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I'm sure none of those are very good, but maybe they'll get your permpost tea (eh? eh?) flowing.
I lift weights and practice gymnastic movements on suspended rings. I'm currently working towards a one-arm pull-up.
4 years ago
Thanks to Ben for spending some time to help the rest of us understand a valuable tool. Looking forward to implementing these ideas into the broader pattern.
5 years ago
I give this book 8/10 acorns

Review by Chance Lunceford

I read this book because it was a textbook in a free permaculture lecture series done in a classroom setting at University of North Carolina under the tutelage of Will Hooker (who's garden is shown on the cover of the book.) I appreciated the ways in which Toby Hemenway brings to life through pictures and examples of applied principles. The book builds upon itself as it progresses, with the beginning of the book as a sort of showcase for the beginning gardener, and the end of the book providing ideas and practical advise to move towards food forest production. The book is also very helpful in that it contains many lists and tables of plants and partners, so those unfamiliar with the diversity and application of diverse species can begin to understand the relationship between different plants from canopy to root. While this book is not going to be exceedingly helpful to those already quite familiar with the principles and practices of permaculture, there is a broad and balanced introduction within the pages for those who are less familiar with the ideas of permaculture, and serves as a perfect port for those wishing to set sail into the oceans of patterns and harmony while never being to preachy or absurd. I have leant this book to folks who are desirous of beginning their first garden, and those who are tired of all the work and money that goes into traditional suburban landscape management, and all to hearty welcome. Add it to your library, it is well worth the dough, and even the veteran will find the occasional gem that they had not pondered before.
6 years ago
So exciting to see a master coming to town. I live in Utah, and there is a growing movement to bring permaculture to the masses here. I love to share little tips with my neighbors about how to improve their land and lifestyle. I have blown their minds with my hugelkultur mounds, and my water harvesting strategies. i love to see the look on someone's face when that "AHA" moment occurs, and they realize how much time and money they have been wasting with traditional gardening and land management practices. Long live the soil!
6 years ago