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You have to vaccinate your pigs? Yikes. I never have. Other than shots for worms I've not done anything.
3 days ago

John F Dean wrote:It certainly may be racism.  But, I have had at least 4 similar experiences in recent years and I am Lilly white.   I suspect part of my problem may be personal space.  I think I may stand too far from the counter/cashier to give the non verbal signal that I am next in line. Now at 6’ 3” and 250 pounds, I don’t exactly blend in with the wall paper, but I do, too often, get ignored.

I could understand that if the kids weren't loudly asking when they were going to get their plums and peaches. I was right there. No one was around as he'd helped every other person. It was just us standing there, under his tent by the table. Blah

P.S. I am also white. My hubs just isn't.
4 days ago
Pretty is enough.

I did plant a bunch of daffodils to deter ground animals. They ate them.
5 days ago
I'm still doing my thing but I've long since given up on the idea of me being able to do anything meaningful to prevent pollution or keep water around. I do my 40 acres of swales and get all happy about the water collecting there and then the oil company buys water from the farmer down the road and pumps it out by the truckload. What did I actually do? Nothing.
Ya'll I'm pissed. We went to the farmers market last Saturday. My husband went, which he doesn't always do because Saturday is his day to sleep in. So it was all 5 of us on the hunt specifically for pickling cucumbers because my plants were destroyed by hail. We find a stall that has nice looking ones. The kids go down the tables and pick out what they want. Plums and peaches. My husband goes down the line and adds the cost all up and prepares the money. I'm standing with the baby. He's helping people in front of us, totally cool. Then some people come up and kind of push their way in and he helps them, annoying but cool still. Eventually everyone is helped. We've been waiting a bit but willing to wait, we are. Then the guy lights up a cigarette and walks away. He just left us standing there. Refused to help us. My mouth dropped. We were going to be spending around $50 at this stand and he's just going to pretend we don't exist??? I looked right at him, right in his eyes. He was not going to help us. So, I grabbed my beautiful family and marched tf out of there. My hubs said next time I can just go alone but hell no I'm never going back to that place.

Now, how do I know it's racism. Well it's Wyoming, it kinda happens to us a fair bit and we were the only brown people at the farmers market. So if he's just flat out ignoring us I don't see what other reason he could have to be doing that then the brownness. Who knows, maybe I'm wrong and he was just a general arse, but I doubt it.
5 days ago
I have 3 kids, always wanted kids, had ton of experience with kids. You want an honest parent? Kids are great. I love my kids. It's fun having these little people saying funny and cute things and being small.  Kids are also awful. Our almost 2 year old still sleeps like crap. Absolute crap. I haven't slept in years. Keeping that kid from killing herself is darn near impossible. The most active child we've ever had. Exhausting. Our middle child was born with cataracts. So that's been an awful experience and a lot of guilt as a parent every day as we force her to wear an eye patch while she cries. Having kids has been tough. Never have kids to improve a relationship, they do the opposite.

As far as teaching them the first reply was right. They watch you. However, working for a criminal defense attorney there are things I've made sure to teach my kids that most people do not approve of. My kids know the correct name for their parts and they know that no one can touch those parts and if someone says they'll hurt me if they tell they needn't worry because I know people who have successfully disposed of bodies. :D

There are some things you can do to help your kids be better adjusted. We have family dinners and we sit and talk. We also have family meetings every Sunday where we pick the weeks menu, air grievances, praise people and set goals. Open communication being huge. Also taking responsibility for your own actions teaches them to do the same.

Mostly I'll just say don't go into it with these preconceived notions of how it will be and how your kid will behave because they will make sure to show you how stupid your expectations are.
1 week ago
I'm in Wyoming. High, dry, arid, WINDY!

I've used a variety of mulches. I'm currently using pine shavings which are sold as animal bedding. This is mostly because I do not have a truck and no one will deliver to me.  I do find that light rains do not penetrate the mulch. They did penetrate hay mulch but like I said, access problem for me so shavings it is. Also, hay blew off but the shavings don't.  This is the first year I've used shavings as my mulch and I've never grown such wonderful plants before. Weeds are easy to pick out and yeah, all in all my mulch experience has been great this year!
3 weeks ago
We bought a sweep and my hubs goes up there at the end of the winter season, before the next winter season begins and anytime in between where he won't get blown off the roof. It probably only needs the one clean, just based on how much stuff we get out with every cleaning, but better safe than house burned down.
3 weeks ago
I've purchased loads of bees. Both packages and nucs. I'd say buy a package because the nuc made no difference to survivabililty for us and it was way more expensive.  A nuc wasn't easier to install either so just buy the cheaper package.

After our bees died last year I failed to take the hive down and actually caught a swarm this year. So that's exciting free bees.
3 weeks ago

Miles Flansburg wrote:Well folks it has been a good run but all of this Covid stuff has caught up with me and I may be loosing my job next month . So I am in the process of selling my gulch to help make ends meet.

I'm so sorry to hear that Miles!
4 weeks ago