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There are several videos on you tube pertaining to goat carts and training them to pull them.  I haven't taken the time to watch them but they are there.
In my opinion you might start with the indigenous cattle breeds native to the area.  They would have some inherited abilities to live and produce in your environment and resistance to any parasites and insects of the area.  I hate to be so vague but any of the breeds I'm familiar with in the United States would probably be a wreck waiting to happen in your country.  I was fortunate enough to go to a grazing school featuring Johann Zietzman of Zimbabwe.  In part of his presentation he went over some of the African breeds along their characteristics and benefits.  I purchased his book Man, Cattle, and Veld.  In it there is mention of the Boran and Angoni breeds of the desert, the N'Dama of the tropical area, and Mashona and Nguni of south and central Africa.  That would be a starting point.

You might be better off with the local mutts than anything that has been "improved" with European breeds.  Survival of the fittest has developed some pretty amazing animals.

Good luck to you!
4 days ago
We used to go through the time consuming process of pitting plums until we went to a big cookout where the dessert was sand plum cobbler with a scoop of home made ice cream on top. (Amazing!)  We were warned pits have not been removed. It was no problem.  We have not removed pits in plums since, just bag them up and put them in the freezer.  It takes all the work out of it and makes it almost enjoyable to harvest them.
1 week ago
I'm guessing small amounts at a time would be in order.  I've heard accounts from two men way older than me that had the job of getting the morning fire going when they were boys.  Some "helpful" neighbor would tell them them to throw a chunk of an old tire into the stove for some quick heat.  Both tried it and told stories of turning cast iron stoves and the stove pipe bright cherry red and almost burning their house down.  They both laughed about when they told it but said their dads were not amused at the time.
3 weeks ago
This won't control ticks but it might help keep them off you.  I worked with a man once who grew up in eastern Oklahoma.  He said to keep ticks off you to take a cap full of chlorox bleach and put it in your bathwater.  I did that one summer and never had problems when working in brushy areas.
4 weeks ago
That makes my best work look very crude!  That's Awesome!
1 month ago

Welcome! Thanks for doing one thing so few do--listing your location so we can know where you are located and the climate you are dealing with.  I'm afraid I don't have the expertise you need so I'll sit back and learn from the ones who do.

Good Luck!
2 months ago
The linked video of the backhoe, looks like he has a container dolly or flatbed under it. Big difference vs having it on the ground!

It was hauled in on the trailer.  He pulled it off and then pulled on the ground.
2 months ago , , , .  If none of them have what you want you might call your county NRCS office.  I'm not sure the FSA offices are open now but they may be answering the phones.
2 months ago
Try  and look under shrubs.  There are some other companies that specialize in native plants and range type plants.  This is just the first one I thought of.
Good Luck!
2 months ago