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elle sagenev

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since Jun 13, 2014
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Recent posts by elle sagenev

Harvested yesterday. Dried. Sealed. Frozen.
17 hours ago
Boats for when it's too cold to swim
3 weeks ago
I have so many hops bines. Unknown variety. Dug a start up from a telephone pole where a bunch of houses were removed. They're kind of small. Not sure how to tell when they are ready. Excited to make some sleep satchels.
4 weeks ago
My waterfall sucks. Complete overhaul next year. It also turns out the pump is so powerful it launches all my filter medium out into the pond. Needs alteration. Ideas welcome.
1 month ago
We picked this buoy up off the beach in Japan when we lived there. It currently marks where the pump is so the kids avoid jumping on it.
1 month ago
Need way more sand for the beach. 18 bags doesn't even cover it.
1 month ago
Water was clearing up but we swam in it. Stirred up all the dirt that's gotten into it.  I have been using muck away bacteria though. Makes a huge difference.

Created a great wildlife habitat though. It hasn't rained in ages so I think I am solely responsible for keeping all the birds, etc alive. They are so thirsty they don't care if we are in the pond when they're drinking.

We also saw toad eggs in the pond. Hard to get a picture.
1 month ago
Plants are establishing themselves. I cut back all the dead parts.
1 month ago
Pond is almost full. Plants are planted.
1 month ago
Making our new fire pit near the pond.
1 month ago