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since Jul 28, 2013
last fall I packed up my cozy little suburban household and moved to 10 acres outside of town.  next fall i hope to be neck deep home grown eggs, vegetables and compost.
McKinney, Tx
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This was such a helpful post. I'm trying to size a tractor to my 10 acres, mostly mowing, but some bucket and blade work. Thanks to all who contributed. Any suggestions on HP? I have no idea where to begin.
2 weeks ago
Great thread. I went down the rabbit hole on wind towers and found this link that sums up a lot of different concepts mentioned here. Not sure if it helps the original post, but I found it fascinating and thought I would share.
8 months ago
A previous article posted in this forum talks about a recent bill passed in Washington state legalizing human composting—also known as “liquid cremation.” According to e article the process turns human remains into soil. It may be a bit uncomfortable, but I'd love to hear more about the actual process of human composting if Elizabeth knows about it.
1 year ago

Trace Oswald wrote:

Amanda Launchbury-Rainey wrote:COMFREY COMFREY COMFREY

Are my chickens the only ones in the world that don't like comfrey?  I've tried it fresh, wilted, dried, ...  They just don't eat it.

Mine won't touch it either. I can't even get the bunnies to nibble on it. I've read that it is high in protein, but it's no help in the feed dept. so far, at least in my experience. Would love to hear more from someone who is successful feeding comfrey to critters.
1 year ago
great thread. I just want to throw this one out there, admitting that I haven't done any research on it. But I have heard of people keeping DMSO on hand for many things, but particularly intriguing is for spinal cord injury. Some of the cases I've read about use intravenous injections within an hour post trauma, but one interview I heard, the scientist said he kept it in his car, where he expected the most likely event of such an injury. He suggested that an oral dose would be just as effective. Again, not a scientist, but I keep a bottle of the topical stuff on hand for aches and pains anyway. Here's a link to the interview where it is mentioned.

4 years ago
I went soap and shampoo free 4 or 5 years ago based on the article linked below. I was embarrassed to tell anyone for the first year. Now I have no shame. I do use a spot of Dr. Bronners for the nethers. I didn't really experience any of the negative of positive effects that many claim. I still have the same amount of dandruff which comes and goes for unknown reasons. Along with diet changes though, I can say I no longer have scaly elbows/knees and no post shower itchiness episodes. Mostly I'm just thinking about how much money I have not spent on surfactants, perfumes and chemicals. Also, I'm very protective of my microbiota, so I've kept them safe and healthy.
4 years ago
Don't get me started with Dune! When i first learned of permaculture and saw greening the desert I immediately thought of Dune. There are so many parallels from Dune to permaculture. The whole Dune series is highly recommended reading for permie-minded folk.. and not just for the whole "desert planet' angle. The geoengineering, the thought patterns, elite control, spice/power dependency, monopolies.. on and on. but all that being said, if you wanted to take the Dune joke just one tiny step further, maybe call the path leading away from the parking lot "The Golden Path." Dune nerds would appreciate it, and everyone else might just think it had something to do with pee, which is also funny.
4 years ago
i moved out of the suburbs a couple of years ago onto 10 acres. i just wanted to be able to have a rooster, shoot a gun, pop fireworks, let the vegetables grow where they wish.. maybe walk around after dark in my undies without anybody called the DOMUS. i've had a lot of failures in the last 2 years, but it has been a lot of fun and has cost me less than it did in town as well. I've shared this "try 100 things and 2 will work" idea with many people as they itch their chigger bites and stare at my dead apple trees and wilted seedlings, but damn if I haven't had a surprise or two. it's all worth it when you find a huge frog living in your spinach patch or see bluebirds nesting under your eaves. i don't know if i've even tried 100 things yet, but 2 things have happened, i'm happier and all my friends would rather hang out at my place. cheers, Paul. this is the proper perspective.
So, just to clarify. Is this contest back on? is the $1000 Peaceful Valley gift certificate still in play? If so, when does the contest conclude? I was bummed to have missed the opportunity last year. Would be nice maybe to re-promote this on the daily-ish if it's still going on this year.
5 years ago
I think this is a fantastic format, and thank you for putting up the Sepp Holzer podcast gob free to the daily-ish folks. I have paid for some of the other gobs and loved them. I read along with Gaia's Garden and then listened to the corresponding podcasts as well. It's like a study group. If you ever planned to do this with the Designer's Manual, i think that would be your most popular gob. People would pay for that. I know I would. it's hard to read otherwise.