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since May 04, 2014
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Recent posts by Mike Feddersen

Just a small addition, an idea:
Could wet wood be stored in a plastic bag that you could vacuum the pressure down to a point of creating an intentional drying effect?
What I don't know will fill volumes.
Well I don't know about vacuuming down a industrial sized sweater bag, but I found a couple great videos. There's even solar wood dehydrator videos on YouTube.
1 week ago
For the most part, trees grow slow.
And sorry to the young lady suggesting she gets multiple cords from one tree, maybe if it was a thousand year old redwood.
Here is a site that talks of tree to cord measurement:
From the research I just saw on Google, a pine tree of 25-30 years is harvestable.
The problem with "fast burning wood" is most wood stove users don't want it. They prefer a denser wood, like oak. Oak trees grow slow in the woods, about the same speed as pines in your backyard. That surprised me, I assumed most oak trees were over a hundred years old.
But I may be confused on whether you are for burning trees for heat, or against. If you follow Paul Wheaton and his Rocket Mass Heater friends, they're suggested uses of burning wood is usually scrap lawn debris, a cord or two per season.
And Ernie Wisener of the Erica and Ernie RMH duo, is experimenting with rocket mass heaters that burn hot enough to use plastic bottles for fuel, without emissions. It's been awhile since I studied his findings, but that sure seems like a great work.
I don't know if I ever mentioned it here on the permies forums, but I was thinking if a inventive sort might use the same, or similar process that is used in the creation of pressure treated wood, but for making a soft wood like pine, a dense wood like oak. Then make it affordable to homeowners, coupled with the efficiency of Rocket Mass Heaters, you would have a great sustainable product.
1 week ago
My 2 cents, love the idea about the Kickstarter recognition. Everyone appreciates a little recognition.
Oh yeah, I am probably one of those people that has two email addresses,
3 months ago
Congratulations on another kick butt Kickstarter Paul and friends.
4 months ago
As a kid I would have said blue, someone told me it brought out the blue in my eyes.
Nowadays it's variable, but I do love how GOD paints sunrises and sunsets. "Red at night, sailor's delight. Red in the morning, sailors take warning."
5 months ago
This is an interesting article on bees and coffee, towards the article end it mentioned how lots of flowers are caffeine rich.

6 months ago
I also was thinking of reciprocal roundhouse roofs.
9 months ago
I guess for me it was never about staying away from manmade materials, the off-gassing of vinyl has me concerned though, but I tarped a lot of loads so I think that would be negated.
I have dreamed of creating a yurt, ger, round house, call it what you want.
For the sides, I have wanted to find a manufacturer of cow bale feeders to make an extra large one. But I also like how steel scaffolding goes together and have dreamed of putting a curve to this type of a design. But I like portability, so I was thinking curved pvc pipe.
Lots of ideas, but time and motivation.
9 months ago
I think fasting was normal for everyone, but especially during the cold, or cooler months. I imagine most of our ancestors were nomadic and followed their favorite food group.
1 year ago