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A Christian & devoted Patriot, wife, soap maker, herbalist, formerly a homeschooler, baker, truck driver, and more. I was born in the South, but actually grew up around the Great Lakes. Both of my families had big, lush gardens,& preserved everything they could for the winter. I carried that into my own life. But, change happens and for over a decade, it just wasn't an option. Now, retired in the Ozarks, on 29 heavily wooded acres of mostly ravines, our best crops are nearly inaccessible wild blackberries, rocks, wild herbs, and ticks. We're utilizing our burgeoning small-livestock collection, straw bales, raised beds, and containers to build soil, and a better, healthier life for ourselves and our beloved critters, who provide us with eggs, meat, milk, fiber, fertilizer, tick control, loads of entertainment, and even help turn the compost.
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Ela La Salle wrote:

Pearl Sutton wrote:Winter Squash seeds want to go places!
(Can only ship to the US, sorry, international shipping is a problem.)

Actually, If I may...the seeds can be sent anywhere in the world (providing seeds are not an invasive species) by simply putting the seeds in a thin layer of cotton balls (so they don't rattle) and sent via regular mail with an appropriate stamp  in a  regular envelope and the receiver could repay postage stamp and envelope price.
I DON'T MEAN  to promote anything illegal!!! I'm just saying it's possible :-)
Just on a side note, it is very gracious and generous of you. I don't have a room for anything that sprawling :-)

International shipping is problematic not because it's seeds, but because right now, internationally shipping anything from the USA is outrageously expensive and slow. Things keep disappearing, too. It's sad, because we really would love to send them all around the world. But, right now, it's simply not feasible.

There are HRS chapters all around the USA, so I'd Google house rabbit society and add your state, then your surrounding states, to see if there's one near you.
2 days ago
Oh, no, Wynne! I'm so sorry to hear that. The bucks are pretty much always ready, lol. I personally would not bed her for at least 4 to 6 months. They can absolutely get pregnant sooner, and since they're a 'induced ovulators' (meaning sexy-fun-time is what induces their ovulation), they are actually capable of breeding even while already pregnant, and carrying multiple litters, at once. But, it's better for their health and longevity, if they only breed a couple times per year, so that their bodies come back to full optimal health, before starting over, again.
2 days ago
Provide mama with loads of hay and fresh veggies, fresh water... Separate her and the kits from any other rabbits(other females *might* kill them). Oh, and if you want to be able to handle them, do so, daily, if mama will let you.
4 days ago
The enemy of my enemy (in this case, the mice) is my friend!
4 days ago

Greg Martin wrote:
Cute, but not when they do this and not so cute when it costs $650 Carla, so sorry  :(

Thanks, Greg. The problem we're facing is that now there's another one. So far, it hasn't gotten back to the wiring harness, and we have rodent repellent packs scattered in the car, including under the hood. Unfortunately, it's only been partly successful, at repelling them, because there's still a bunch of flooding flying out of the vents, every time we start the car. Grrrrr...
4 days ago
An effin' mouse cost us $650, last fall because of exactly this!!!
4 days ago
Absolutely! I've been SERIOUSLY considering using multiple tricks, on mine - both high-viz & the deeper methods. High-viz also has the advantage of being easier to find, when you drop it, yourself - or in my case, when it falls off the tractor, because I got careless and drove off, without putting it back in my tool bag!
4 days ago