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Recent posts by elle sagenev

Jay Angler wrote:Oh, a new game - what does that baby 'look' say?

I'd suggest it's a, "you don't seriously expect me to believe that?"  look.

Whereas, in the first picture posted, it's a, "are you my mom?"  look.

Any other opinions? I bet Travis Johnson has seen many baby "looks" like both of those, even if all of his babies looked like Winston Churchill. I'd have said that my first looked like Albert Einstein crossed with Yoda (and yes, I believe I read somewhere that Yoda has Albert's eyes).

Hang in there Elle. I'm sure you appreciate all the "well-wishes", but if we manage to give you some laughs as well, it is supposed to be the best medicine, and babies are a *lot* of work!

When her father looks at me like that it's usually, "I can't believe how dumb you can be." Lol
1 day ago
I forget how much babies scream. Scream for no discernable reason.
1 day ago
As it turns out I went into labor on Thanksgiving Day. Craziness ensued but I am home with an infant that is gorgeous and everything is good. Just had a minor incident where I was out worming the pigs and got some Agri-mectin in my mouth. Very little, no effects but boy did I panic and call poison control. I drive my hubs nuts. I might just get rid of these pigs. I never considered my kids getting worms from them until hubs freaked out about it and now I'm freaked out about it. Anyway, Had my baby and we're great! Home for the month of December so probably won't be around much.
1 week ago
I get the slogan.

It's not just propane, it's summer, it's BBQ, it's family time and swimming and playing outside.

It also helped me set the house on fire but I suppose you can argue my negligent BBQing is the real problem there. ;)
2 weeks ago
So I work for a criminal defense lawyer. Tons of the clients that come in here have mental health problems. Often times it's because they've slipped through societies cracks, attempted to self medicate (with drugs) and societies solution is to throw them away again. It's a broken system for sure. I don't know how to improve it though. Part of the problem is getting people to seek out help. Then there is the problem of being able to afford it.

My husband has also gone through mental health problems. The medications aren't good. The side effects of them being far more serious than appreciated. I can't even tell you how many times he went to the ER due to medications interacting (prescribed ones at that) or other things. So, he's developed a holistic approach that works very well for him. I'm not saying no one should take psychiatric meds but I do think if you can manage your mental health without them, you should give it a go.
2 weeks ago

Susan Boyce wrote:I now think it's not broken as when I went out to check on her, she tried to stand and she did... to drink water. It must be sprained or….?

Thank you both for responding so quickly, I just hate to see anyone or anything suffer.

You can band-aid a Popsicle stick splint on it to help with healing. Or vet wrap it.
3 weeks ago
Agreed with James. I'd try to determine if it's broken first. If broken I would also dispatch the chicken. If sprained I would keep the chicken in a cage until fully healed.
3 weeks ago

wayne fajkus wrote:Length of time might trump what is environmentally the best option. If there is a reality of the meat sitting in a freezer for a year, I vac seal it.

As I get into a rhythm into raising my own meats, I have found other ways besides the 2 mentioned. At this point I plan to make lamb stew and pressure can it. This takes no plastic or energy to store it and we enjoy it enough to make it a weekly meal. I plan to do this with the whole animal or all 3 animals.

With deer I make enough sausage to last a year and vac seal it. A good portion goes to jerky which doesn't need plastics.

If someone has options for longterm storage with out vac sealing i would highly consider it though.

What kind of vacuum sealer do you have?
3 weeks ago