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since Jan 04, 2015
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Showed up for a PDC at Wheaton Labs and decided to stick around. He's now planning to build a passive solar/hobbity wofati on a deep roots plot at Wheaton Labs.
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Wheaton Labs, MT and Tularosa, NM
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Recent posts by Fred Tyler

Jesse Glessner wrote:
IF you PM me and  send me your name, address, etc. I could send you some FREE wrapped clippings with the named variety. You should have some root starter for mine as these will be short pieces of limbs instead of roots. That gives them a jump start, as if they really need that.

Awesome Jesse! I will PM.
1 month ago

Rebekah Harmon wrote:I can get some, Fred :) ...shall I go pick some for you? I have no idea their cultivar name. I can get purple ones or blue ones? Purple from a neighbors backyard, blue that are wild.

Thanks for the lead, Rebekah and thanks for the offer! I'll PM.
1 month ago

Lina Joana wrote:Oh man - just a bit too late! Mine already broke bud here in Maryland.
I am willing to send some if you want to risk it, I just don’t know how well they would do. I have Ranch, Gordon, two European varieties I have forgotten the names of, and a technically unimproved species that bears beautifully. You can keep me in mind for next year too if you like.

Thanks for the offer Lina!  It probably is too late, but I will definitely keep you in mind for next year.
1 month ago

Jim Fry wrote:--You can have the cuttings free, but I cannot ship to you.

Thanks for the offer, but Ohio is a little far for me.
1 month ago
I'm wondering if anyone has any improved named varieties of elderberry and would be willing to sell me some cuttings.  

Thanks in advance for your suggestions,  but I am not looking for commercial source for these. I want to buy them from a permie.
1 month ago
I think without some video requirements you could end up with a lot of useless footage.  Probably best to get these from the person that will edit the final video.

What about:
Resolution and frame rate
Landscape orientation only?

2 months ago

Jen Fulkerson wrote:  So my question is how much compost/soil can I add without harming the asparagus?

Directions from fedco's website:

"Plant 6–10" deep, in trenches 4' apart. Lay plants with crown up and cover with 2" of soil. As young shoots grow, add soil gradually, just covering the shoots, until the trench is full."

Maybe it is OK to bury them little by little as the spears grow? I've seen other similar instructions that say to bury them 2" at a time as they grow.

How deep did you bury them initially?
2 months ago

Stephen B. Thomas wrote:BRK #461
Suggestions requested: after my almost-two years of splitting wood here, more and more bark has piled-up at the furthest-back cell of the Berm Shed... Any suggestions on what to do with this stuff?

One of the main reasons trees make bark is to protect themselves from keep the wood from burning (except maybe birch). Yes, it can burn, but not really the best use of it.

I usually like to use it as mulch around small seedlings. If you angle it right, you can direct more rain right to the base of the tree.

Not currently applicable to the Lab, but
If you have chickens that always scratch away your wood chip or straw mulch from trees, the big slabs of bark can foil their efforts.  

For the small left over scraps, they are great scattered on icy footpaths. They give some traction and the dark color helps to melt the ice.

4 months ago
The second sentence in the Engineer Your Food section has a period off by itself after "authentic". Is there a word missing?

I noticed that among the "buy now" options down at the bottom of the page the order is Ponds, Swales, Bundle, then last, like an oddball, Huglekultur. Seems like Bundle should be last since it combines all the other three.
A couple of the bio photos are loading weird on my phone. Using Firefox on an android.

Tried reloading several times. It's always the same two photos.