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Thank you for bumping this! I would have never found it otherwise and it's chocked full of great, local info.
2 years ago
Hi Sarah!

I actually don't know of anyone doing cob in the Ozarks. I have heard of it done in northern Missouri although I'm not sure how well it has held up over time.

I do, however, know of people building an earthbag tiny house. One near by me was built about 2 years ago, I have lost my contact info for that group but there seems to be a young couple willing to teach volunteers about this construction method. Here's there website which contains a "Contact" link for volunteers to learn. Good luck!

2 years ago
Hi Nick. Those I have found in the Ozarks were online because we're somewhat spread out. I'm in south central MO. Previously, I had a youtube channel but took it down. I plan on putting up new videos in the spring when I get this years pictures & videos for comparison.

In the meantime, here is a guy that I have enjoyed comparing systems with on youtube:

3 years ago
OK Paul, so I had to do it thru my wife's account but I put a note about it being for me . . . Hope I did it right. Ive had too many hard ciders tonight.
Paul, is it too late to add the wood burning dvds to my dvd order? Its been a long work week and I just saw your email about adding the other swag.
@Judith-- Can you tell us what muscadine you have growing near you? I'm in zone 6b like the OP and I've avoided muscadine because all the varieties I've found so far are for zones 7-10. I don't want to experiment with microclimates yet.

@Case--I moved to the Ozarks in 2012 and I did nothing the first year but observe. It seems you are already on the correct path. Water is #1 and that was your first mention. Try to store that water as high as you can so gravity can water your new plantings. I have found the best value locally (for me) was 110 gallon rubber stock tanks for $57 at the local farm store. I found some 55 gallon barrels for $20 near Springfield but that's quite a drive and the barrels had a chemical smell. Also, swales are the other part of the water equation. I even have a small one that I did myself with a shovel over my first winter here. Despite it's small size (4' wide and 1' deep) it was a noticeable positive effect.

Second, I would get some small livestock to help improve the rocky soil here in the Ozarks. I prefer geese since they require no feed when the grass is growing. Also get chickens; they are mandatory for me. Set them up in a chicken tractor around the property to improve soils, eat bugs (especially ticks), and get delicious eggs.

Third, get those support species planted this spring--goumi, black locust, autumn olive, honeylocust, comfrey, seaberry etc.

Those are very basic starting points. Hope they help--let me know if they're too rudimentary.
6 years ago
Today, I'm out in the back yard with a pick trying to dig a furrow thru the soil-laden rock for some asparagus(purple passion and jersey hybrids) and rhubarb.

So far I've planted . . . I better not start that list. I gotta go plant before I have to go back to work!
6 years ago
It sounds like your interested in specific techniques. Is that right? Your second paragraph does touch on one of the most basic techniques--using pioneer species to improve land and reduce evaporation as well as increasing mulch material.

Also, if you're shopping for land now, remember the starting point is observation. I observed my land for nearly a year before beginning to shape it--gently and slowly.

Have you seen this video before?
6 years ago

Judith Browning wrote:

Wesley Staggs wrote:I'm guessing this is Mountain View, AR?

yes, Mountain View, AR. There are Mountain Views all over, aren't there?

Yes, and it took some time for me to distinguish them from the other "Mountain _____" around

-Mountain Grove
-Mountain Home

6 years ago

Wiley Swift wrote:I'm pulling for 60, we really want to see the citrus technique.
Don't worry about the 3000, release...don't release it's your show.

I'm right there with ya. I procrastinated until it hit 57K, although I knew I had to get the DVDs anyway.