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Recent posts by Richard Gorny

My small homestead is a demo site as well, so I have all kinds of garden beds mentioned above, except biointensive. I would add one more to the list above - strawbale bed. It is so easy to set up and it can be set up anywhere.

I also use rows of grow bags, but it is not exactly a garden bed, but very effective. Basically it is all about zones - the closer to the house, the smaller and more labor intensive garden beds.
Auction the books for a charity cause.
Leave one in a bus / train /taxi.
Take books to annual seed exchange.
Use books as rewards in a contest (through your FB page, website, school).
Donate books to a raffle reward pool.
Make book a free gift when you sell / auction your stuff.
If you are really shy, leave a book on a door step, knock and run away ;)
Just to let you know that my soil is almost pure sand and I never add any amendments to planting holes. All I do is to add some compost and wood chip mulch on top around a planted tree or bush. I always plant in autumn in order to give a plant time to develop strong roots over winter. In such conditions my haskaps are doing very well, but as I have sadi before they required a couple of years to establish. It is all about strong root system and planting in autumn.
3 months ago
I have a set of 3 x 200W flexible solar panels, 1500W inverter and 2 x 120Ah batteries plus a small 20 Ah battery. It easily goes into a small car and I can have my own power anywhere I go. All my tools are either hand tools or electric. I can cahrge electric tools anywhere where sun shines, and during the night from the big batteries. Small battery serves mostly to power movable water pump that allows me to pump water anywhere. This set is plenty to provide light, charge laptop and other electronics, keep the fridge running. For cooking, I have two solar ovens, outdoor stove and wood stove inside. A big Kuznietsov mass heater keeps the house warm. Rainwater tanks hold 7 cubic meters of water and they have a solar pump as well. The only thing at the moment I'm unable to use in case of power outage is my well pump as it needs 3kW and 380V. This is not a big deal since I have many sources of water. Power outages here are not very frequent but happen every few months and average time until it is fixed is 9 hours (the longest so far was 2 days). Honestly, it doesn't make a big trouble.
3 months ago

paul wheaton wrote:I think this is a fun image from the media kit:

Very appropriate and convincing for our climate! :)
5 months ago
Please forgive me if I'm just dumb, but I cannot find greywater part on presented drawings. When you talk abut it in the video (great one!) I would love to see where greywater enters the structure, what happens to it and how it leaves it (or not to hear about greywater at all, then I would focus on tomatoes). ;)
5 months ago
Perhaps using a classic, millenia old solution for chariots, horse carts and similar "vehicles" would work?

5 months ago
I will make a small contribution as always.
5 months ago

"Sorry, our digital market products are for sale only in the US at this time."

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