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I generally prune plums to an open center, so Spring of 2021 I'd probably make the following two cuts. Additional big branches would probably also get taken out Spring of 2022.
4 days ago

Chris Kott wrote:Hey folks. I have read that some people have given their houses tinfoil hats, or rather made rudimentary Faraday Cages in the plaster of their walls and ceilings. I would love to test their efficacy at blocking EMF with the aforementioned modded oscilloscope.

My old house had something like that: a metal roof and aluminum siding. Even though there was a cell tower only a block away, on more than a few occasions, I had to go outside in order to get half decent reception to make a call.
1 week ago
Turning down Mike's layup for that most common four letter F-word, I'll go with:

1 week ago
Well, the standard tires for my car are 14" tires (165/65R14) and are probably smaller than many people's spares, but I don't think that's what you were asking.
1 week ago

Trace Oswald wrote:The North Carolina Forest Service sells 100 persimmon trees for $60.  I don't think you will beat that price.  NC Forest Service trees
They are currently sold out, but that has been my experience buying trees from state conservation services.  You need to order first thing in the spring.  I've had very good luck with the trees I have purchased through these programs and have planted hundreds.

At least for Indiana's state nursery, things start selling out within a few days of them accepting orders. Spring 2021 orders started being accepted two weeks ago (October 1) and they are already out of Pecans, Plums, and Elderberry. On October 1st, I got busy signals for the first three hours when I was trying to phone in my order.
2 weeks ago
For pawpaws and persimmons, the state nurseries are usually going to be the best option. For example, Kentucky's state nursery sells seedling pawpaws and persimmons for about  about a dollar a tree (
2 weeks ago

(of a bodily feature or garment) attractive because neat and jaunty.
"she had a pert nose and deep blue eyes"
4 weeks ago
I think we're at a roadblock with STIR, so switching back to:

4 weeks ago