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Recent posts by Terry Byrne

Tereza Okava wrote:I am training an intern and thought of this thread today when giving her a resource for those moments of doubt when you can`t remember.... is it affect or effect? or any of those stinky situations where you're not sure of which word you mean.

One of the best guides is The Merriam-Webster Dictionary of English Usage. It is not a word dictionary, it is a point by point grammar dictionary.
4 months ago

Walter Jeffries wrote:I feed about 240,000 pounds (120 tons) of hay every winter to our pigs and that is almost all grasses. That is the bulk of what they eat.

Hello, Walter. How many animals/pigs for how many months/weeks does this 120 tons of hay provide food for?
9 months ago

Deb Rebel wrote: ...

Kill me, I went through the spelling bee mill twice in my early teens. I couldn't diagram a sentence to save my life but I learned the verb tenses (lay, lie, lying, laid, etc) and how to spell.

And yet here you are, a grammatical genius, as are all native speakers of any language, children, who by age three have the vast majority of the rules of grammar figured out.
10 months ago