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Five acres, two little ones, one awesome husband, 12 ducks (give or take), and a bunch of fruit trees and garden beds. In her spare time, Nicole likes to knit, paint, draw, teach kids, make fairies & dragons, philosophize, and read fantasy. She doesn't HAVE spare time, but does like to fantasize about it!
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Recent posts by Nicole Alderman

I tried downloading one of the plans, and it went through on my computer. They are pretty large files, with one being 12 megabytes, and the other 13 megabytes. Maybe try downloading one at at time?

When my internet was slower, I often had big downloads give up part way through because the internet connection was just too slow.
Perhaps your internet is slow? Maybe try uploading them at a library, rather than at home if your internet is slow?

I'll try uploading them right now to check and see if it's still working.
That's crazy that yours are rotting and sprouting! Maybe it's because the soils are more clay down in Portland? I've got "gravely loam" soil, so the water drains down, even with all our rain. And since the potatoes are pretty much on top of the soil, they're not staying too wet. I have had some eaten by rodents in the places I didn't plant alliums along with them. But, I'll probably just leave them in the ground until I need to harvest some for dinner. It's too humid in my house and garage, and the potatoes sprout within a week or two once I bring them in!
That's amazing! And, it looks like you built with your wife pregnant. That's truly impressive!!!
1 day ago
Males make a whispery waaah sound, while females will make a loud "UHT!" sound. Pick them up, and if they "UHT!" loudly, then they are a female.

The white one could be a White Layer or Pekin. Pekin will lay less eggs and be larger. White Layer will lay lots of eggs and be a "medium" size. It could also just be a white mixed breed duck.

As for breeds, there aren't many buff and fawn colored ducks.  It might be a Buff Orpington duck? Or it could just be a mixed breed. I have one that was just the result of mixed breeding from multiple ducks.

Where did you get these ducks from?
1 day ago
It's time for my favorite post of the week--announcing the winners!


Jay Angler
Lauren Ritz
Lif Strand
Tereza Okava

I'll be sending you each a PM--please respond by Sunday to claim your book!

Thank you, again, John Yunker, for joining us this week! It's been wonderful having you here sharing your knowledge with us!
1 day ago

Michael Holtman wrote:
What could I offer to the permies community in exchange for pie?

I don't have any answers to any of the other questions. But, I can say that anyone can make a digital market thread to sell DIGITAL goods with PIE. Physical goods can't be bought via pie in the digital market--though I don't know if that's because of tax/shipping or legalities or just how it got programmed.

Anyway, if you have pictures, downloads, videos, books, etc that you want to sell for pie, you can do just that by setting up a digital market thread!
1 day ago
Those kind of years are SO HARD. Two years ago, I wrote The reality of homesteading has dissolved my "prepper"/homesteading fantasies. Life had thrown SO MANY curveballs, and there was just no way to juggle them all. And, it really showed me that when life gets chaotic, we don't magically gain super powers to overcome all obstacles. Instead, we just fumble around trying to not drop the important balls too hard. I mean, it's so crazy we're dropping balls left and right, even the important ones, but we just have to hope we don't do irreversible damage!

Even now, with things calmer and a relatively good growing season here (enough rain to keep the garden from dying, not too hot, typical weather for my area), I still didn't grow as much food as I thought. We got lots of berries and peas and potatoes. But our tomatoes got blight. The beans barely sprouted. I got like 5 ears of corn from our 10x10 patch of corn/beans/squash (and no beans in there actually grew). You'd think by year 7 of being here, I'd be growing more. Sure, we're finally getting enough apples to preserve, and I've figured out how to grow potatoes, and the kids aren't needing me every 2 seconds all day long. But, I'm still not growing enough food for 1 person, let alone 4! I went out to get some veggies to go along with our potatoes for our dinner, and came back with 6 small green beans, 5 tiny strawberries, and a 6 cherry tomatoes. That's not a picture worthy harvest AT ALL!

I don't have any easy answers. I'd like to say life will get better, but sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes life is just stinky. I just kept plowing ahead like the stubborn mule that I am, and tried to laugh and sing as much as I could through the insanity. Sometimes, I think that about all we can do except pray and cry.
2 days ago

2 days ago
I asked our programmers, and they said that the function had been disabled about 3 years ago, but somehow those who already had selected a twitter username got grandfathered in to have it show. It should be removed pretty soon.

For now, you could add your twitter user name to your signature if you'd like! Urls work in the signature, too (just use the same bb code that one uses in the main forum), like this [url=http://]webpage[/url], with your twitter username where "website" is, and the link to your profile where "http://" is.

I hope that helps!