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13 acres in extreme rural Montana 100% off grid since 1983. Solar and micro hydro. Summer time piggy farmer. Restoring 2000-04 Subaru outbacks wagons for fun and a little profit. Not quite old enough to retire YET but closing on it fast... until then I must occasionally leave Paradise "home" and run large construction cranes on union job sites across the inland northwest. I make (Well try) A-2 A-2 cheese, I love cooking with my wood smoker for everything! Would not live anywhere else but rural Montana ! My wife Liz runs "Rocks by liz" a successful Etsy store and we have a summer booth at the Missoula peoples market. We currently breed and raise persian cats but are about to retire all the girls and let them be happy kittys for the remainder of their days.Oh and my biggest thing is... I LOVE MY RMH !
latitude 47 N.W. montana zone 6A
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Recent posts by thomas rubino

Hi John;
One might think so, but not at all!
I'm already very blessed with what I do have, it's more than most.

I'm very happy for Shawn and hope I can help him get his system up & working perfectly!

10 hours ago
Hi Simone;
Matt Walker has plans for sale.
Here is a link to his site

Or we can give you the dimensions and help guide you thru building your own.
12 hours ago
A bit before my time.
But this must have been one heck of a party!
1 day ago
Fluffy shows us  kitty rule# 37
The BOX is king
1 day ago
Hi Tomke;
If your chimney is of adequate diameter  (15 cm or larger and in good repair).
And it is located inside your building rather than exposed to the outside temps.
You can utilize it with no problems.

The chimney sweep that comes to your moms, is he sweeping her chimney?
Is it a combined chimney with your home?
Are there other people using the chimney or is this a private residence?
Is a chimney inspection / cleaning an official requirement?

The bright side of this, IF inspections, are not required.
A properly built RMH burned properly will not have any creosote to clean.  You will not need a chimney sweep in the future!
Maybe Mom needs an RMH as well?

Hi Tomke;
When you live in a town with watchful authority and most likely nosy neighbors your only choice is to be sneaky...
Not that I'm encouraging you to ignore the law but sometimes that may be the only way you can accomplish your goals.
However, be prepared to accept the consequences if you are exposed...  

An existing chimney is the only way you might avoid notice by others.
If your home does not have an existing chimney then I'm afraid you will be noticed by many if you attempt to install one.
In the US, I have heard of folks living in high-rise buildings where RMHs have been built with a horizontal chimney.
The "Crest law" would not allow you to get away with that design, and there can be wind issues with a horizontal chimney.

A properly built RMH once it is running will have little to no smoke exiting the chimney.
Steam is very common from damp wood.  This simulates a clothes dryer vent and any discharge will dissipate quickly and will not smell like wood smoke.
If only the authority's understood that ALL wood burners need to be as efficient as an RMH.
Then their concerns about air pollution would be groundless.

I believe we have had folks in Germany with successful RMH builds but they were located out of town.
Hi Scott;
I agree with Glen.
Putting the chimney thru the roof as near the peak as possible is your best plan.
Fluffy's cousin  Chownocumlate in Pyongyang contemplates her choices.
2 days ago
Hi Dick;
When I say to raise the core on flat bricks.
Not a solid base but just enough to support the core with plenty of air gaps for cooling.
3 days ago
Hi Dick;
I would stop your build now and consider raising that whole core and cement board on clay bricks laid flat.
Sitting tight to the floor, that core will burn thru the cement board after? one season maybe two? After that, it's your flooring itself that chars.
If you raise your whole core build 2.5" or so, then your flooring is safe.
If left as is, you will have trouble down the line.
After the core the temps are low enough that you could sit cement board on your flooring if needed.
3 days ago