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I don't know why I didn't think of this before but I'm going to put a 4x4 up and swing weights off it. Question about to be answered
2 days ago
I keep responding, :P Can't help it. I know I've been going on about the money and I do think you're not taking that seriously enough, however, I also get passion. I don't wake up every day thinking, "Boy I want to go to work and discredit victims of pedophiles to save our client". Some of the things I do really haunt me emotionally. But, I have all these great things. My job enables me to buy trees and tractors and build greenhouses and ponds. My job feeds the pigs. It's bought sainfoin seed. It's paid for my passion and boy do I have passions. I don't see it as an either or. I work for money because I can't do all the things I love without it. Of course a part of me does enjoy my job. I get to really delve into people's lives and it's fascinating. Traumatizing, but fascinating. You make great money and if you didn't have all that debt just think about what that money could DO. That money could build everything you've ever dreamed of on that land you own. It could set up a food forest that will feed you for life. Stop thinking of your job as what's preventing your passion. It's not. It's what is going to make your passion a reality.

Also, I'm getting my Masters and my final paper is all about picking a business and analyzing operations, trying to fix it and make it profitable basically. So if you have a real plan I'm one class away from that final paper and I'd be happy to take your business idea and make it my masters paper, I have to pick something.
3 days ago
[quote=Brody Ekberg
And I agree that no matter what, children wont be cheap. But they can definitely a hell of a lot cheaper than the Jones’s kids!

Easy to say until your kid ends up getting diagnosed with cataracts and every push of the lazer button costs $600, it's not covered by insurance either because it's not FDA approved for use with kids but the Dr. explains that just cutting the eye may result in massive tearing because kids eyes are so thick and basically looks depressed as he explains this whole process because he realizes people don't have money. Then that $$ you have sitting in the bank "for emergencies" saves your child's eyeball. My kids don't have phones or Ipads or computers or fancy "stuff" but my child has an eyeball that cost us thousands so......expensive kid basically.

Not trying to be a downer I'm just pragmatic. My husband actually did quit his job, which made 3x more than I do and stays home. It's not a problem for us. Financially we are fine. Not having debt is what made this all possible for us. I worry for you. I think you should be totally freaked out about your debt and tackling it with all your might!!!

As for your other comments on debt, we've been debt free for 9 years now. Got debt free before our first kid was 1 and he's 10 now. We have a savings account for everything. We have a medical savings account. We have an unexpected expenses savings account. We have a "we can live for a year if you lose your job" savings account. We also experience everything in 2's. When my car blew up the transmission went in our "spare" car 2 months later. We don't have expensive cars but my husband just got a really nice used subaru for 11k which we paid for completely in cash and then replenished the account that money came from because my car is definitely on it's way out. I see no debt in our future. When debt isn't an option in life it's pretty easy to be debt free.
3 days ago
Pay off all your debt, save up an emergency fund and then pursue your passion. Quitting your well paying job with all of that debt will turn your passion into a nightmare.
3 days ago
Well the university replied basically saying they aren't allowed to answer questions because of liability issues. I understand that. He did say that when he was a grad student they were involved in a forensic engineering investigation of playground equipment that failed and killed a kid. He advised me to seriously consider safety. Then he basically said I could contact an engineer. So, I don't want to kill my kids, I know 4x6's are solid enough for my purposes and yeah, I'll just wait until they're available.

Though I am admittedly very much considering using the 4x4's to put up the net. Drawing attached.
3 days ago

Mike Haasl wrote:Could we get a sketch or drawing of how this beam would be supported and what would be hanging from it?  It's hard for me to figure out how it's going to be used so I can't really offer any advice.  

. Telephone poles attached with 1/2" bolts and the swing. We have 3 swings already on a 4x6. Can't find them anymore.
4 days ago
My daughter turned out to have a cataract that eliminated depth perception. One thing I wish I hadn't done was dig holes all over the darn place. I pretty much guaranteed she'd spend her life falling down. So, while the kraters and swales are great for water, they aren't great for my kid, I wish I hadn't done them.

long way of saying really analyze the limitations of your son and design around them. Shorter fruit trees, perhaps. Easy to open gates. Don't dig holes like a mole person.
4 days ago
My concern with that is how to anchor the swing? It's a bolt that goes through the middle of the beam so having two together makes that part less stable I think
4 days ago
I contacted my local University engineering department. Part of me is like.... eh it'll be fine. The other part is like....I JUST KILLED OUR CHILDREN.
4 days ago
Our obstacle course, which uses telephone poles, requires 12 foot long boards. I am hoping to put up 2 swings and a climbing net. I cannot find 4x6x12 beams anywhere. I can find 4x4x12 beams. I've been looking for awhile. The swing and net are a bday present for daughter on the 26th. While it's hardly required that I put them up I'd like to.

So the question is, are the 4x4x12 beams too small to handle a swing and climbing net?
4 days ago