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Recent posts by Carolyn Elliott

Why is a parcel on the new land so much cheaper than a parcel on the original land -- instead of $10,000 or $20,000 for one acre, it's $8,000 or $16,000 for two acres. Is there something less desirable about the new land?
7 years ago

Weston Ginther wrote: is there a reason why a wooden box wasn't chosen instead?

Portability might have been a factor?

Instead of screws or nails, could dowels be used to hold a wooden bin together? That way when it deteriorates, there wouldn't be any metal to remove before composting it. Would dowel construction be practical?
7 years ago
Hi Ray,
The website is working for me today, is it working for you yet?
7 years ago
You could try posting that you're looking for an egg in the Resources forum too:

I don't know much about geese specifically, but maybe someone else will have more input? (In other words, "bump" )
7 years ago
Have you considered using something other than straw in the same way, like plywood for example? My biggest concern with straw would be mice -- they would be hard to get rid of once you have them, and they could chew on important things.

Try doing a google search for "camper winter living" or something similar and there are a lot of articles to find. There are websites dedicated to rv living -- you might benefit from browsing through a bunch of them and bookmarking the most informative ones for future questions. I had some but I don't have access to my bookmarks and I can't remember any of them... but I did a quick search and there are a lot of possibilities. Here's one blog post for example:

Also, a feather or wool comforter is warmer than most other options, if you can get one.
7 years ago
Hi Mary (and anyone else having trouble),

First, check to see if you're already "in" the inner circle:
1. Log into your Permies account
2. Go to the main page for the Forums (
3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. The last forum on the page will either be Meaningless Drivel (if you're not "in"), or there will be an additional forum, Secret Inner Circle (if you're "in").

If you don't see the secret forum, then make sure that:
A. the email that you are using for Kickstarter is the same email you are using for Permies
B. your Kickstarter payment went through
C. you didn't select "no reward" as the reward.

If A and/or B aren't true, then correct them and wait until the next and final mass add-in at some unspecified (possibly even secret??) time before the end of March. If C is the problem, then you'll have to get special permission before the add-in.

Other requirements:
- You contributed $5 or more to the World Domination Gardening kickstarter
- You must actually have signed up for a Permies account.

Once you're "in" then you can change your Permies or Kickstarter email back to not-matching each other and it won't kick you out. The emails only have to match during the add-in.

Did I miss anything?
Do you know whether Doc Doc has had any bird companions before? She should by nature prefer a "flock" of some type, but I think that if she's not used to being around other birds it could turn out more negative than positive. If you can find out what companions she's had before, and how it went with them, that would be a place to start I think.

Cute name, by the way and pretty bird!
7 years ago
Hi Nicole!

I felt a little lost in the beginning too, and it took me a lot of digging through old posts to feel that I knew enough about the culture here to actually post anything. But I really can't say that it ended up being a negative thing for me... I'm having a sneaking suspicion that the missing intro is not an oversight. I just thought of this (or maybe I read it in an old thread?), but I think what's happening (whether it's on purpose or naturally) is that having nothing posted means we have to start right in with the first Permaculture Design Principle -- observe and interact.

So... you observed, you're interacting, so I'll interact back with something more for you to observe! Here are two threads I found helpful: Publishing Standards:
What does the apple next to my name mean?

Welcome to the messageboard!
She saw someone Putin paint on the trailer!
7 years ago
Hi Tom!
Be sure that the email address you signed up on Permies with is the same one you're using for Kickstarter. Another pass at adding people will be done toward the end of March, and that will be the last attempt for this reward (although I suspect it may be offered as a reward in some form in the future.) It will be done automatically, so there's no need to ask for anything, just make sure that your emails match.

There's a thread dedicated to it here:

Welcome to Permies! I agree with you, I am totally excited too to get my loot too.