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Recent posts by Henry Jabel

Same as before...see here you win stuff for posting interesting things in the Uk and Ireland forum...

This time you can win a code for: World Domination Gardening 3-DVD set as HD instant view

I shall annouce the winners: when i finish my Tax return! So thats not later than the the end of January!

Anyone can enter just needs to be posted in this forum.
4 days ago
Milk Thistle , Berberine rich plants: Oregon Grape, Japanese barberry. Burdock, Dandelion, Cleavers, Chichory, There is more but that all I can think of off the top of my head.
4 days ago
The auracarias are looking great. Rather jealous! Lots of other plants from South America you can try as you only get -5C and of course if you have the space!
4 days ago
Is it a named cultivar or not? Personally I wouldnt bother growing the normal version as the fruits are small almost inedible and are difficult to remove from the plant. I leave my normal ones for the birds but they dont even seem to eat many of them, so I will take them out eventually and replace them with the cultivated suckers.

If its a  named cultivar it can tell you if its male or female.
1 week ago
I don't know much about animal bedding so feel free to disregard this idea but could leaves be an alternative? Obviously not something sharp like holly or toxic but deciduous leaves perhaps linden, beech or oak that are mostly brown by now so the animals dont eat them. Regardless they make a good mulch, after a dodgy bag of compost (like Charles Dowding highlights) I am wary to bring many external inputs into my garden.
2 weeks ago

paul wheaton wrote:I think you are saying that it could be a gift to your clients?

Yes, infact I encouraged them to pass it on too. So they said they would send it to their relatives in South Africa after. I have given some more to other local businesses aswell for example a local cider maker and a local builder.
I have given mine to my gardening customers, my local farm, my family I was also planning to send some to the local government people (ideally one each but i dont think i have enough now).
Winners: Purple mooseage me your preference. I can then send you the code or book if the address is provided.
1 month ago
I will be brief as my keyboard has died and writing on the on screen one isn't fun. Charli Wilson gets a choice of the book in physical/audio/ebook format and Inge can have a code for either audio/ebook. Thanks for all your posts more information on the next stage when i don't have to type with a mouse!
1 month ago
I say screw the conventional advice on this one, when it comes to rasberrries I tell all my customers 'if it's brown cut it down'. Eventually you will work out which ones are dead by looking at them but they tend to be old brown and woody the whole stem is dead so it all comes out. That way you dont accidently cut the summer fruiting ones and I seem to get a longer more spread out season with the autumn ones if they are left alone.
1 month ago