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Recent posts by Beth Mouse

Thanks Karl, great advice.  Thinking we may enjoy them this year but look for a new home this fall.  There are easier berries or something else to put in that area and we already have marionberries on a fence that we weave the long canes through.  They don't send out nearly the amount of shoots as those boysenberries.
2 months ago
So my husband pruned the boysenberries a bit over a month ago.  He pruned them down to 2 simple canes per plant tied to a 3-wire system.  Last year, he did the same and they grew out and covered a path that we need and use.  The same thing is happening this year.  Here are pics of the growth already and soon that path will be totally covered and the canes will go over into that other area.  Can we just prune off the growth coming out toward the paths?  Online websites say not to prune at all during growth period and husband is worried about cutting off all new growth for next year's canes...

2 months ago
Local nurseries don't seem to have the perennial vegetables recommended in  Perennial Vegetables by Eric Toensmeier.  Any ideas on where I can order them online?  Johnny's Seeds doesn't have them.  

4 months ago
I was thinking privet was poisonous to chickens so will have to look into that.  I forgot to say that I prefer this hedge around raised bed to be no taller than 4 feet.  Roses may be good.  I didn't think of chickens eating roses.  The right type of rose might make a tight shorter hedge.  
4 months ago
Yes, I was thinking that.  But it also depends on if I have young plant starts or seeds in there.  I was going to plant hedge on three sides of raised beds and then have some fencing I can place over small opening to keep them out if I wish.  Glad to know you do this as well!
4 months ago
I am wanting to plant hedges around my raised beds to keep my hens out when I let them into this area for an hour or so in the evening while I am out there working in the garden.  I already have a tight row of lavender in front of one bed and am planning on potentilla for another wall on a side of my raised bed.  Wondering what might be edible that would be tight and keep them out...

4 months ago
I am wanting to plant hedges that are tight to keep chickens out of my raised beds.  I already have a lavender hedge, rose hedge, and potentilla.  I am wondering about a hedge that would work that has edible food for the chickens?  
4 months ago
I am considering making biochar from my large pile of prunings from our acre in the city.  I saw this video on youtube "" where he makes it outside using a brick chimney kiln.  I want to build kiln on a concrete patio we aren't really using.  

I want to use the biochar in our garden beds and also fruit tree guilds but our soil is ALKALINE!   According to Joe Gardener,  "There are good and poor quality biochars available, so purchase with caution. Many biochar products contain ash. The higher the content of ash, the more the biochar material will affect your soil pH. A good quality biochar will keep your soil within the neutral zone, while a biochar high in ash can significantly raise your pH."

How do I determine how much ash will be in my biochar with this method?  I want low ash to not raise PH any higher.  

I also want to make a bit of biochar in our Quattro wood insert inside during winter using this method "  I bought the hotel pan to put the small pieces of wood in, and the same question this going to yield a final product with low ash content?  Can you tell by looking at it if it is low ash?

Thanks for any help!
6 months ago
I have 2 East Friesian I bought and am hoping to milk them.  I only have 1/3 acre and have it divided into 3 paddocks.  I am considering buying a ram for the fall only.  I honestly am afraid of rams and have kids and don't want anyone injured.  Also, the sheep share the small barnyard with the chickens and are in this separate enclosed area alot.  There is a gate from the barnyard that goes out into the small pasture.  If I bought a ram in the fall, can I butcher it in January or February and plan on eating it or would it not taste any good?

Thanks for any help, Beth
Thank you so much for all the replies.  We are still waiting to talk to our county extension specialist about the wires on the fruit trees and I will let you know their input as well.  Sounds like we should give it a try on at least a few fruit trees.  We have 15 trees.  

Thanks so much!
3 years ago