Fred Tyler

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since Jan 04, 2015
Showed up for a PDC at Wheaton Labs and decided to stick around. He's now planning to build a passive solar/hobbity wofati on a deep roots plot at Wheaton Labs.
St Paul, MN/Tularosa, NM and now a gapper at Wheaton Labs
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Maybe "Pledge fund for bootcamp documentation"?
The other two seeds were hawthorn and honey locust.
5 months ago
Many vineyards will install purple martin houses. These are of a very specific design to keep out predators. The purple martins are very territorial.  They will chase other birds from the area. They eat bugs, not fruit or seeds.
7 months ago
After seeing how jujube (Ziziphus jujuba) was growing and coppicing in New Mexico, i would add it to the list.
7 months ago
Wood ear is called that because it grows on wood, not soil. So, definitely not that. Some random cup fungi. It doesn't have anything that makes it particularly distinct. It's not a bright color, and you haven't mentioned that it smells like anything special. Lacking those, I'd be wary of eating anything that was ID'd over the internet.  If you do a spore print and consult a few guide books, or may be able to find out what it is.
7 months ago
People love bulbs. If you give them away for free, I'm sure someone would be happy to dig them out for you.
8 months ago
Are we advertising a track without an instructor lined up?  I think that will turn out poorly?
8 months ago
By extracting more heat from the exhaust,  it is less eager to go up the chimney.  We didn't change the chimney at all, except for putting the second barrel and all of that resistance in the way. So, more heat was going out of the building = less efficient.
9 months ago