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paul wheaton wrote:We have made arrangements for the first three stretch goals!

$50,000: Mike oehler’s greenhouse book (in DM)
$55,000: The movie “Living the Change” by Happen Films
$60,000: David The Good’s Book “Compost Everything”

Each of these will be for the people that support the kickstarter at $100 or higher.

More news soon!

You, sir, are quite good at convincing me to bump up my support.
4 months ago
This is the kind of voting I can get behind
Congrats Paul on launching another awesome Kickstarter!
5 months ago
Paul, I think this is an excellent idea! Especially since I have money to put towards the Kickstarter!

BTW, I thought the rewards and stretch goals for your previous Kickstarter were great!
5 months ago
Just looked at it again and realized that the right-most column (top forums) already has little boxes around each forum category. I do like that.
First thought when the page loaded was "Oh, wow" (in a good way.)
I like the menu buttons on the left.
Everything within the wooden background feels neat and tidy.

The content without the wooden background does look a little confusing at first glance.
There seems to be three main sections in that area: "Best ...", "Most recent", and "Top forums". I think if they had a little more distinction from each other (maybe a border or different color schemes than the alternating 2-tone currently used, or even larger headings) they would be more readily understood.

Overall I really like the direction it is going. Keep up the good work!
Backed it! It was the first thing I did this morning after waking up (I'm in Okinawa, Japan).
I backed the previous RMH project and can't wait to see what all is in this new one
Thank you Paul for putting this out there for us!
5 years ago
I've been stationed in Japan for several months and have over a year left before returning to the States. I stumbled upon this site in January of 2013 and have loved reading through all the great info people share. I even contributed to the most recent Kickstarter.
Anyway, after only being able to read about growing things I finally found a patch of dirt on base where no one goes and started my own mini-garden! So far all I have are some onions and garlic, but I hope to venture back into town and find someplace that sells seeds. That's the hard part since I don't read Japanese, lol.
Anxiously awaiting my return State-side so I can really dig into this permaculture stuff
6 years ago