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Gah, should have said that my bonus selection (and number 1 selection) is.....

5. porta kitchen (outdoor kitchen on skids). Plus the j-tube rocket stove enhancement to make it an outdoor, portable canning kitchen. 3 dvds.
7 years ago
Based on your DVD-what would you fund- post, Here are my four choices:

1. Earthworks, ponds, swales, hugelkultur, tefa. How to shape land to be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. 3 DVDs.
2. Introducing a creek where there currently is no creek. 4 dvds.
3. Paddock shift and chickens. Including stuff to plant, portable coops, breeds, tricks and tips .... 3 dvds /paddock shift for pigs. 2 dvds
4. farmstead meatsmith pork. 3 dvds / farmstead meatsmith beef. 2 dvds / farmstead meatsmith poultry. 3 dvds

I hope that counts as 4 choices and not as 7

Since you're the mastermind behind this, I'd think of what DVDs would work as a series, and start with the beginning. For example, I'd buy the "introducing the creek" dvd immediately, however, it might make more sense to do a video set on Earthworks, ponds, swales, etc. knowing that it is a primary building block for "introducing a creek." Or that Paddock shift pork might make more sense to do before farmstead meatsmith pork.
7 years ago
residual income streams / how to get out of the rat race

I like that one. I'm in the process of figuring this one out and living the life I want to live! It'd be good to get some inspiration and I'm sure some other people would think that, too.
Does anyone have suggestions for high content quality podcasts about homesteading? I currently listen to Paul's podcast (though he's not doing much now with the lab project going on) and The Survival Podcast (though Jack gets into talking about silver a bit more than I'm interested in). I've tried a couple other homesteading podcasts, but haven't found anything of the quality of Paul or Jack's work. Does anyone else have suggestions? I've also enjoyed Jason Akers' The Self-Sufficient Gardener, but he hasn't been updating podcasts lately as he's been working on some new books.

7 years ago

(I hope Paul doesn't think I'm a feeble-minded nitwit.)

You should probably be more worried about whether or not God thinks you're a feeble-minded nitwit rather than whether Paul does. No offense, Paul.
7 years ago

paul wheaton wrote:I think everybody should have received an email by now from the shipper. Did you?

I don't think I did. I searched my email history, but all I found were responses from the kickstarter, but nothing from the shipper. I filled out the survey when it was sent, too... hrm.
7 years ago
I still have not received my 4 DVDs from the kickstarter. Should I just hold tight and not be so anxious?
7 years ago
Ahhhhhh!!! ste-PH-en!!! (Still pronounced "steven", but the last name is "boo" (like a ghost) and "-blitz" (like a linebacker). Imagine a nice german umlaut over the "u"...)

Also, thanks for using my questions, Paul! Very much looking forward to listening to this one.