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since Feb 19, 2013
Keen student of Nature. World traveler. Managed properties, permaculture sites, nature guiding, plant nursery and propagation, energy efficient design and heating, solar technology, electric vehicles. Building a custom RV to see as much of N. America and Central Anerica as possible.
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Recent posts by Jeremy Baker

Update? Is this Permaculture project ongoing? I hope so, it sounds like a positive experience.
2 days ago
Hi, you’re on a good path by the sounds of it. Good things come to those who wait. Peace and blessings
I need one ebike that works for several purposes (transportation, hauling work, and gravel roads as well as paved roads).  Interested in a electric assist cargo mtn bike presently. I’m extra tall and not as fit as I used to be so need large frame, suspension, lots of gearing, comfort, and affordability. And lots of power assist. Not asking for too much is it lol.
Ive been dubious about the quality of inexpensive kits and daunted by the price of quality kits. I can compromise on a mid-range mid-quality kit and perhaps build my own battery to save money. But I don’t know which kit. I know a strong rear wheel is important for what I want to do. I like to do wildcrafting so will be out in the woods a lot. Up logging roads and dirt tracks. Any suggestions are appreciated.
The ebike will also be alternative transportation to my school bus. I cannot tow a car (and I’d rather not own a car) as sometimes I’m towing a cargo trailer with solar energy equipment, kayak, tools, generator, etc. The ebike will hopefully hide inside the cargo trailer away from prying eyes. Bike theft is prevalent unfortunately.
I wish I could try out some kits. Do bike shops let people ride them? Maybe I can rent a cargo ebike for a weekend somewhere?
1 week ago
Ive not made bone sauce but if memory serves it’s a deer repellant made by cooking bones down. Popularized by September Holzer and others.
1 week ago
I’m not sure how to keep deer out. Some say bloodmeal. Some say bone sauce. In S. Oregon was the tallest poison oak I’ve ever seen. Ten feet tall. Just right for a hedge lol. I wonder if anyone has ever used it to keep humans out.
I salvaged red alder seedlings from a tilled field. I wanted a hedge to grow very fast and provide shade and mulch. I harvested the red alders after a few years and the dwarf cedars were starting to fill in. There were power lines near the hedge I planted so the alders had to be removed anyway. Another super fast and free mulch tree is black cottonwood. Push branches into the ground and they grow. But be aware, if they get too big and tall they can be expensive to cut down.
1 week ago
Some say hazelnuts may not produce in heavy soils. Don’t know how accurate this is. I planted four varieties in a wet area but moved so don’t know if they are producing now. But they were growing very well.
I wouldn’t consider a charge controller that isn’t fully adjustable. The advanced menu is accessible when connected to a computer with Victron controllers. Ive watched videos but have not done it myself. I can adjust the setpoints and parameters of my Outback and Midnite Solar charge controllers without a computer. A computer is required to update the firmware on all advanced charge controllers that I know of.
1 week ago
Great ideas! I experimented planting a 600’ wild homestead hedge along a busy road. I tried to use mostly native plants and edible or useful plants. There is a shortage of native evergreen broadleaf plants in the temperate PNW, Oregon and Washington. But there’s lots of conifers. And native trees and shrubs are available cut-rate at the annual conservation plant sale held by the Conservation District.
One of the biggest issues I’m having with wild hedges and food forests is they were blackberry magnets where I lived. I had a hard time keeping up with the blackberry thinning. I’d love to work in another hedge and food forest but don’t want to create a maintenance issue. Also if it gets grown over with blackberries it would be a big waste of effort. I mowed and hand pulled blackberries. But if health issues prevent one from keeping up then it’s discouraging. I’m thinking I’ll do a small hedge and food forest so it doesn’t get overwhelming. Keep the scale manageable is my advice for hedges and food forests. Know your limits. I was on my own. It would be nice if it was a community effort.
1 week ago
Crossed paths with a 3’ rattlesnake this Spring in the Okanagan. It buzzed to warn me which was appreciated. I only see one every 5-10 years it seems. This one was in the trees far from rocks but good rodent habitat. Ive noticed them near rodents mostly.
2 weeks ago
Fun stuff! This 3D concept reminds me of “stacking functions”. If multipurpose structures can also serve as photovoltaic energy sources then there’s stacking happening. The “solar paint” dream is a example of taking the concept to another level. Many 3D objects could become solar collectors. Integrated systems have always fascinated me. The “cradle to grave” embodied energy would be invested in more functions. A tree provides many many functions. It’s covered in solar panels that are 3D.
2 weeks ago