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Just a little guy with big ideas, trying to get it done in the Canadian Rockies.
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what was wrong with the first ward that you need to do it again?
2 days ago

Roberto: we agree on so much

 Yes. I agree.  ;)

I guess my deviation is when dealing with encouraging a "bait" site.  I find it hard to believe they will stick with what is "offered" and eshew the local garbage day, compost piles and fruit trees...

 I would suggest ( and I think I did somewhere in my overly wordy posts! ) that the community agrees to not have fruit trees on individual plots of land but to have an extensive community-run food forest/orchard (most local trees that already exist could all be removed and transplanted with an industrial tree spade), and as mentioned at the end of my last post this large orchard could (probably should) be outside of town and could also be 'shared' by the bears; This latter would be accomplished if it was large enough to cordon off areas with proper high voltage electric fencing for cell grazing.  The problem:  Fruit trees attract bears, becomes the solution, Fruit orchard outside of town attracts bear to hang out away from town.

Also, Bokashi type fermenting could be incentivized for waste foods, and the compost could all be brought from kitchen pails to this same orchard site, or to community bear proof bins, where it was trucked to site.  The problem, compost materials can be smelly becomes the solutiion, high quality lactic acid ferments are added to the green waste recycling of the community.  All green waste could be binned in bear proof commuity bins and then brought to the orchard site to be shredded for compost.  

The things that make garbage smelly ( and thus bear attractants ) are things that should be composted or done with bokashi and then composted.  Garbage is primarily not smelly if it is cleaned post-consumer plastic, most of which will likely be phased out with regulations in the next decade or two.  metals shoudl be washed and recycled.  Glass jars, cleaned and recycled.  What is garbage but resources that we have failed to close the loop on?  Those loops can and likely will be closed in time with better holistic decision making and permacultural design.

All wood waste could be burned or made into char, and the heat could be used to recycle glass and metal into sellable bricks or ingots, Methan from the compost could be captured and used to fuel the chipper shredder, or other machines.
2 days ago
Waht could you teach me?
2 days ago
what If I'm a weird dreamer and I can teach you something?
2 days ago
didn't you change your number?
3 days ago
can you stop calling me Pop?
3 days ago
What are the ingredients?
3 days ago