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I am in my fourth year of college for my undergraduate degree, majoring in Biochemistry, and I will be graduating in May 2019. Permaculture is my passion, and I intend to gain hands-on experience in permaculture and make the world a better place! It's time enough to stop being angry at the bad guys and get to work making a new world!
At the moment, I am currently looking for farms, intentional communities, and ecovillages that I could be a part of, so that I can get hands-on experience and practical knowledge of permaculture.
Greater Houston, TX US Hardy:9a Annual Precipitation: 44.78" Wind:13.23mph Temperature:42.5-95F
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Thank you for all the wonderful people in my life.

This morning I reconnected with one of my friends I had distanced myself from. I was scared and stressed and worried this Winter and having seasonal depression and bonus anxiety from college, and I had distanced myself from a lot of people.

I will be reconnecting with another friend later this evening, and I'm a little worried about that, just because it feels awkward to me explaining my bucket(s) of psychology and thoughts. And to explain all of the things I am planning on doing. and forging my own path.

And I don't know what I have done to deserve all the wonderful people in my life. It's overwhelming that these people are there for me.
I don't feel worthy of all the goodness that they bring. I am deeply grateful that they are in my life. Thank you.
9 hours ago
I can't say for certain, but from my classes at college, I think I would guess it is either a universal indicator or a mixture of multiple indicators.

I think a good diy alternative to make is a red cabbage pH indicator.

15 hours ago
Happy Equinox everyone!

The Four Elements:

1 day ago
How many spots are currently available in the bootcamp?
This is a badge bit (BB) that is part of the PEP curriculum.  Completing this BB is part of getting the sand badge in earthworks.

For this BB, you will be learning how to use a tractor loader by moving soil for fifteen minutes.

To get certified for this BB, post three pics.  

  - Your untouched soil, or pile of dirt that you will be moving, a timer at zero, and you in the tractor
  - Progress about half way through that shows you using the tractor loader to move the dirt or dig up the soil
  - The dirt being moved or the soil being dug, the timer at fifteen minutes, and you in the tractor
1 day ago
How stable is your housing situation?

If it is possible to make long-term installations on your property, I think planting the mandarin tree outside and the flowers in a circle around it would be awesome, because then, fungal and root associations could start to develop, as well. The plants would be able to talk with each other.

If it is not possible to make more permanent installations, I think whatever you can do will work! If they are in separate pots, I think the benefits of attracting beneficial insects and repelling pests will still happen, because I think those parts are more scent based . It's like the plants send out pheromones of some kind. I might be concerned about the plants crowding each other if they're sharing the same pots, so, if there is something you like to cook with that is highly aromatic, like basil, thyme, cilantro, parsley, or garlic, then, I think it could work having them in the same pots. Because, I think those plants grow pretty quick, so being around to harvest a little of them every couple to use in your cooking ought to keep the plants in check.
2 days ago
...you go running around outside to recharge your energy!

...you realize your moods are heavily affected by the seasons and sun!
(felt pretty darn depressed and anxious during the Winter and pretty pessimistic, and I'm starting to feel much better and have a more positive outlook as the days are getting longer!)
(also, I was feeling more anxious and worried in the morning, but I'm feeling more energetic, less worried, and more excited as the sun gets higher in the sky!)

..you go dashing through the melting snow!
2 days ago
I think some flowering plants that could work for repelling pests and attracting beneficial insects include:
-lemon grass
-lemon thyme
2 days ago
I think that these are some pretty neat alternatives to regular cars!

ELF, which is a solar electric-bike-car hybrid:

Bio-Hybrid seems like a pretty nice alternative to a regular car, in my opinion:

VeloMetro's Veemo, which is an electric assisted velomobile:

Virtue Schoolbus, an electric-assist cargo bike, seems like a reasonable alternative:

An Xtracycle electric cargo bike also seems to be a reasonable alternative

2 days ago