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How do I edit my own posts?

the button does not always show up for some reason? I'm using firefox, is this the problem or is the forum not letting me edit my own posts for some reason?

Please help or fix
Hi Rose,

My name is Sander, I'm 28 and I'm originally from planet earth.

I've been travelling since the end of 2012 working on different farm trying to learn more about farming and how to grow food. Before that time I was in europe and went to uni for two years and studied international game design and architecture. I'm currently in Australia where I work as Sander The Amazing Gardener but are getting a bit sick of being hired for construction and demolition jobs instead of making gardens.

Would like to end up living a humble life on the Earth maybe in a yurt or tipi in a place where people appreciate each others company.

In a way it feels weird and that I'm sort of done with trying to break away from my family (Karma, Energy and Drama) since a couple of weeks which was one of my goals that I set before going travelling. Feel at peace now and actually ready to start my ow life and not having to deal with the karma of other people all the time and the negative effects of coming from a family with low morals (apart from rehabilitating myself which is something I'm quite eager to start with and are looking for a woman who finds me worth it). I don't really have a sense of direction at the moment and are open to go anywhere that feels right and I feel free to go to most places that are natural and away from city's or busy country's.

My life goals at the moment are:

1: Trying to get my international drivers licence:
2: Find a job for a couple of months:
3: Finding friends to go travelling with or settle down somewhere eventually.
4: Learn more about farming and how to grow food. the last couple of months I've been trying to do land sharing with people and trying to start a farm here in Australia and be able to make money for the future to buy land, it worked apart from the visa part and found I'm not going to be able to stay in Australia and thus investing in growing food is (very sadly not really worth it). Growing food and still creating a market garden is something I'm really passionate about and feel this is probably what I want to do for the rest of my life or at least the next 5/10 years ( I guess after I stop travelling, or as a means to keep travelling in the winter months If I can find people who want to do land sharing with me Europe). I've learned a lot about growing food and and think the most efficient productive way for me is to grow biodynamic no til natural farming vegetables with raised beds and make money from veggies in order to buy land somewhere in a cheap country.
5: I want to find someone who has the eyes of an angel and a heart of gold. Warm, kind, honest, gentle and genuine.
6: I would like to learn more about how the (dark side of the) world works and and to escape from the tentacles of the system and live a life in harmony with mother earth, let her guide us and create beautiful gardens and learn how to live with her togheter in peace and harmony. I have a strong desire to be free and feel depressed when I'm not, so whether I like it or not I can't really stop trying to obtain this goal and it is a strong feeling from inside.
7: To live free on the earth how it was originally intended and honour natural principles and rituals and not participating and learning how to name things that don't.

I like swimming, going to the beach, spending time in nature, and sometimes play video games and I like making baby, euh plants from seed and learn how to grow things.

Was reading the forum for fun with my current woof host and they thought I should contact you .

I don't really expect anything to happen but hope to meet a friend,

Warm Regards,
Sander Boskma

6 years ago
Hi Bryant,

Thank! Those are some really helpful answers!

0: Mkay so you say at least 3 generations of plants are required before you are STARTING to remove the chemical residue inside the plants. And by your example you say about 7 generations before it would be completely gone. Because that I think answers my question, then its probably a better idea to grow from organic seed stock.


2: Why is it not a good idea to manually add enzymes to the soil?

2.1: I guess I like the idea of compost tea. It kinda makes more sense since it feels more like a natural way of 'feeding' the soil and sort of dissolving it in a way that makes it available strait away for plants. Would you for instance sprout a batch of beans (or?) (chop it up?) and add it to a compost tea? Is that a good way of adding beneficial enzymes to the mix? I read a book once about sprouts and it said the levels of vitamins can increase 400% to 800% while the seeds are sprouting (was about beans and alfalfa I if I remember correctly).


3: I've heard about letting the compost sit for a year but I never really understood apart from not disturbing the soil why not to plant directly in it the first year. Lets say I do as you suggest but also add a small layer of soil on top of the manure, if you go from bottom to top 1: greenwaste, 2: manure, 3: soil, 4: mulch. Would it still be a bad idea, to direct/transplant something in there the first year or would that be ok/acceptable for the composting process? I mean the soil with be disturbed by plant roots, but is that acceptable for the process or would that be to much disturbance?

4: Thank you these are some great answers.

5: Hey B.t.W. I see you edited your post? How can you do that I can't find the button for it (I use firefox).


6 years ago
Hi Alder,

0: I actually made a spelling error but there is no edit button that I can find? To edit my original post, I'm new to the forum maybe you know how to edit your post once you made it?

I meant ''From'' seed not for seed. What I mean to say is that lets say I buy inorganically produced seed, and I use that seed to produce a crop. Will the chemicals present in the original seed spread to the entire vegetable? And what would be the health concerns related to producing vegetables organically from original inorganic seed.

I guess let me rephrase, does it spread from one generation to the next and is it viable to use inorganic seed at all?


1: About the cycle, ok I guess I would be exporting A LOT of produce out, so it would be worth it to get people to bring their compost bins, or garden waste. That's a good idea actually thanks. Just keep adding things to the soil so I don't have to worry about the soil getting less fertile over time. I guess I feel like using cover crops here as a large part of the cycle and putting things back into the ground.

Yeah homesteading feels like my future thanks for reassuring that. Nice market garden next to the house. The house, the car, the wife and the morgage, euhh I mean the yurt, the market garden, the dam and the chickens .

6 years ago
Hi, My name is Sander, The Amazing Gardener, I'm 28 and I'm about to start my own farm as soon as I find some land. This process will undoubtedly be difficult and disappointing, but I'm doing it anyway and believe disappointment is only for quitters . I have a question about the transfer of materials in subsequent generations of plants when growing from seed and I hope to find some people who can give me an fulfilling and interesting answer:

0: When you grow vegetables for seed that was originally produced inorganically meaning with chemicals of any kind be it in fertilizers or chemicals additives to kill soil life. And lets say these chemicals have been absorbed into the plant, even into the seed, would this also mean that the subsequent generation will be infected with chemicals, and in the case of growing from seed, does this mean that the entire new plant will have chemical residue? (and if this is true, that what will be the dangers for consuming this second generation plant, would it be save for human consumption? As I would like to quite zealously get rid of chemicals in the food chain altogether and don't know if I would even be able to consciously sell any of it if I knew it was contaminated.


1: Is it true that in production/growth of plants that some nutrients are lost in the process or is the plant the sum of its parts and all building materials that went into the plant are regained when the plant dies and turns back to compost?
1.1. And the only thing that is lost is the fruits eaten by animals and humans? That's not put back into the soil as compost or seeds blown in the wind?


2: What is the best and most productive way to get enzymes into the soil? And are there alternative ways to do this by copying processes already present in nature? E.g. creating your own enzymes without buying a packet from your local enzymes store?

3: What is the fastest and most efficient way to get a thick black layer of humus?

4: I would like to do a no-til/dig version of gardening as I don't want to get bad worm karma . What is the best way to do a no dig and why would you do a no-dig or why would you recommend against doing a no-dig?


Lots of questions I guess, I hope there are some people out there who are able to help me , no worries if you are not able to answer all of them, but Q:0 is really the most important for me as I don't want to be guilty for putting chemicals in the food chain by using inorganic material and hope to find some people with experience and expertise in this .

Thank you for reading this and hope you are well,
Sander, The Amazing Gardener

P.s. This is me in my old Garden in Denmark WA (Australia)

P.s.2. I'm actually looking for land in Denmark WA so if you are from there or know somebody who is please contact me . Enthusiastic young Earthling looking for land share . Looking for at least .25 acres of land, hope to find 2 to 5 and will need some sort of water supply. Please contact me with what you have to offer.
6 years ago