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Completely agree. Also, why bother with the colour. The black on white line drawings chime much more clisely with the simplicity, reuse, stacking functionality of permaculture.... An add-on colouring book for kids or adults.
Simpler. Cheaper. More 'Paul's overalls' than 'Gucci'
1 year ago
Hi WJ.
Some great ideas but has anyone thought to turn the problem around, dare I say, permaculture-style? the conduit is metal and therefore probably reasonably strong. Soooo, cut your rod into short, drillable lengths, drill from both ends of each piece as already suggested. Then simply thread the pieces onto the conduit with generous application of glue to fill joints and hold the wood & metal firmly together. Bobs your uncle!
Good luck.
5 years ago
I agree, 'Purity' misses a beat somewhere. Why not 'Positive living' or even Positive thinking'. After all the bottom line on Permies, PAUL's bottom line, is that we DO something instead of getting angry at bad guys. If that isn't Positive thinking, I don't know what is. RC
Dan, you said you had a problem distinguishing your sown seeds from unwanted volunteers.
This is why gardeners love sowing in ROWS. Your stuff grows in straight lines and in unwanted seeds grow everywhere! Follow the lines!!
6 years ago
Hi Pavel.
Su asked you what's growing now? Bill Mollison says that "observation" is the first task. So, do a detailed survey. Draw a map in the largest scale you can manage.
What plants are growing? Trees, shrubs, ground cover etc.
What animals use the land for good or ill.
What's the underlying soil like.. acid or alkali (Su's soil test will confirm)
Where does the sun rise & set relative to your plot?
What the primary wind direction. Where do storms come from?
Is there any fire risk in the area?
If you have this info down on paper by the time the Ag rep gets there, s/he'll have a lot more to work with in giving advice.
First thing plant something, anything, to make a start. Nitrogen fixer maybe. Beans will give nice flowers, beans and
Good luck.
6 years ago
Hi Zach. Welcome to Permies.
I used to host a radio show on local
radio aimed at new business startups.
I finished every interview with the
same question and it seems appropriate here:
What are your TOP 3 TIPS when starting a market garden business?
Dublin, Ireland
Temperate/lots of rain
6 years ago
Over planting seems the simplest & cheapest here. Also I like the beer and gun solution. Gives the lie to 'no free lunch'!!
6 years ago
May the Lord bless you John and heal you and give you strength and peace. May He bless your daughters with patience and courage at this difficult time.
Thanks for all your work weeding the
Permies garden.
Robert Jordan
May he rest in peace. God bless hom.
6 years ago