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I just graduated from the University of Montana on May 4th, 2019 with a BS in Biochemistry with a GPA of 3.76 out of 4.0! Permaculture is my passion, and I intend to gain hands-on experience in permaculture and make the world a better place! It's time enough to stop being angry at the bad guys and get to work making a new world!
At the moment, I am currently looking for farms, intentional communities, and ecovillages that I could be a part of, so that I can get hands-on experience and practical knowledge of permaculture.
I am always available for hire for any in real life or online projects. Just make me an offer, and we can start talking.
Missoula, MT US Hardy:5a Annual Precipitation: 15" Wind:4.2mph Temperature:18-87F
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Recent posts by Dave Burton

Good evening! Hello Inge! Thank you, I think we are colleagues in needlework, too! And I appreciate you taking the time to make such a special package for me and others at Wheaton Labs!

Yeah, I learned about knooking before I finally gave into just teaching myself how to knit properly. I had a slight fear of knitting, because my first scrf took me three-four months to make- picking each stitch one at a time. Then, eventually after watching several videos and experimenting between English and American knitting techniques, I figured out a style, hand-positions, and tension that worked smoothly for me. I started with crochet, because I found crochet to be very forgiving, with the simple ability to just tug and undo mistakes. I also started with crochet, because I found the one-hand coordination to be much easier than the two-handed coordination required in knitting. I have not yet worked with non-spun wool; that will have to go on my long-list of projects to do. And hehe, yeah, I try to keep just one project going at a time, so that I actually finish things! However, sometimes, my curiousity to work with a new tool or technique gets me carried away, too!

Day 109

Last night and this morning, I continued my circular knitting project. I am trying to make a closed scarf of sorts, kind of like the turtle-neck on turtle-neck shirts.

The morning was pretty cold and frigid, and it took me a bit to keep my fingers and hands warm, even with insulated gloves on.

Jen, Josiah, and Bella were up at the Abbey this morning doing projects for the Abbey, and Austin and Ron were fetching logs for the Bermshed. Fred and I were doing battery maintenance today and a little willow candy (poop barrel) management.

We set batteries up to charge.

We checked the batteries' water levels.

We made metal tags for the willow candy barrels that we moved into Ranger Doug. jen and Josiah took the willow candy barrels that we loaded into Doug and took them to the Willow Candy Warehouse this afternoon.

We did a little bit of inside work, because it was a bit rough keeping our hands warm while doing battery maintenance outside. We did maintenance on the batteries stored inside the Shop, as well as the batteires in Ranger Doug, Toots, and the Bad Boy Buggy. I replaced the high temperature duct tape on a section of the Batch Box RMH in the Auditorium.

This afternoon, I continued planting living fence seeds at Basecamp!

I saw a little skeleton that I thought was neat!

And I saw an interesting moss, lichen, or fungi!

This is a view from Basecamp in the evening.

46 minutes ago
Good evening! Hello Inge! Oh, thank you! I have not yet tried to knit in the round with four or five needles, yet. I currently try to just rotate doing needleworking projects with different tools and techniques, so that I can have as broad a range of skillsets in needlework as I can! I try to use different tools and techniques, because I find it interesting how the different tools and techniques affect the resulting fabric and creation. Currently, in descending order of experience (ranked by projects completed), the needleworking tools I am most comfortable with are: crochet hook, cabled crochet hook, afghan (aka Tunisian) crochet hook, knitting needles, loom knitting, and circular knitting needles. I did not include a sewing machine in my list, because I felt that is more appropriate to call crafting than needlework. I have done costume making and quilt making with a sewing machine many times. There is a tool and techniques for crochet that I have heard of called Bosnian Crochet, and I have not yet acquired or made a Bosnian crochet hook to begin teaching myself these crochet techniques. I am keenly interested in learning how to do Bosnian crochet at some point! There is also another tool called a Knook, which I have tried using, and I have yet to complete a project with it, because I got quite confused and lost many stitches when working on my first knooking project. Hopefully, I will find a time to hunker down and get a good grasp of knooking.

Day 108

This morning we worked on the Bermshed and had a staggered start of people on the Bermshed. So, I got to clean the Shop for at least an hour! And I think I made it look much nicer! This was from before!

This was the Shop after I finished cleaning it!

I liked the view outside this morning!

Here is a look at some of the work we did on the Bermshed this morning.

Since it was a bit hard to have three people shovelling out of the tractor bucket to put sand on the roof of the Bermshed, I got to be assigned to planting living fence seeds!

I saw some pretty mushrooms while I was planting living fence seeds!

These are before pictures of the Shop before I cleaned it up by myself.

These are after pictures of the Shop after I cleaned it up by myself. This took me more than an hour, and I think I made a significant difference.

1 day ago
Good evening!

Day 107

I did some knitting last night and this morning.

It was pretty foggy and misty this morning.

We spent the morning planting, and I planted quince up at Plum Plateau.

I like all the clouds in the mountains.

Josiah, Austin, and Ron worked on the Bermshed today. This afternoon, I sharpened the kindling cracker in the Garage.

I also sharpened a chainsaw.

We did battery maintenance at the Leviathan by Cooper Cabin.

These are the batteries in the Leviathan.

We saw mud wasp nests inside the Leviathan. This is what one of the old nests looks like inside.

We also did battery maintenance at the Voltswagon by Allerton Abbey.

Good evening!

Day 106

This morning started off rather misty and foggy, which I thought was pretty!

I built some leaf mulch garden beds with leaves that Fred had gathered from Missoula.

I also did some spot mulching around specific plants, like walking onions.

While walking around on Fred's plot, this morning and afternoon, I planted persimmons!

I also plated Rose of Cherry/Sherry, which is supposed to be some type of hibiscus.

And I planted kiwis and some black seed that I don't know what it is!

The cats and kittens were cute, as usual, this afternoon!

Josiah, Austin, and Ron worked on the Bermshed today.

This is a view from Fred's plot today!

And I saw some nice lichens and moss, and I saw a neat mushroom!

Cloud came to visit us at Fred's plot!

Please join me in welcoming Paul Wheaton and Alex Ojeda, authors of Permaculture Playing Cards

Read the book review here!

Paul Wheaton and Alex Ojeda will be hanging out in the forums until November 22nd answering questions and sharing their experiences with you all.

At the end of the week, we'll make a drawing for 4 lucky winners to win a copy of their cards! From now until Friday, all new posts in the Permaculture forum are eligible to win.

To win, you must use a name that follows our naming policy and you must have your email set up to receive the Daily-ish email.

The winners will be notified by Purple Moosage and must respond within 24 hours. Only the winners who respond within that timeframe will receive their deck. Watch for a PM, and a notice in this thread announcing the winners!

Please remember that we favour perennial discussion.  The threads you start will last beyond the event.  You don't need to use Paul Wheaton and Alex Ojeda's names to get their attention. We like these threads to be accessible to everyone, and some people may not post their experiences if the thread is directed to the author alone.

Posts in this thread won't count as an entry to win the book, but please say "Hi!" to Paul Wheaton and Alex Ojeda and make them feel welcome!
4 days ago
Good afternoon!

Day 105

I did some hiking today!

I fed the kittens and cats today!

And I did some repair work on my jeans and one of my jackets!

I finished the scarf I was working on, and I recently started a knitting in the round project!

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Dave Burton - an author/publisher liaison
5 days ago
Good afternoon! Thank you, Jaqi!

Day 104

I did some hiking today and hanged out with the kittens!

These are some of the misty and foggy views I saw today at Basecamp.

This is a view of the mountains that I like!

And here is Like Bear and Apollo playing around!

Good morning!

Day 103

Here is another look at the inside of the bunk room of the Fisher Price House at Basecamp.

Here is a look at a bit of the shelving space up top.

We planted seeds on Fred's plot and spread leaf mulch!

I planted acorns on Fred's plot!

I saw some neat things while planting on Fred's plot!

I also made some deep leaf mulch beds on Fred;s plot!

I planted some Quince seeds on Basecamp at Plum Plateau!

Gert, her kittens, and Ferd were out this afternoon, and I hanged out with them some!

Since we had a half-day today, I went on a hike!