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Prattville, Alabama, zone 8, 328ft
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Well my water is a mix of a couple of sources. My system is in a small green house and I have a dehumidifier that dripped in the sump tank while I was building the system and filled it buy the time I got the system built, the fish tank was filled with city water, and the rest came from our gold fish pond. Good point on the lime juice I definitely want my bacteria. Thanks again for all the advise.
5 years ago
Hey Alex, in hind sight I probably didn't need a radial flow filter for this system I guess I just got caught up in building stuff but I figured that since that is where most of the solids will end up it could be a good home for a couple of crayfish, and your probably right about the snails they could just go wherever they wanted. I am planning on putting red worms in as soon as the plants get a little growth on them. While we are at it do you Alex or anybody else have any thoughts or info on natural/organic inputs to help add nutrients to the system, I've read of some people using egg shells and lime juice to control PH and using dried banana peels for potassium, what about potash and other soil amendments would they work and be safe for the fish?
5 years ago
I have recently finished setting up my first aquqponics system. It is a 55gl food grade plastic drum for a sump tank in the ground, 55gl drum for a fish tank a 55gl drum cut in half for two ebb and flow beds and a round plastic tub about half the size of the drums as a radial flow settling tank it has an 800gph pump. I am using goldfish to start and have about 22 about 2 inches long. I plan on this being a challenge and probably have some failure along the way with ph swings, nutrient problems and anything else that could go wrong and I will learn and carry on but I have a couple of questions if anybody has the advice to give. First would it be of any benefit to add a couple of crayfish to the fish tank and the radial flow filter to help further break down the solids. Second would water snails be any benefit to the system. Third how many more beds do you think I could add to this system. And of course any other advice would be appreciated.
5 years ago
Yes im thinking it may be a little of both, bell peppers in my garden that got near full sun slowly shriveled and died but i have one left that gets shade in the afternoon and its pretty big but hasnt produced so next year im going to try afternoon shade and richer soil because like i said before i have some banana peppers that get to much shade and are small but still manage to put out a couple of good size peppers. Its just so dang hot here we have just had our first break from 104 to 110 heat indexes in 80 percent humidity
Thank you for the replies and I am glad to see its not just me. I think i'll try one more time come spring and make sure to position them for maximum sun and if that doesn't work then its on to something new
I was just wondering if their is some kind of difference in growing hot peppers and sweet peppers.I grow jalapenos, cow horn and pablanos but I cant grow a bell pepper to save my life. I even had two banana peppers that did pretty well even though they got a little to much shade. Am i missing something?
Is it just me or has every pic been turned into a add for a 25$ itunes gift card
Thank you Jay for the info, I have a lot of learning to do but from the little I've read about the two and pics I'm really interested in the Kiko, they have a very nice look to them but of course thats not a deciding factor, but they do have a tough look to them I wonder do they have attitude to match cause that could be an issue.
I am starting to educate myself on raising goats, but I can't find much about what species of goat is best in what climate. Does anybody have any suggestions on what type of goat would do well in zone 8 in the middle of Alabama. We have hot humid summers with many 100+ days and winters are cool with only a few days getting into the 20s. There main purpose would be for land clearing and meat on a farm thats organic and some form of permaculture. It will be a couple of years before this happens I am just looking for some guidance on what types to keep in mind when this ball starts rollin.