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Recent posts by Chris McClellan

Popping the top exposed everything for cleaning and adjustment and repair. The riser is insulated. More to come in the video.
2 days ago
We are going to be taking apart and upgrading a CottageRocket we built in 2017 this week. Who has questions or pictures/video they want to see?

3 days ago

My birthday present to myself back in December was building a portable sauna with a CottageRocket heater in it. 10 months later I have finally had the time to seal it up enough to get a really good sweat on. there is still work to do before I give the full tour but it felt really good. If you like this sort of thing subscribe to our channel or join us for more exclusive content at
6 days ago

Every so often a bunch of lovely people comes to my house to learn about Rocket Mass Heaters by building their own CottageRocket or WorkshopRocket to take home. This is the kind of fun we get up to. Join us at
1 week ago

Cleaning up after myself is my least favorite part of mud building so I wanted to share an idea I had that makes bucket cleaning go much quicker. You may notice that you can't hear anything I say while the power sprayer is going. I thought about voicing over that part but it turns out that nothing I say during that bit is particularly useful so enjoy the relaxing sounds of water drowning out my voice. Join us on if you find this sort of thing useful.
2 weeks ago

It is always fun to visit Deanne Bednar at Strawbale Studio but this install was especially fun as we FINALLY got a good heat source in  the cob and strawbale sauna we started in 2014 and got to share the CottageRocket rocket mass heater design with a whole bunch of lovely folks in Michigan. For more exclusive content join us at
1 month ago

Here we show you how to do the Shake Test, Snake Test, and Smash Test on your soil samples so you find the best mix for your cob building project. This is the quickie version. You can get the extended version for free with our Soil Testing Cheatsheet at or get it and a lot more exclusive content and support for your projects by joining us at
1 month ago
Very Tiny Houses indeed

Near my home there is a magic place called Holden Arboretum ( We regularly walk in the woods there for inspiration. Today we stumbled on this little village and there didn't seem to be anyone home so at first so I took some pictures for my memory book. Their homes reminded me of the cob and wood and stone buildings my friends and I love to build together. Join us for more exclusive natural building content at
1 month ago

We had a lovely cob oven build even though it was a cold, wet day. We managed to get the fire cooking hot enough to dry out the whole oven.
Part 2 shows you the whole oven. Join us at exclusive mud and fire content

1 month ago