if we come across some really cheap I might pick them up. We avoid aluminum cookware for toxicity reasons—does anyone know if tin has similar issues? Thanks!
18 hours ago

It has definitely been a little stressful to be down right as we are beginning spring planting, with lots of fencing projects that need to be completed, etc., but mostly we have just been working to the best of our capacity and being gentle on ourselves. We have been getting some design and planning work done, and I have been working on indoor projects like the window quilts since being outside much gives me a chill and hurts my lungs. Orin has been a champ about carrying the workload as the only healthy person, and Josiah has been doing a lot of heavier work (like fencing) despite being sick. Hopefully things will start gaining forward velocity this next week!
18 hours ago

We have all been sick, but we are hanging in there—we have plenty of food and plenty to do when we have the energy. Thanks for checking on us!
19 hours ago

Not planning to follow along with 20 days of PEP, but I may still hit a few of those BBs over the next couple weeks!
2 days ago

That sounds really cool! The steel pans I used were really thin, not too different from the cheap aluminum kind, but the baker’s steel sounds like something I would be interested in trying.

If you’re looking at the green stuff on the Abbey roof and mass, unfortunately that is mulch (conifer branches from junkpoles) and not growies, but we do want to have plants growing there soon!

Stoneware would also be delightful!


I don’t know about “baker’s steel”, but I definitely prefer cast iron bread pans to the steel pans I’ve used in the past. I am far from an expert baker, however!

The issue with the stone in the oven is that we are pressed for time, so we’re using a quick method for sandwich bread where we pour the sourdough batter into the pans to rise, rather than making dough and forming a loaf, so it needs a pan.

Thank you both!