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since May 01, 2014
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ASBMB Certified BS in Biochemistry from the University of Montana in May 2019!
Permaculture is my passion, and I intend to gain hands-on experience in permaculture and make the world a better place! It's time enough to stop being angry at the bad guys and get to work making a new world!
At the moment, I am currently looking for farms, intentional communities, and ecovillages that I could be a part of, so that I can get hands-on experience and practical knowledge of permaculture.
I am always available for hire for any in real life or online projects. Just make me an offer, and we can start talking.
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Please join me in welcoming Dr. Sharol Tilgner, author of Herbal Medicine From the Heart of the Earth

Read the book review here!

Dr. Sharol Tilgner will be hanging out in the forums until January 24th answering questions and sharing her experiences with you all.

At the end of the week, we'll make a drawing for 4 lucky winners to win a copy of her book! From now until Friday, all new posts in the Medicinal Herbs forum are eligible to win.

To win, you must use a name that follows our naming policy and you must have your email set up to receive the Daily-ish email. Higher quality posts are weighed more highly than posts that just say, "I want this book!"

The winners will be notified by Purple Moosage and must respond within 24 hours. Only the winners who respond within that timeframe will receive their book. Watch for a PM, and a notice in this thread announcing the winners!

Please remember that we favour perennial discussion.  The threads you start will last beyond the event.  You don't need to use Dr. Sharol Tilgner's name to get her attention. We like these threads to be accessible to everyone, and some people may not post their experiences if the thread is directed to the author alone.

Posts in this thread won't count as an entry to win the book, but please say "Hi!" to Dr. Sharol Tilgner and make her feel welcome!
2 days ago
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2 days ago

Source: Amazon

Author - Anne Stobart
Publisher - Permanent Publications

Permanent Publications says, "[The Medicinal Forest Garden Handbook is] an extensive handbook with practical information on growing, harvesting and using medicinal trees and shrubs sustainably in a temperate climate, whether for self-sufficiency or profit.

Author, Anne Stobart draws on her direct experience of creating a medicinal forest garden in the UK to provide supplies for herbal medicine in practice. She provides advice on the design of new planting projects which can meet the needs of different users from small gardens to smallholdings and agroforestry."

About the Author
Permanent Publications says, "Anne Stobart is a medical herbalist and herb grower based in Devon, UK. Anne remembers an early interest in plants, and she was delighted to be given books about herbs when she was young. She went on to a career in teaching and management posts in adult, further and higher education in Merseyside and in Devon. Rather later in life, Anne trained as a medical herbalist and started a practice as a consultant medical herbalist in Devon. The training which Anne undertook formed the basis of the first professional herbal medicine practitioner course validated as a degree in the UK. The BSc (Hons) Herbal Medicine degree ran at Middlesex University in London, where Anne managed the programme for professional herbal practitioners until 2010.

Anne joined a permaculture design course at Dartington in Devon in the early 1990s and was inspired to cultivate more herbs for use in her clinical practice. She grew many herbs in the cottage garden and on the allotment. Anne and her partner wanted to grow more of their own plant supplies, and purchased Holt Wood in 2004. They have since transformed it from a redundant conifer plantation into a thriving medicinal forest garden. The Holt Wood project is based on a permaculture design and focuses on sustainable cultivation and harvest of medicinal trees and shrubs. "

Where to get it?
Permanent Publications
amazon us
amazon uk

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Planting an Herb Garden Permaculture

From the video description:
"Permaculture has layers of sticks, leaves, glass clippings, cardboard, and paper under the soil making a rich bed for a container garden that will retain moisture so less watering is needed to feed the plants. This is how I made my little herb garden."

Medicinal and Edible Herbs

From the video description:
"Lacie's Apothecary Garden has been growing and it on the verge of taking over! Want to know what Medicinal and Edible Herbs that we are growing? Join Lacie and Mike on the Apothecary Garden Tour."

Medicinal Herb Permaculture Garden

A description for this video:
A tour of a permaculture medicinal herb garden.

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Other Books by Anne Stobart
Household Medicine in 17th Century Europe
Critical Approaches to the History of Western Herbal Medicine

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5 days ago


Author - Leigh Tate
Publisher - Kikobian Books

Amazon says, "Written in the same informative style as 5 Acres & A Dream The Blog, Leigh Tate shares how she and her husband Dan are facing the challenges of trying to establish a self-sufficient homestead: defining their dream, problems encountered during property hunting, evaluating the land, setting goals and priorities, identifying obstacles, dealing with difficult times, and learning how to work smarter, not harder. She shares what they've learned about energy, water, and food self-sufficiency for themselves and their critters too. Included are copies of their homestead master plan, how to calculate feed with the Pearson Square, homegrown vitamins and mineral mixes for goats, a list of useful resources, and several of Leigh's favorite homestead recipes."

About the Author
Leigh Tate says, "I started this blog when an acquaintance asked to see photos of our new place. It seemed like a good way to keep a record of our progress, and that's what it's become. Little did I know so many others would be interested. In fact, folks started telling me I should write a book. In 2013, I published 5 Acres & A Dream The Book. Since then, I've written a number of books on homesteading as well as blog posts. I continue to be both thrilled and honored when they encourage others toward their own homesteading dream."

Where to get it?
Kikobian Books
amazon us
amazon uk

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5 Acres And a Dream Blog
6 days ago
I’m continuing reading The Road Back to Nature by Masanobu. I’m starting to come around to his personal writing, thoughts, anecdotes. I find it’s kind of an extension of his philosophy that he doesn’t make much of a distinction between the different aspects of his person- philosophical, spiritual, science, etc.
1 week ago
Hello Elle! I'm currently looking at Laramie, because there is a job where I could learn how to develop the capacity of grassroots organizations there. I kind of want to eventually startup and run a local organization somewhere with a permaculture bent to it, so, this might be a good way to learn some of the skills I will need in the future.

I am still not entirely sure, because there are additional factors that I need to take into account.
1 week ago
I'm currently considering next moves on what I want to do in life, and one of the things I am looking at doing would be near Laramie, WY.

I would be working a full-time job in this area, and I am wondering if I could possibly rent a room, closet, stairwell, or parking space at someone's residence?

If it's okay, I am looking for places where someone might be okay with me gardening in a permaculture style in my time before and after work.
1 week ago