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Liz Hoxie

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since Aug 09, 2014
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I want to talk about the great headlamp that was given away in 2017. I won one, and instantly put it in a drawer because I HATE headlamps. I'll have it when I need it.
We moved off-grid in 2018. I had no choice; either wear it or sit in the dark. I LOVED it! I enjoy tracing, and it was always bright enough on low beam.
Fast forward to this year. When we had to evacuate because of fire, I took my trusty headlamp. We lost our solar power and were given another. The control box messed up and we had a surge that ruined my headlamp! I put it on my Amazon wish list so I wouldn't lose the link. When we can, I'll get another one.
My husband wants one now,too. When he noticed how long they stayed charged and how bright it was, he was convinced.
He thought that since it was so light, it probably wasn't any good. I never liked headlamps because they were so heavy.

Thanks Patrick!
2 years ago
The landlord believes in gravel/hardscape unless you want a mini golfcourse in your yard! I'm not that anal, and you have to be for it to look good.
4 years ago
I'm used to having plants around the buildings, but since moving West, because of fire danger this is discouraged. There must be a happy medium, and I believe this would help more people embrace permaculture.
4 years ago
Anybody seeing anything on the long term effects on goats? This could get scary.
4 years ago
Would the apricot have a better root system if it was air layered? Would the tree itself be as drought tolerant?
4 years ago
I was thinking about air layering the vines, but air layering is started in the spring. I had never thought about it for a tree! Also, this tree is several miles from here, so maybe it's feasible. I'll ask.
4 years ago
The birch trees will be coppiced to feed goats. I was thinking about pollarding them, but I'll look into coppice as well, since they will have no taproot. This is something to think about in the future.
The apricot tree gets NO care, this is the best way I know of at the present to get a start of the parent. It might be best to start seeds from the same tree and see which performs better in the same location. I'm thinking 10 years for a good trial.
4 years ago
I was basically thinking in general. We found out we're moving, and so far I have taken 6 cuttings of birch trees. A friend has an apricot tree that I would like to take cuttings from to grow an apricot tree. The apricot tree was loaded, and the apricots have a good flavor. The tree is not watered.
4 years ago
Can someone tell me the pros and cons of grafting vs. rooted cuttings? Is the root structure weaker on a cutting? Harder to propagate?
4 years ago