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Recent posts by Chris Kay

Does coating your food product in food grade diatomatious earth before loading it onto a solar dehydrator's trays  have a noticeable effect on drying time?
I'd test this out myself but I lack a dehydrator currently.

Yours curiously,
4 weeks ago
on the page
"Solar Station Construction Plans - now FREE for a while" Banner Text
actually links to
Rocket Mass Heater Plans: Annex 6" L-shaped Bench by Ernie and Erica

which, while nice, is not as advertised ;)

with love.
As an Ex Jehovah's Witness I can tell you that you need a zealot to distribute this book at whatever price you set (even with no price at all).
I doubt your message inspires the special kind  of crazy you are looking for - but I admit; I could very well be wrong to think that way.

Personally, I would make the textbook available though print on demand.
I would then organise a set of clips and sound bites from your audiobook version to be included in animated memes. I recommend Paul's very own hand drawn graphics animated in 20 second short vid's with the goal of directing folk on social media to the print on demand book or full audiobook for more.

Although the scene of the world keeps on changing, I am positive that a paradise with Paul's is secure.
I have a copy.
Good's guide to composting is an entertaining and informative read that does not take long to pay for itself.
Quirky hurmour pervades all 150 pages of this rotten topic.  If the thought of "composting your enemies" hits you funny you are in for a good read.
Recommended 4 out of 5, because the only illustrations in the book are on the cover.
4 months ago

paul wheaton wrote:Are you saying that you currently do not have a link and that you would like a link?

4 months ago
wish to upgrade my previously posted link on Diaspora social media if you please, thank-you
4 months ago

Kenneth Elwell wrote:
The plan for the Truly Passive Greenhouse, also states that it will be pretty hands-off, so a more robust automated data collection system supports that nicely!
AND, it has the possibility to make the entire project more awesome.

and pitch-able to a whole new crowd of open-source tech geeks. Fair warning, we may live to regret that.
4 months ago