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Recent posts by Megan Palmer

The bread pudding that we usually cook is the baked version too.  I slice and freeze leftover bread that can be processed into crumbs for making stuffing or for pudding.
No precise recipe, depends on the quantity of bread and depth of the baking dish but a minimum of 3 eggs and milk and cream beaten together.
Can be made in ramekin dishes as individual portions - great for just the two of us.
We don't sweeten the custard mixture because the sultanas and marmalade is sweet enough.
Generously butter slices of bread, spread homemade marmalade over them, sprinkle sultanas over each layer and grated nutmeg &/ cinnamon and pour over the custard.
Allow to stand so that the bread is completely softened and absorbs the custard.
Bake until golden brown in 180C oven.
4 days ago
it is highly inadvisable to eat any fungi that you have not identified 100% no matter how delicious it may be.

Some fungi can cause irreversible organ damage days or weeks after consumption and in some instances, can be fatal.

If you don't already use Inaturalist, I would highly recommend that you download the app to your phone.

You need to upload photos of the cap, underside, stipe and habitat that you found the fungi in - ie the species of tree that it was growing on or near, open pasture etc. to get an accurate identification.

You may be able to find observations in the vicinity of where you found the specimen to help you to identify it.
2 weeks ago

Pearl Sutton wrote:

My solution if I have rowdy kittens is to put the toilet paper out of their reach until they outgrow that stage.

We avoided the toilet paper wastage with the new pup by doing this so he turned his attention to the bins and chews up used tissues instead.

Our older dog must have been whispering in his ear.

I am definitely in the toilet paper from the top camp and have been known to turn the roll over if my husband puts it on the "wrong" way around!
1 month ago
What is it about toilet paper, puppies and cats?

1 month ago

Pearl Sutton wrote:For future reference, I have never had to adjust acidity when adding a bit of hot stuff to jam.  I like chile in my jam :D

Apologies in advance for hijacking your thread Constancia, however i have to mention crab apple jelly with chilies is amazing. Equally as tasty with cheese, meat or on hot buttered toast or fresh scones😋
1 month ago
can't help with your question, however in NZ tamarillos are Solanum betaceum, which are quite different to your tamarillos.
If the fruit are under ripe, they probably won't need the extra acid - the lemon juice is to help the jam to set.
You might want to gently cook the berries without adding any water and only add if really necessary as the water will also inhibit setting.
Keep us posted on how it turns out.
1 month ago