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Recent posts by Henry Jabel

r ranson wrote:

Henry Jabel wrote:Most modern ones dont last longer than 3-4 years.

That's bad news.  
I've never had a kettle last less than 8 years.  This one lasted 9 but it burnt me yesterday when the handle got hot and melted a bit.

Go buy something from late mid to late 90's at the latest then (pre everything being made in China), you can still find them on Ebay.  Infact thanks to you I searched and have a replacement heating element for my kettle! It is an impossible task to replace them in a modern kettle and yet these old kettles achieved it with a few screws and a few minutes of your time. You have to love the idea of progress and simply chucking the whole item away instead.
5 hours ago
I bought a russel hobbs k3 off ebay because my parents old one lasted for about 20 years. Most modern ones dont last longer than 3-4 years.
7 hours ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:

Inge Leonora-den Ouden wrote:. . . Do the 'youth hostels' also allow guests . . . who are not 'youth' anymore? . . .

Yes (except in Bavaria), as long as you think “young” You get 10% off web bookings if you are a member. The selection and availability of YHs is poor because of COVID at present. Look on www.yha.org.uk.

Yeah they do indeed cater for all ages and the reason why they were good is they were used to have a stock of fairly unusual old buildings (though sadly this was starting to change when I left). So I guess with covid all the interesting ones are closed, because its hard to socially distance on a wonky 17th century staircase that can only take one person at a time.
3 days ago
Compared to the Netherlands it's not good and the new cycle paths they have tried to put in are mostly inadequate. However its not all bad you can cycle on bridleways (basic roads where cars are not allowed) and you can still find quiet roads in the countryside. Just avoid rush hour times if you can, outside the commuters rushing around in thier expensive cars most people drive fairly sensibly.

For camping try searching on Couchsurfing website (we have had people here for that -so your welcome to come here in Broadway too!) also some youth hostels like the yha where I worked had a camping option (you just needed to call them because it wasnt always 'officially advertised').
4 days ago
Stroud in Gloucestershire is another town to add to the list. Lots of environmental/organic activism there the uk biodynamic association is based there is a permaculture LAND site in the town.

East Meon in Hampshire has the sustainability centre which was set up by Maddie Harland who also started Permaculture Magazine:


There is the Centre for alternative technology in Wales:


There is more just the ones I can think of to begin with!
4 days ago
So I have decided I will be ending this round of the competition after a month. So after 8th Oct there will be a winner. After that there will be a new prize so keep posting new and interesting threads!
4 days ago

Nicole Alderman wrote:
Am I right in assuming that it's not just posts in this thread, but also new threads (and posts in other threads) in this forum, right?

Yes as the idea is to make this part of Permies better not just this thread. From an analytics point of view U.K and Ireland I would assume would be pretty high after the U.S perhaps even second? But because this sub forum was added not long ago it kind of gets ignored, and then no one posts in a quiet forum beacsuse they want there post read... and so this continues... ad infinitum. So it's an effort to try to change that.
1 week ago

Inge Leonora-den Ouden wrote:Is it only for people living in the UK / Ireland?

(you know, we here in the Netherlands love free stuff ... )

No its for anyone if its a digital give away (I am contemplating tangible items if this goes well). Just post it in this forum. Lets just point out the idea is to promote more discussion and eyeballs to this forum. So as of writing this, just posting a new thread would put you in the lead! Climate is similar to the Netherlands and the lattitude can be the same so you have an advantage for discussion there Inge.  
1 week ago
In an effort to get some more posts and conversation going here I am going to give away some stuff to the best post in this U.K and Ireland forum. To kick us off will be a free gift code for the 'Building a Better World in Your Backyard - instead of being angry at bad guys eBook'

My decision is final -Its my competition!
The closing date will be when I remember to close it.

So get posting!
2 weeks ago
I lost all of mine when I forgot to dig them up too. Oca oxalis is another andean tuber that is much more resilient to cold and tastes like potato with sour cream, best roasted in my opinion.
2 weeks ago