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A Christian & devoted Patriot, wife, soap maker, herbalist, formerly a homeschooler, baker, truck driver, and more. I was born in the South, but actually grew up around the Great Lakes. Both of my families had big, lush gardens,& preserved everything they could for the winter. I carried that into my own life. But, change happens and for over a decade, it just wasn't an option. Now, retired in the Ozarks, on 29 heavily wooded acres of mostly ravines, our best crops are nearly inaccessible wild blackberries, rocks, wild herbs, and ticks. We're utilizing our burgeoning small-livestock collection, straw bales, raised beds, and containers to build soil, and a better, healthier life for ourselves and our beloved critters, who provide us with eggs, meat, milk, fiber, fertilizer, tick control, loads of entertainment, and even help turn the compost.
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I've just released my own fragrance, but nobody in the car seemed to like it.
3 days ago

Cindy Haskin wrote:The Pampas loom for the vest is the kind of thing I was seeking, just not a vest necessarily.  And I'd like a less pricey option.

I've kept my eyes open looking for other alternatives and have only just recently realized that the thing I seek can be made cheaply in cardboard.  I don't know quite how many pieces can be made on one before degradation begins. As a big woman I would need a refrigerator box for the looms to make the fabric pattern pieces for a specific item of clothing.

I'm happy for you to have found a workable answer to your limitations.  I am feeling considerable stiffness in my hands on cold days, and occasional pain in some joints now and then,  so I know my time to work these ideas may have a time limit. Brightest Blessings to you,  and thank you for your input.

I can absolutely see the expense being too much, especially for something you're not even sure will serve your needs. I'm not much on vests, either, though I do see how it could be expanded upon, to add sleeves, skirt, etc. Whether/ how long the cardboard would work would depend on the sturdiness of the cardboard, the tension of the weaving, whether it accidentally got wet, how it's stored, in between uses... But, if you use it once or twice, to get an idea how it will work out, you could then decide if you'd want to buy, commission, or make one in wood. But, just setting up the cardboard loom would be a lot of work, in itself, for someone with much hand pain (something I'm all too familiar with) - particularly making the cuts. If there's someone who could help make the loom, that would be great, and might offer a solution. I know how tough it can be to get that kind of help, though...
5 days ago
I'm so very sorry for your loss, Brian. I've no words...
5 days ago