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Recent posts by Megan Palmer

The apples on our trees at the community garden used to be riddled with codling moth.  Last year we hung pheromone mating disruptor loops in all the trees prior to bud burst.

It was far more successful than expected  - it can take several years to break the cycle but combined with underplantings of comfrey and borage to encourage beneficial insects and clearing away windfalls, it worked really well.

The old loops can be left on the tree and new ones have to be hung up each year. The brand that we used are called Isomate CPlus. The are only sold in packs of 400 because they are mainly used in commercial orchards but a member of a tree crops group that I belong to buys them every year and repackages them to send to members.

Perhaps you can get a few people together to share the cost of some loops.
1 month ago

Kathy Woods wrote:   ~This site keeps kicking me off, and i have to go through signing up again~

Kathy, what is actually happening when you say that you keep getting kicked off ?

Do you mean that that you have to keep signing in?

If so, check your browser settings. You may have it set to clear your history when you close the browser, in which case you will have to log in to Permies each time that you re open the browser.

Christopher Weeks wrote:I've only grown garlic for two years, but I've been laying down two inches of wood chips over the soil after my fall-planting and have been very happy with the results. I don't see any green before spring rolls around, but then they burst forth.

Like Chris, I mulch with a thick layer of woodchips immediately after planting and the garlic emerges without any issues.

I do top up the mulch with chicken manure over the woodchips. Sometimes I use sheep pellets, other times, well rotted horse manure. Comfrey if you prefer non animal fertiliser.

My daily routine starts with a walk with our dog around the community garden. When I arrive, I let the chickens out of their enclosed cage, clean the coop, change their water and top up the feed in their automatic feeder.
I take a wander around the gardens foraging for chickweed, milkweed, comfrey etc to hang bunches in the chickens' cage.
They have a fenced enclosure and while I walk the dog, they have an opportunity to scratch around looking for bugs and worms.
There are always things to make me smile - the first spears of asparagus and winecaps popping up through the woodchips, blossoms on the fruit trees and the tiny new fruit developing.
It's a lovely way to start the day.
1 month ago
Thank you for letting us know Joseph. My deepest condolences to Dr Redhawk
1 month ago
Might have been a screen that hadn’t been refreshed - the answer written but not refreshed when submit was tapped
1 month ago
I am envious of your abundance of scampi.

I would cook them in Asian dishes, any recipe that calls for prawns, substitute your scampi.

Sweet and sour Cantonese style, fried rice, stir fried with vegetables, Thai curries in coconut milk, Indian curries - the Goan style spicy, hot sour with tamarind, Jamaican.

You already have Spain, Italy and the uk covered, a delicious way to sample ethnic cuisine from the comfort of your home.  

I will search through my food photos and see what I can find where scampi could be substituted and post here.
1 month ago
If you grow garlic or have friends that do, ask them to leave the scapes on a few plants. I keep the bulbils to feed to our chickens. The bulbils store for months and feed them to our chickens from time to time, they think that they are treats and I believe that it’s good for their gut health - certainly won’t hurt them.
1 month ago