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Jeremy Baker

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since Feb 19, 2013
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Keen student of Nature. World traveler. Managed properties, permaculture sites, nature guiding, plant nursery and propagation, energy efficient design and heating, solar technology, electric vehicles. Building a custom RV to see as much of N. America and Central Anerica as possible.
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Recent posts by Jeremy Baker

Thanks for the helpful and practical suggestions…A very interesting situation is developing. Reminds me of the Chinese curse…”may your life be interesting”. . Maybe this new urgent energy crisis will be a wake up call. But it might just be hard on the poor while the wealthy continue living wastefully. .…We are continuing the discussion about moving to a smaller house but I fear we are running out of time to prepare. So we will do short term solutions. Heating only the room we are using. I insulated my van and can shelter inside if needed. Hopefully it will be a mild winter for everyone and a new approach to energy will emerge.
3 weeks ago
If your stove has a lot of mass and it gets so hot it damages plastic in a slab under it then you  have other problems. The entire thing is dangerously hot. You should be fine as long as you don’t go overboard firing your mass heater. Use lots of mass and the heat should conduct in all directions and away from the the floor.
4 weeks ago
I already want to buy a spare well pump and start collecting loads of backup supplies. Maybe I’m a Prepper at heart lol. Are soft start pumps worth the extra expense? Does it make any sense to place a tank next to the pump house and then use a smaller booster pump to supply the house and yard? I still feel insecure without any stored water in the desert. I have a 55 gallon stainless steel barrel. I could simply fill it and call it good. I’ll bring the Berkey water filter I haven’t tried out yet as well. .
Oh,  I found out the well is 220 feet deep but it doesn’t say where the pump is placed. The seller thought it was at 80 feet. Memory is so fickle isn’t it. He thought the well was 136 feet deep.
 I have a new 24 volt, 900 watt, permanent magnet  wind turbine I never installed in Washington due to low wind. Maybe it will find a home at last. There will be many solar and wind experiments there soon knowing me. Solar air heaters for the house might make a lot of sense. Anything to save energy.
4 weeks ago
Douglas……that’s the direction I’m leaning. Solid fuel stove. My partner is intending to have a shipping container of her possessions shipped back to America. So I could use a nice pellet stove here temporarily then ship it in the shipping container. Otherwise we are stuck in the powerless position of being renters and I’m done improving properties for my landlords then walking away holding the empty bag. The house we rented had no kitchen. My partner spent $7000 for a simple kitchen and may have to walk away from it after only using it for 2 years. Because rentals are often very long term in Germany no kitchen is common on new constructed rental houses.
4 weeks ago
We called the water company that tested the well. They said it passed the test and flowed between 7-10 gpm. What does this mean? Is that adequate. It sounds pretty good. I think they decided what pump to use. Thanks
4 weeks ago
Michael…..I have a 2400 watt Outback inverter and Outback FM80 charge controller. I used for 7 years in my Motorhome and it still works. I’d like a bigger inverter for the new homestead. So I’m not sure what the old unit will be used for. The old unit is a grid tie model GTFX 2400 so we could get into discussing off grid vs grid tie in regards to the well and homestead.
The old Outback inverter is a sealed model. My friend drilled vent holes in his sealed Outback inverter and it raised the output to 3800 watts. His is still working 16 years later. Dust storms are aissue where we are moving so perhaps sealed is good.
 Fantastic unistrut rack! Inspiring. Do you bother with tilting or only rotating? Is it manually operated? I like ground mounted panels if there is space. Roof mounted are so difficult to install, clean, test, etc. And I plan to spend as little time on roofs as possible. Where we are going space is abundant.
 David…..I have a much clearer idea of well maintenance now thanks. When I get there I’d like to get busy testing it and cleaning out the sediment. The seller installed a sediment trap before the pressure tank. I’ll try using what we have before spending money on a new pump, tanks, etc. However the idea of a slow pump running from direct solar does still intrigues me. Ranches use a lot of these systems for stock tanks.  But they have no other choice. I saw a overflowing stock tank nearby. I’m not sure if it was on a spring or pump. Maybe there’s a hidden spring on our land haha. Dream on. Too bad the DC pumps are so expensive.
 I just now remembered that ranches and homesteads used windmill pumps for years also. Are they also a form of slow pump? Is this a viable alternative. How would I know if there’s enough wind. Also years ago I read the rural electrification project installed many Jacobs wind turbines. They were heavy duty generators that still have a following. Now I’m curious to see if there is much wind there. About 5 weeks until I’m there.

4 weeks ago
I’d like a rocket mass heater that can be adapted to burn corn, pellets, or firewood. I’m inspired enough to ask around the area to see if anyone supplies low grade corn. I learned that xylitol is extracted from the corn cobs. But they don’t have as much oil energy as kernels for burning?
 Thanks for the suggestions. Typhoon neighbor came over to help explain our bill from the utility. His job is brokering biogas as a alternative to natural gas and he seems calm. Not looking for backup heat. But it would be great to see more appropriate technology. I have seen a few Swedish, Russian, and German Mass stoves in homes. Not sure how they compare to a rocket mass heater in efficiency.
1 month ago
Following. Sounds interesting. We are getting ready to purchase land somewhere. We would be interested in being adjacent to eachother on legally owned properties and helping eachother out. Thanks.
1 month ago
Jack and Michael……Thanks for the information. We are trying to find the the well inspection results. It was done as a condition of the sale but was mailed to the wrong address. I’ll get back to you shortly when/if we find it. I won’t be to the location for a month to test the well myself.
I think the well is only a 2-4 years old. The seller added a pressure tank and a sediment filter for the house.
I dont have a lot of experience with wells. What is involved in the “well inspection”? If I understand correctly they run the pump for a certain amount of time and measure flow. Is that all there is to it?  Now Ithink about it they might see if flow goes down or stops?
Maybe it just needs flushing out every month or so? . I think the seller mentioned 4 gpm but I need to double check.
 I will see if this pump is damaged by sediment then consider the alternatives. This is the beginning of a new project managing water at a desert permaculture site. And utilizing solar in a region with 300 days of sunshine.
 Michael, thanks for the link, and your solar sounds great. I’m super into solar and excited to build a new system. I have a old system I can bring with me that has 2400 watts of Evergreen panels. Not very efficient panels.but perhaps I could power the well with it. I’d like to build a bigger new system for the house and for charging a EV. Or I could use the old system for the shop. Not sure how it will shake out yet. The shop might have a rain catchment system. Lots to consider regarding water management.
 I read about someone who pumps water out of septic to water his trees in S. California. Interesting idea.
1 month ago