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This fellow went BIG, he went step by step and kept improving it.

4 months ago
For ground venison either beef fat or pork fat us recommended. The venison fat has a strong taste and goes rancid very easily.
Somewhere else in these forum we've posted venison recipes.

4 months ago
Good approach in using vetiver, it is an excellent water runoff holder if planted on contour and pretty effective in controlling erosion on steep hills. The roots can be processed for use in perfume and essential oils and the leaves dried and weaved for baskets. A couple of suggestions,please remember that cassava takes about 9 months to harvest, for quick food production, plant sweet potatoes, in 3 to 4 months they are ready for harvesting. The leaves are edible, make great fodder and once you harvest, re-plant the slips and you are good to go. Pigeon peas (Cajans cajans), produce quickly, fix nitrogen, provide wind screen and make good forage.  Also consider chayote squash.  Longer term, consider planting a few breadfruit trees, they take a few years to produce but they average 400 lbs. of fruit per tree.
10 months ago
Plants will drop all its leave after transplanting. Keep it mulched and water it every three to four days. Good luck!
10 months ago

Summer 2019 Update. Unfortunately, due to school renovations the forest will have to relocate to a nearby sports  field.
11 months ago
Based on the length of the stem from the trunk to the leaf and the color of the trunk is tend to believe it is a plantain not a banana. A banana leaf is usually closer to the trunk and the plantain leaf will grow several inches away. The trunk in a banana will be darker in color while a plantain will have pinkish/reddish hues. Again, just a generalization, the fruit will be the proof.
1 year ago
Two things that I've used. Cucumber peel tea and tobbacco tea.
Soak the cucumber peels in water for a couple of hours. Pour the peel and tea al over the at hill. The disappear.

Tobacco tea will also kill them

1 year ago
Any thoughts of creating incidental water slowing and moisture capturing structures such as mini rock and soil swales, or half moon water catchments while casting seeds?
1 year ago