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Shawn Klassen-Koop

gardener & author
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since Dec 16, 2014
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Shawn spent the most formative years of his life working at a summer camp where he quickly gained a passion for nature and for building a better world. Struggling to see how his future career in computer engineering was going to solve these big problems, he decided to leave it behind and dedicate himself to finding practical solutions that people can implement in their backyards. Shawn looks forward to starting his own homestead in southern Manitoba in the next few years, where he plans to implement many of the techniques laid out in his upcoming book and come up with a few more solutions along the way.
Manitoba, Canada
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Recent posts by Shawn Klassen-Koop

paul wheaton wrote:I think I need somebody to teach me how to use youtube like zoom.  Is there a way to tie zoom into youtube?

Looks like not on Linux.
1 month ago
I have not tried myself, but I've heard that Bluestacks is pretty good.
3 months ago
Episode 26: Where Do We Go From Here?

This podcast series has been all about providing ideas and solutions for building a better world in your backyard instead of being angry at bad guys. This episode, the last episode of this podcast series, talks about where to go from here, how to decide what to do first, and how to spread the word so that together we can make a huge impact in solving the world's problems.

To learn more about the book, visit
3 months ago
Episode 25: Strategies for Early Retirement

There are many paths to retirement. Some are more extreme than others. This episode explores strategies for acquiring a home without a mortgage, retiring early, and much more. The culmination is "The BEER Plan", which people might like for mysterious, subliminal reasons.

To see more info about the book, visit
3 months ago
Episode 24: A Millionaire Life Without a Million Dollars

Most people spend their lives working at a job trying to get ahead, but there is another way. This episode shares the fictional story of two people and their life journeys that take radically different paths. One finds that they are living the life of a millionaire... without having a million dollars.

More about the book can be found at
3 months ago
Episode 23: Natural Swimming Pools

A swimming pool is a symbol of luxury. It is entirely unnecessary. The energy and toxins involved are problematic. And yet, having a swimming pool can be a wonderful source of joy and relaxation. So rather than going without, let's build natural swimming pools that are cheaper, healthier, have a much smaller footprint, and add habitat for beneficial creatures.

Check out the book at
4 months ago
Episode 22: A New Sustainable Building Design

Imagine living in something that, from the inside, looks like a log cabin with more light; doesn’t need heat or A/C; is three times faster to build; and has about one-fifth of the materials cost. Building one's own home is not for the faint of heart, but this might be a path for some that could bring great rewards.

For more about this topic, including helpful drawings, check out the book at
4 months ago
Episode 21: Replacing Petroleum with People

Most people who talk about permaculture talk about small gardens, or maybe a small homestead. And a few people talk about larger homesteads. But how could permaculture work on 20,000 acres? This episode describes one possible approach. The key is that rather than pouring money into petroleum, we're investing money into people.

For more, visit
4 months ago
Episode 20: Safely Recycling Blackwater Nutrients Instead of Flushing Them Away

Blackwater is filled with nutrients. Flushing those nutrients away is like flushing away free fertilizer! But blackwater can also be very dangerous, so we need to deal with it safely. There are many different strategies that one can use. This podcast explores two of those strategies that can work extremely well if done right.

For more about the book, which goes further into this topic, visit
4 months ago
Episode 19: Breaking the Toxic Water Cycle

The toxic footprint of our wastewater is immense. Reducing the amount of water that goes into septic or sewer systems will result in a much higher concentration of toxins, which should hopefully ring more alarm bells to properly handle the material. There are many ways to reduce the amount of water going down the drain. Some are simple and cheap, while others are more complex. The further down this road you travel, the more you will start exploring all sorts of other questions about the toxic footprints in your home.

For more about Building a Better World in Your Backyard - Instead of Being Angry at Bad Guys, visit
4 months ago