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Recent posts by elle sagenev

Pond is now crystal clear. Looking at it today I thought we had a strange algae growth until I touched it and it turned out to be worms. Waterfall worms apparently. We blasted them down into the pond where the fish are happily Eating them.
1 week ago
My compost is clearly not hot but it's growing great pumpkins
4 weeks ago
Got 1 good pepper from the greenhouse. I've had so much pest pressure in there this year it's been a disaster!
4 weeks ago
I had hummingbirds visiting my bee balm. That was a first

Another first was when I went into the greenhouse to discover we had tomato hornworms. No one I know has ever seen them before. My kids loved them.

We took about 12 of them out of the greenhouse and put them in a tub. Kids tried feeding them all sorts of plants but alas, they only eat tomatoes apparently.
4 weeks ago
The greenhouse got out of control very quickly.

I have 1 basket gourd plant and it's gotten out of control.
4 weeks ago
The grass and alfalfa are huge!

Also, I did some very small, one tractor bucket scoop swales along a fence line and transplanted 6 caragana starts there. Only 1 died. The rest are doing great.

The excessive rain also brought our first blight. We felt blessed to watch the toadflax die.
4 weeks ago
It has been one of wetest years. After last year's drought it's welcome.
4 weeks ago
We planted Chinese empress trees. We certainly hope they are as invasive and hardy as advertised.
4 weeks ago
I e wanted to start this for awhile but...so busy! So I'm going to be adding pics from spring till now.

I have a drain area for our swim pond and sealed to various trees. Hoping to grow cherries, nectarines and peaches here. These plants are pushing my zone a bit but I'm hoping the pond helps!
4 weeks ago