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UPDATE: I've taken M.K. Dorje Jr. Post from 11:58:48 AM 05/22/2014 to the best of my ability.
I'm not very comfortable asking for other peoples waste streams. (as an FYI) and I don't have cows.

I have 13 young hens that should start laying in the next couple of weeks,
I currently buy pine shavings to litter their coops with, as a result I end up with chicken manured pine shavings and don't really know what to do with them.
I also have lots and lots of cardboard and I am a coffee drinker.
I clean the coop out weekly.

so what I am thinking.
1. Boil cardboard in mason jar
2. Get some brown button mushrooms at the store Almond Agaricus (A. subrufescens) spawn from Field and Forest Products
3. Cut some shavings of stems and place into mason jar (do allot of jars and toss the bad ones)
3a. Seal mason jar
4. Wait 10 days

5. Oven bake (in the same oven I use to make food) Used Chicken Litter with cardboard and RO water "tacky dap" at 190 degrees for 10 mins (after pre heating) (inside of toss away tin or thrift store container)
6. Place Chicken Litter into factory new 10 gal zip lock bags
7. Add RO filter water TDS 0 to Chicken Litter until "tacky dap"
8. break up cardboard "cakes" spawn into 10 Gal zip lock bags
8a. Seal zip lock bag
9. wait 30 days? cut holes in bag
10. add water (Flush)
11. Fruit outdoors in sun in doors next to window
12. Pick and Eat mushrooms (Do step 10 again until bag is spent)
13. When bag is spent add it to my garden bed

So I just came up with this off the top of my head, please tell me what is wrong with it, so I can fix it. Thanks (I don't mind failure/learning also)
6 years ago
Should I eat these mushrooms growing on my lawn, I bought the house 5 months ago.
6 years ago
I am looking for non-powered hand tools and maintenance items for hand tools such as a way to sharpen and oil them.
I'm on 7 acres in the Pacific Northwest.
Some jobs that need to be done around here include prune plants and trees, Chop wood, break up big logs, fell trees, weeding gardens, planting seeds, collecting seeds, collecting harvest (veggie, fruit, nut) , butchering meat animals, install posts for fencing, planting trees, moving heavy objects and materials.

Please provide URLs for recommended tools where I can buy them. I do realize I may need 3 different types hoes for example.

Tools that will last a lifetime(s) when they are maintained and put away.
Tools that can be sharpened -- I'm thinking that means Carbon Steel.
Tools that are low wear on the user (such as long handle tools).

Disclaimer: I am working through the suggestions slowly, feel free to help me out by making more specific suggestions.

1. So far I feel I have processed the only Hoes I need (I'm most likely wrong), and broadfork
2. Please provide what I need to sharp and oil these hoes with, I think its just any linseed oil right?

Tool List
Rogue Hoes- 40S and 65VW
40S This narrow scuffle hoe works well in the tight places that weeds like to grow and it gets you off your knees. This one comes with a 3 1/2x3 1/2x4 inch head. 34.95

65VW This is one hoe you have been asking the widest point it is 6.50 inches wide with 3 sharp fingers which can be used like a rake...the other end comes to a sharp point and has many uses...we call it the garden hoe/rake. $39.95

Meadow Creature Broadfork an 12in and 14in
6 years ago
I am really excited about the comfrey, and not so excited about the buttercup, the buttercup is growing Everywhere that the grass layer has been broken. It is all over.
The Comfrey is currently only going in one area.
6 years ago
(I've edited this post with some of the ones identified)
What are these plants?

Unknown Volunteer plants in Aberdeen Washingon.
Unknown Plant 1: is Comfrey
Unknown Plant 2:
Unknown Plant 3:
Unknown Plant 4:
Unknown Plant 5: is Buttercup
Unknown Plant 6: is Elderberry
Unknown Plant 7: is Salmonberry
6 years ago
if you do earthworks and you create a bog, I think you can apply earthworks to create an chinampa system

Water is the solution not the problem
6 years ago
Where can I buy Gypsum by the ton? Around Aberdeen Washington?
6 years ago

R Scott wrote:General rate here is 1-2 TONS per acre, and some go higher for pelletized (as it is less likely to wash away). That is Kansas clay.

So you are looking at 1600 lbs for the low end.

OMG at 16$ for 50lbs that is $512.00 and a crap load of time.
6 years ago

R Scott wrote:This is one of those areas that a soil test may help.

Generally, it is impossible to get too much gypsum--at least around here.

How big of an area are you trying to deal with?

3301.08 m²
0.00 km²
0.82 acres
0.33 hectares
35532.51 feet²
6 years ago
My understanding of Thistles is they require 3 conditions to germinate. compaction, a large supply of nitrate and a lack of calcium.
I would like to skip over Thistles stage in the repair of my soil, I am thinking I will add Gypril (Pelleted Gypsum) or Dolomite Prilled.

I am unsure how much to add per half acre. I am located in Aberdeen Washington west of the cascades and the story around here is everyone has a lack of calcium in the soil.
Clearly one way to get just the right amount of Calcium would be to let the Thistles grow and to chop and drop them,
but I have my non-gardening reasons to just try and skip over the Thistle repair.
6 years ago