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Recent posts by Heather Staas

Nikki I'm sorry I dropped off and never answered you!   Here are the seeds I used,  both did really well.  
1 month ago
Thank you so much for the thoughts and info!  It sounds wonderful but maybe not right for me.  With animals to tend I do end up outdoors all year round and I just can't do the cold like I used to!  If I end up out your way I'd love to come and visit though!  Can't wait to see and hear more about how it all develops for you.

1 month ago
Crystal are your pups still with their mother?  Was she allowed to wean them properly?  This is the first critical stage of bite inhibition imprinting,  when momma dog says "you may no longer put your mouth on me at will but only by invitation."  Sometimes well meaning people take puppies away as soon as mum starts "being mean to them" but it's crucial for social development.  Assuming mom has the capability herself.   Sometimes young/new bitches suck at it and are too passive.
1 month ago
Sunflowers were a bust for me, they were FILLED with tiny worms in all my seed.   I'm sure it was partly my inexperience and learning curve.   I ended up just giving the whole heads to my rabbits, who didn't care one bit about the worms and ate them anyway.  
1 month ago
I'm sorry to have dropped out of the discussion,  big life changes and attitude adjustments in the last 18 months and I sort of lost time.   I'm reading backwards to catch up.   It's the sort of thing I'm looking towards, not sure if this one is "my" right fit, but so much possibility.  

My first thought/question:   I have dogs.  Dogs are a BIG part of my life,  I am a professional dog trainer and German Shepherds are "my" breed.   I make sure my dogs are good neighbors,  keep them contained, and don't let them run loose.  They are trained to herd/protect and coexist with my own livestock (although at the moment moved to the city and only have rabbits and one old indoor cat).   Any issues with dogs being kept on personal areas of property, or expectations of letting other people/dogs run freely into the private areas?   This would matter to me, although I realize it's not a lifestyle concern or priority for many.   I do eat keto/carnivore and grow most of my own of what I eat for fruit/veg.  I'd love to again have a small number of ducks and sheep.  Katahdin sheep are excellent mowers/grazers/browsers for land management!!  I'd probably do a bit of work off site (teaching dog training) on a part time basis for a big of spending cash and penny saving.

Growing zone 3,  seems challenging.  What are winters like?  I experience cold as painful and leaving MA winters/ snow clean up is a big consideration for me.  I'm seeing varying things about Idaho winter, seems it spans a pretty big range depending on parts of Idaho, any input on that?   I don't mind cool,  manageable light snowfalls.   But weeks of multiple feet of snow and sub 0 temps is not my thing anymore LOL.  

I've lived very rural,  while not off-grid it wouldn't be a big leap.  Ok, I'm about go to back and read backwards through this thread until I'm all caught up here.  

I run my own small business and have multiple animals and live alone, so trying to figure out logistics of travelling to visit places is a frustrating conundrum for me!

1 month ago

Jumping on the Paradise Lot book recommendation, there's also a great video on youtube with Geoff Lawton touring and showing that property in Holyoke MA.   I've been there for volunteer day,  super cool and inspiring place showing what can be done here in W. MA in an urban location.  It's been sold now, not sure if new owner still entertains visitors/ volunteers.
3 months ago
Popping back in to say that potassium supplements have alleviated 99% of my morning leg cramping.  Very effective!
4 months ago
Sochan is my favorite perennial green. Very early delicious, and prolific.  A 3 year old patch is enough to can a whole year's worth, and still get an amazing show of blooms and seeds for the Goldfinch. Bonus, my rabbits love it too.  Garlic chives are another good choice, especially if you do fermenting.
5 months ago
I can relate to that.  My 10 year old dog is one of those.   She attracts people in need wherever we are.   Often I'm just a passive onlooker standing back while folks, especially those that have experienced a loss,   connect with her and have a moment.   I don't know how she knows, something about the wistful eye contact or soul connection.   I fade into the background while it happens.   Often they seek her out again before leaving with a statement like "I wanted to say goodbye to my friend..."   Brings tears to my eyes sometimes, it's very moving.   She's a German Shepherd.  I toyed with doing therapy work with her, but honestly I'm too lazy to keep up with the bathing, etc. requirements involved and while it's her thing, it's not really mine.   But she's a natural at that sort of work.  All my GSDs have had different talents, but none like her.
6 months ago