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Uncle Mud (aka Chris McClellan) Uncle Mud raises free-range organic children in the wilds of suburban Ohio. The "Mud Family" uses mud and junk and work-play meetups to build cool stuff like houses, rocket heaters, pizza ovens, DIY can-do spirit and local community empowerment.
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Recent posts by Chris McClellan

Uncle Mud got a special tour of the Utah Valley Permaculture Classroom Garden in Orem Utah from founder Denise Devynck. It was supposed to be a quick 5-10 minute tour just walking through, pointing out and naming the "Utah hearty" and native edible perennial plants in this 1/8 acre suburban food forest but 40 minutes only got us through the front yard. While we were there the temperature outside this little oasis went from the mid seventies down into the fifties as a snow front made its way into the valley but the plant mass and the huge amount of water stored in this little edible landscape kept us in a bubble of even temperature. Check our Denise's work at
#permaculture #unclemud #utahpermaculture #foodforest #perennialgarden
1 month ago
Don't bother with the sand just get your clay really wet and sticky and beat in the shredded paper mechanically. Fill it with microfibers. Without sand you need a lot more fiber. Clay is just glue. It has little compressive strength and tends to expand and contract so much with humidity changes thst it csn turn itself to dust without structure (aggregate) to stick to. Fiber or sand will work as aggregate. For daube fine fiber is better than sand as aggregate.
2 months ago
For full size wattle walls I use chopped straw bedding and clay soil. For models use a kitchen aid with a dough hook and sifted clay soil. Beat in the water and let the clay hydrate then slowly add fine short shredded paper giving the paper time to hydrate too.
2 months ago
Very cool Nicole. Thank you for sharing. I like to use 1" thick "cookie" log slices for the bases of cob fairy houses we build with the kids. They look great and hold up to the abuse and are easy to reuse. You can also drill holes to hold your posts.
2 months ago
April 2-10 2024
San Quintin, Baja Norte, Mexico

A Last Minute Opportunity has come up to join Uncle Mud for a very special Rocket Heater Build on the coast of Baja California April 2-10, 2024. Learn how to use scrap metal and cob (sculpted sandy clay soil) to build super efficient wood fired rocket heaters for different uses. The Planned project includes a Rocket Heater-based tortilla cooker, water heater, and heated bench for a restaurant and glamping site being built on the water's edge outside the town of San Quintin, Mexico.

Spaces are limited to 5 people including you if you hurry. Tickets are $600 payable by Venmo or Paypal. Our host Christian Hudon will provide transportation between the US border crossing at Tijuana, Mexico a short shuttle ride from the San Diego, California Airport and our build site on the San Quintin Estuary about 3 hours south. Living accommodations on this beautiful site are quasi-primitive camping, (hot showers, drinking water and toilet facilities provided, plan on bringing your own tents and sleeping gear). Three daily meals from the local cuisine are included.
On our day off plan on kayaking in the estuary, a hike to the local volcano, an afternoon barbeque on the beach and a festive evening in town with the group.
For more information and registration email me at or call 440-221-6609
3 months ago
I was wondering what weeds might make good filler.
3 months ago
Opalyn, what do think of a quilt stuffed with some local fiber?
4 months ago