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Recent posts by Marie Gifford

Sorry I missed last night!
I started Windows 10 install on our computer Friday night, it wasn't complete until about 7pm Saturday night. Then I couldn't get it to connect to my WiFi. I did figure out how to get ZOOM on my phone, but then my phone decided I didn't need to hear anything, couldn't get it to work right, so I finally gave up. I did have to call Microsoft Tech to actually get my WiFi to work. At 11 this morning.

Hope you had a great discussion! Now that I got our computer up and running again, I look forward to the next session!!

Okay, off to get some work done on the farm. Have a great Sunday everyone!
5 years ago
Okay, 8 it is. I must have read the google hangout page wrong.
See you tomorrow night!
5 years ago
Looking forward to Saturday night!

But I am just double checking that we are starting at 9 instead of 8.
5 years ago
Looking forward to it Ryan! 8 works for me especially since the time change.

Congrats Dan!!

5 years ago
Had a great turn out today! Thank you all for coming and seeing my little farm.
I know some of you took pictures so please post!

Natalie made it out after everyone else had already left, but we had a great conversation as well! I am thinking she will be a great addition to you group. Welcome!!

Looking forward to our next get together!
5 years ago
I haven't been able to get a flyer put together and I leave for out of town on Saturday for a much needed vacation. No cell phone service and very limited WiFi. So I will make some simple directions to my place and a simple agenda for our meet on October 17th

Start time 1pm with some food! I will be cooking a leg of lamb, please bring a side. Nothing fancy! Just "finger food" would be great
Pasture walk to look at my different fencing, pasture growth, note things that I will be doing differently next year, and look at the sheep.
If the ground isn't too hard, I would love to dig up some different legumes and see if there is any nitrogen nodules.
And I would love to do some brainstorming on the best places for a future orchard/food forest.

No set "finish" time.

Quick directions:
From Overland Park area
69 hwy south to La Cygne exit. turn west, go through the town of La Cygne, over the river, to the 1095 road (about a mile from the river), turn south to 1650 road, turn west. Go 1 mile to the first road Newton Lane (it is a narrow gravel road), turn north, we are the first driveway on the west side of the road.

From Olathe area
169 hwy south to 7 hwy exit (Mound City exit) Turn left onto 7 hwy. I can't remember how many miles it is, but you will go over railroad tracks, make 2 big 90 degree turns, go about 7 miles or so and make 2 more big 90 degree turns. After that last turn the next road you come to will be 1650. Turn east. Go about 2.5 miles and to Newton Land. Turn north, we are the first driveway on the west side.

It is about an hour from the 435 loop and about an hour and half from Lawrence. If you start hearing banjos you have gone too far.

I look forward to seeing all of you here!!

D Cooper, welcome! I hope you can make it!
5 years ago
Whoops! Guess I should have put my location.
We are south of La Cygne, KS. Which is about an hour south of Overland Park, and about an hour twenty minutes SE of Lawrence.

I will make up a little flyer this weekend with directions and (very loose) agenda.

Was also thinking of potluck lunch or dinner? Nothing real big, but I have some leg of lamb I need to cook to empty the freezer some more. So I could provide that and everyone else could bring something? Thoughts?

5 years ago
Welcome Maggie and Mandy!!!
5 years ago
Hey Everyone!!

Hope you all have had a great summer! Mine has been busy, but I am glad that the heat and humidity are done. So are the sheep.

I would like to invite all of you to our small farm Saturday October 17th, 1pm until when ever. We can do a pasture walk, I can discuss what has worked and what hasn't worked with my sheep and pasture management, brainstorm on some "food forest" areas, and if anyone is interested in some hands on with electric netting, we can do that too.

Let me know what you all think? I would like to keep it to just this group and a few others, so not really going to make it a big public affair.

5 years ago
Great looking flyer Dan! I will be posting this to my Facebook farm page.

Thanks for setting this up!
5 years ago