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Recent posts by Monte Cook

No email received and didn't receive anything from the fine folks at Kickstarter.  Checked my junk and nothing there either.  Checked the card that I used and I see $250 to Kickstarter.  I've had a Permies account for a while and no change to the email.

Please advise - I am excited to absorb the presentations and thanks for infecting brains!
Zach - thanks for putting this together! It was an AMAZING experience and I was glad to be a part of it.

Linda and Chris - thanks for hosting this and putting with all of us traipsing all over your place!

Sepp, Judith and the rest of the folks at PermaVitae - VIELEN DANK for everything you do and for sharing it with us!!

Paul, thanks for infecting my brain with Sepp Holzer!

To my spectacular classmates - thanks for sharing this event and showing us your projects and ideas! Hope to see you all in Dream Land ("Traum Land") very soon - let's plan a reunion when it happens!

Emily, Tony, PD, Graham, Brenda, Uncle Warren and a whole bunch of other volunteers and operators - thanks for the heavy lifting - literally!!!

6 years ago
Another thing for you to consider! Unless you are absolutely sure of the feed source for the horses producing the manure and whether or not it has been sprayed, you should be very concerned about residual herbicides and might want to bioassay the manure before incorporating it into your beds. For instructions on the bioassay technique, see page 5 of the MT Herbicide Carryover Booklet. In several Podcasts, Paul has discussed the very long term nature of much of the toxic gick out there. Contaminated manure has spoiled many gardens around here.
6 years ago
Any chance of joining on 3/22 & 3/23? Friday's out for me (unless a miracle happens at work) and I would be driving over from south central Montana.
6 years ago
If one were contemplating signing up for this intensive, what is the minimum knowledge set that one should have under their belt in order to partipate? If there is no specific prerequisite requirement; at a minimum, what do you suggest participants read, listen to or view so as to be best prepared for Sepp Holzer's visit.
6 years ago
Went to the MENF in Puyallup, WA in June and enjoyed every bit of it. I paid for the full weekend ticket at the gate and felt it was worth every penny. The schedule was jam packed with break-out sessions, demonstrations, keynote speakers and a bunch of awesome vendors (don't forget the book table too).

Permaculture was pretty well represented. In fact, I was able to purchase my first two black locust trees and rosa rugosa (and hauled 'em all the way back to Montana) from one of the break-out presenters (Shambala Permaculture Farm, Camano Island, WA).

KUDOS to Mother Earth for putting on such a well organized informative event.

The only thing missing was the Duke of Permaculture - Paul Wheaton. Paul's people need to "call" ME's people and arrange Paul's keynote for next year's fairs. Perhaps some of the squires of permaculture from the Duke's laboratory, project or basecamp could teach breakout sessions and/or man a booth.
7 years ago
I am over those mountains east of you and would be most interested in what you plan on selling in the spring. I would rather buy local and from someone in the craft.
Sitting here at Double Front Chicken in FABULOUS downtown MISSOULA,MONTANA, might I suggest a revision of "The Project" to "Paul's Permaculture Proving Ground (PPPG)". Been thinking about this for awhile - it has cachet, rolls off the tounge nicely and shows Paul's dominion and authority over an important experiment and empire!

For purposes of establishing my bona fides - I have less than a hand full of podcasts to listen to before I can say I've listened to ALL OF 'EM.
7 years ago

Thanks for all the encouragement and enthusiasm! Absolutely interested in your sauce recipe and techniques!

I am still hoping that some Holzerian or Wheatonian experts join us in this endeavor, or even anyone that's attempted this.

7 years ago
Bone Sauce SOS - part deux!

OK - hate to reply to my own post, here goes! Uncovered the pot this AM and you see what I cooked up - just looks like brown (somewhat foul smelling) oil. The bones weren't charred after 6 hours of direct fire and and a few more in the coals.

To any experts out there, is this the desired result and consistency? Am I good to go painting trees? Does it need to age?

Just a quick field observation and this might be good news - the dogs seem to be giving the bones and sauce wide berth and they spent the better part of two days trying to get the bones. Here's to hoping!
7 years ago