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Recent posts by M Johnson

This reminds me of the highway that goes from El Paso, Tx to Alamogordo, NM.  As you drive down the road it says:   “You are now entering White Sands Missile Range”

It makes you pause, but then you keep driving.
4 hours ago
Pledged, good luck on the Kickstarter!
2 weeks ago
Btw, if you want Paul’s book I will send you a copy, just cover shipping
3 weeks ago
A couple suggestions:
-if you are looking for homesteading, check out the skip/pep program threads here at permits.com.  That will get you a long way to having homesteading skills and proof you did something if you want to use it for a job

-find a copy of the big black book by Bill Mollison, it spells everything out and pdcs are based on it.  Also love Gaia’s garden

-get Paul’s book, lots of permaculture and homesteading in there
3 weeks ago
I like D but swap out one of the pictures to have the cook stove in
3 weeks ago
They have a good return policy, I would suggest at least swapping it out with all the issues you’ve had.  There might be other things that you just haven’t seen.

I always liked the cut but hated it falling apart.

Taking it to a place to get it fixed all depends on how good that shop is and then you have to wait which means you aren’t mowing.
1 month ago
Btw, even though it wasn’t as robust, the cut was more clean.

I bet with a walk behind, the issue with it tearing up won’t be a big issue
1 month ago
I had a pull behind version, 50” motorized I think. M

I couldn’t keep it to stay together on my land, which is hilly and rough.  

Ended up returning it and getting an acre ease.  It is more expensive but much more robust.

But I have started having issues with it tearing up belts that I am trying to figure out with them.

Again, I am doing crazy cutting pulling it behind a gator. I mow at over 10 mph in high grass.
1 month ago
I have a whiz bang chicken plucker so it’s a bit different, but it’s ALL about proper temp.  Too hot and you rip skin, too cool and you beat up the chicken and feathers don’t come off easy.

145-150 degrees is the sweet spot.  But YMMV.  I use a turkey fryer, it will overshoot the temp easy so keep a good eye on temp before dunking the birds.

I do 4 at a time on killing in cones (I have a set up) and then shut off the heat once it hits the temp, usually o can dunk and defeather the 4 before temps get too low.
2 months ago