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Recent posts by John Wolfram

Rachel Lindsay wrote:I agree. I would be so happy to still be using Windows 95, among other things! Smartphones added no benefit to my life, and I am of the generation they were likely first created for. Technology could be made good, beautiful, and useful, and not updated 50 million times in my opinion, anyway!

Windows 95? What I remember most about that operating system is that it was constantly crashing. I'd be happy to be still be using XP.
1 month ago
We're about 100 miles away from the path of totality, but the kids have off from school so we're planning on just hanging out at the beach for the eclipse. Air temps will be close to 70 while Lake Michigan water temps are in still in the high 30s. Perfect for building sand castles, but a bit chilly for swimming without a wet suit.
1 month ago
Here is a picture of some of the fasteners I'm using for my coat after the zipper stopped zipping. The fasteners started their life as vinyl gutters that were then chopped up to be tree tubes. One of the tree tubes broke and part of it was cut up into thin strips with holes drilled for thread. So far, the fasteners have been working rather well. I'm not sure they will last decades, but they will definitely outlast the rest of the coat which is taking a lot of abuse from the thorny things out at my new property.
2 months ago
First post was on 9/5/2014. . . . For those of you wondering, yes I still have the car and the credit card. Amazingly, the lowest priced new car in the USA is soon to be over $20k.

John Wolfram wrote:Since there are usually fees charged to the merchant when you use a credit card (typically ~2.9%), merchants are usually reluctant to let you use them for big purchases. For example, about a year ago a tried to buy a $15,000 car on a credit card (2% cash back, yay!), however the dealer balked at paying $435 in credit card fees and limited the amount I could charge to $5000.

2 months ago

Brandon Stokley wrote:i am moving to my new property in Lewis County, WA in just a few weeks.  new house, well and septic, 5.75 cleared and level acres whats my first move?

My suggestion for a first move is to do nothing for a while. Watch and observe for a few months.
2 months ago
Obviously I'd take the rodent of unusual size because then I'd only need the flame spurts and lighting sands to complete my fire swamp.
2 months ago

Jim Garlits wrote:Fellow Hoosier, right off the dunes. Is your soil sandy? I've camped near there, up at Warren State Park by Benton Harbor and the terminus of the Kal-Haven trail. I remember the campgrounds being grassy and forested, and always wondered if there were pockets of sandier soil or if it was pretty much contained to near the lake...In any case,

The place where the trees are going is about five miles south of the lake, and it has heavy clay soil. I certainly wish it had a bit more sand in it. At one point, the land was part of a hog farm, so that may be part of the reason for the current soil conditions.
I've got 1,100 bare root trees coming in about a month, so just like last weekend (and the weekends going back for a few months) this coming weekend I will be working on getting things ready for the trees. Mice and other critters like to live in the brush piles I made while clearing out the land, so once again I'll be having some rocking camp fires to chew through the wood.

Winn Sawyer wrote:As others have said, it's a known fact that you should never freeze-dry, or otherwise dry, pawpaws. I do not believe this is related to annonacin or neurotoxins, there is some more acute digestive problem that occurs. It is sometimes reported in other types of processed pawpaw, and less commonly (but still occasionally) with fresh fruit.

I agree. I tried drying some pawpaws that were known to be low annonacin cultivars and some that were not. I did not notice a difference in the results.
3 months ago
You can often get a decent working rear-time tiller on Facebook Marketplace for about the cost of renting one for a day or two.
3 months ago