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since Feb 24, 2014
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Five acres, two little ones, one awesome husband, 12 ducks (give or take), and a bunch of fruit trees and garden beds. In her spare time, Nicole likes to knit, paint, draw, teach kids, make fairies & dragons, philosophize, and read fantasy. She doesn't HAVE spare time, but does like to fantasize about it!
Pacific Northwest
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Recent posts by Nicole Alderman

Getting closer to the next stretch goal!

1,181 backers
69 hours to go!
1 hour ago
Eeeep! We're down to hours now!!!

$ 51,651
1,174 backers
70 hours to go!
2 hours ago
Here's a video from a previous kickstarter. Hopefully it helps!

5 hours ago
Ah-ha! I found a tutorial!

paul wheaton wrote:
To raise your backer level

 - click here to go to the kickstarter
 - click "manage your pledge"
 - click "change your pledge"
 - scroll down to select your new backer level
 - click on "continue" and then "confirm"

5 hours ago

Coydon Wallham wrote:Looking at the kickstarter page, I can't simply pledge the amount I want to? Do I need to select the next lower level and then add in the difference as a "bonus", or am I missing something?

I'm pretty sure you want to pick a reward level, and then add on more as a bonus. If you don't pick a reward level, it makes it really hard to get you any rewards, because you're categorized in a very different way, and it's kind of assumed you don't want any rewards.

I think we have some tutorials somewhere on how to raise your backer level. Let me see if I can hunt one down...
5 hours ago
And we're already to

$ 51,168!!!

5 hours ago
$ 50,883!!!

Edit: Beau beat me to it!
5 hours ago

Beau Davidson wrote:
And the meme of the Campaign award goes to . . .

Nicole Alderman wrote:We're less than $500 from the next reward!

Click Elton John to go to the kickstarter!

Why thank, thank you! Though I must say, the award should actually go to my husband. He thought up the idea for this meme a couple years ago--I just photoshopped it into existence!
7 hours ago