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Hi Paul!

I am a pod person who just created a permies account so I could tell you that I have observed that you rule!!

You've had me ever since poop beast. There is no turning back!

Seriously man, you have a heart of pie. Way better than that gold stuff.

What an aaaaamazing offer you are making to the world. Holy cow. Here is my deal. I want to be a super sonic twin turbo jet pack. In order to do so I need to accomplish a short list of things.

I am taking Geoff Lawtons OPDC now.
In addition there is an awesome heavy equipment school offering eight week certification courses on excavators, dozer, grater etc.
Several other practical local workshops and field work.

I am 32, living south of Bellingham and am managing a local organic and nongmo feed company which does better than most things but its not my passion. I grew up in west Spokane on 30 acres. I have been living in a small cabin on 46 acres off grid without electricity for two years now. I share the land with the older couple who developed this site many years ago. I am living proof that with proper systems you are not want for much and gain incredible life value with a deep connection to place.

Paul you are a wonderful, silly, caring man. I mean you are the tyranical overlord of all. And I have listened to almost all of your podcasts, read your articles and have to say, I like your take, and you make me laugh "ALL THE TIME." For three years I have thrown myself deep into permaculture, homesteading, gardening, animal husbandry and all that Carla Emery goodness. I have given myself a sound base of action by living off grid for two years, paddock shifting chicken, raising growies and getting over the offgrid stumbles and bumps. Now I don't want it any other way, only enhanced.

I have no trouble sleeping in a teepee and working for my keep. Neo feudal paradise as far as I'm concerned. But this is my catch. I don't just want to come now because I can. I want to come when I got my Rocketeer outfit on! Does that make sense? I want to bang a gong, be the biggest kick in the overalls I can be. I accept that I have a bit more work to do. While at the same time knowing I might be better prepared than most for rugged living.

Paul, just know we love you and your vision and many of us have you in mind as we work towards our goals which for me may very well include the opportunity to be a real asset for you into the future.


Alex Ekins

7 years ago