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I think the file is missing an extension. I saved it and made sure it was with PDF as the extension and it opened fine.

T Blankinship wrote:PDF would not open in chrome. Any ideas why?

2 months ago

paul wheaton wrote:It sounds like you solved the problem, yes?

I get the impression that you have modified your browser stuff to make the video not appear.  Maybe that modification can say "this big gray box is where you turned off the video stuff!"?

I use NoScript to only turn on scripting when specifically permitted for a site. Unfortunately it does not offer customization like you mention.

I was thinking of something along the lines of the alt tags that are used for graphics.

paul wheaton wrote:It sounds like you solved the problem, yes?

Yes, problem solved.

Would it be possible to add some sort of an indication that there is a video link?  I see this on other pages I visit - they show the greyed out video.

I have been traveling a lot and only now am starting to catch up on some older links that I was sent for sponsoring some kickstarters.

Gir bot sent me a link to microdoc-rocket-mass-heater-season  with the subject line of

Premium access to "microdoc: rocket mass heater season extender"

but when I get to the page (after logging in) I only see some photos and no link to view anything or download anything.

Did this content get moved somewhere else perhaps?

UPDATE - I had vimeo turned off so the video did not appear at all, not even as a link. I wonder if that could be changed to show that there is a video that needs scripting turned on to view it.
Thanks, Paul!!

I'd post a gushy note of appreciation, but then you'd have to get Jocelyn to help you reply to it
I'm trying to locate the DVD files I downloaded from the 2015-2016 kickstarter Better Wood Heat but I have so many on my HD that it is not easy to locate them.

Would someone be so kind as to tell me the filename of one of the DVD downloads so I can search more efficiently?


paul wheaton wrote:

I think what you are saying is that it downloads fine with a regular browser, but if you use a different app then it does not work.  This makes me think that the app has some shortcomings which neither of us are aware of.  

Perhaps try a different app, or pick the video up when you happen to be somewhere with speedy internet?

I was trying to use the XDM download manager and the usual method of right-clicking on a link and then telling XDM to download was not working. Download managers auto-recover much better than browsers when there is a hiccup in the connection and usually are more efficient about grabbing files. I think that the issue is that the download link provided is not a direct link, but one that is somehow served up when one clicks on it.

This HD version is the same content as the smaller downloadable version that was made available a few days ago, yes?
2 years ago
I am looking for a way to do the download with a download manager instead of the browser as my internet service is not reliable enough for such a long download.

I am getting this error when I copy the link:

"XDM could not download the file as server sent an invalid response."
2 years ago

paul wheaton wrote:For $40 and up I added a destination for "Virgin Islands" that has $0 in shipping.  If you select that, then I will treat it as "I don't want stuff shipped to me."

For now:  does that work?  Please test and tell me.

Perfect solution.

I increased my pledge to 40 :-)
2 years ago
The issue is with the links or maybe cookies?

When I try to access various free things as listed, instead I get the option to buy, even though I started from a page which stated that I had Pie (Nicole Alderman granted me a slice).

This happens here as well

and when I try to see Chad's offer, I end up on his profile

I don't know where the top secret pie forum is