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since Mar 12, 2014
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I am doing research for a book I am writing, to be titled: "The Permaculture Revolution"
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Recent posts by Tom Trial

I'd love to get one of those fancy pants kickback links!
3 years ago
Looks Great Paul! Looking forward to it!

But I think the download window should be bigger than the last kickstarter, I didn't have a problem with the downloads but it was a real possibility and I'd hate to miss the window!

Hopefully this starts AFTER PV2.

BTW, Didn't Diego say someone would have a Rocket Mass Heater on display at PV2?
OK I feel dumb for asking, but on iTunes the "Homesteading and Permaculture by Paul Wheaton" podcasts are up to number 298 - PermaEthos and #195 Geoff Lawton on his Food Forests DVD is not listed there.

What information am I missing?
I would note that it helps if your project is almost done and just needs that last push to complete. The thinking goes that the kickstarter project has some actual work and effort towards completion.
And people tend to support a project the sooner the rewards can be delivered, say 30 to 90 days vs 6 or 9 months where the excitement has worn off for the supporters.
And of course some rewards can be sent out before the final project is complete.

I supported Paul's World Domination Gardening kickstarter and can't wait to get the permaculture playing cards & dvd's! Getting the PODS early was great!
Wow Congrats Paul! You have truly Earned it! To celebrate be sure to have some PIE !!!

After listening to the podcast where upi reviewed Sepp's book I have a new appreciation for Sepp & you, Paul, 2 brilliant minds!
9 years ago
I signed up the first day for Geoff's online PDC and I am super excited!
Geoff is a great resource and a wealth of knowledge and what he has done so far is inspiring.

I just discovered Permaculture in November. Altho I barely had enough money to pay upfront (he does offer a 3 payment plan) I have no doubt it will be worth it for ME.

I have started the Introduction and after reading the syllabus I am impressed with what he has put into the course. And I really like the layout & design of the site.

And he is adding his Earthworks course and he has added his 'Reading The Landscape' course too which I look forward too.

If I do well with this course I think I'm going to make a career change for the better, and since I'm already self-employed that should be a help for me.

10 years ago

Robert Vib wrote:

Burra Maluca wrote:Link to the Secret Inner Circle Forum, for those of you who can see it...

Can someone add me to the Secret Inner Circle Forum the next time that happens.
I thought just signing up for the email would do the trick. But I was wrong, Silly me!

Just want to say I'm Happy to Support Paul & looking forward to the DVD's & playing cards!

Just got done listening to Paul on Permaculture Voices podcast, Funny as S**T Laughed my butt off