Jeremy Baker

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since Feb 19, 2013
Keen student of Nature. World traveler. Managed properties, permaculture sites, nature guiding, plant nursery and propagation, energy efficient design and heating, solar technology, electric vehicles. Building a custom RV to see as much of N. America and Central Anerica as possible.
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Recent posts by Jeremy Baker

Ive never used a donut spare so am not speaking from experience. But they might hold up for a lightweight vehicle. I’d love to have them for around the farm. Even better might be on a neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV) but that might not be legal or safe. I wish NEV’s were legal in my town and had caught on with drivers.
1 week ago
What a fun recipe!! I don’t use my oven but could make it on the stove top or in a Dutch oven. Thanks
1 week ago
What a lovely garden, house, and surroundings. Thanks for posting the pictures. I’d love to help out when I’m in the area. I visited two Permaculture sites in Wester Colorado 3 years ago last time I was in the Southwest. I’m planning to take my small bus there again as soon as we get a handle on the corona virus situation. Please give us a update.
2 weeks ago
Unfortunately the OP did not include any contact information. Ive noticed this happens frequently. If they do not use computers much they might not ever one back. Please include a email address. Thanks
2 weeks ago
Update? Where did you go? Hawaii is gorgeous. Tennessee is gorgeous. We drove up from S. Florida to check it out and look a properties. But I ended up moving back to Washington state. I’m looking for a homestead Permaculture site to help out at this Winter in S. Cal or Arizona. I have a small school bus so just need a place to park. I’m really wanting to put some trees in the ground and build solar energy systems.
2 weeks ago
Lovely lady and amazing landscape. Good healthy work. Who could ask for more. If only I was 10-20 years younger I would be putting my energy where my dreams are to make it happen. I’m a Brit that was raised in Africa but now in the US. Not by my choice. My Dad brought me here 45 years ago. I’m deciding where I want to live now.  There’s Hawaii if Down Under doesn’t work out. Best wishes.
2 weeks ago
How’s it going over yonder?  Any updates. What have you figured out? Thanks
2 weeks ago
I just stumbled onto this industrial material surplus yard. Good thing it’s not close to me or I’d be spending a lot of cash there. This high temperature insulation looks interesting. I’m not sure what it’s rated for. Apparently they have several warehouses around the country but headquarters is in Illinois.
2 weeks ago
Earth Muffins Unite lol.....seriously, thanks for the video link, I enjoyed the positive spin on taking action for the ecosystems. It reminds me of a few things, such as deep ecology and rewilding. Ive long dreamed of being a defender and restorer of the Earth. I like that they spoke about it being healing for the humans involved as well as the Earth.
It’s interesting that some of the most intact and unmolested Earth is now owned by millionaires and billionaires. Ordinary people are scrabbling to subsist while utilizing and enabling commodification of the Earth. I live on a working farm on the urban-rural interface and watch it everyday. It also reminds me of a talk, The Rural-Urban Interface, I attended with Wendell Berry and other notable authors. And another watchdog organization, Mangrove Action Network, covering another important interface. Mangroves are sometimes cleared for palm oil plantations and shrimp farming.
I remember talk about monetizing nature and bringing it into the capitalistic system. A frog would be worth $289 in ecological services I remember reading somewhere. Capitalism needs to continue to evolve.
What about camps of national service personnel?. We have Americorps and Washington Conservation Corps now but I’m thinking of a much bigger program. Gap year people between high school and college could learn healthy and positive skills while regreening the Earth. Maybe be rewarded with college money. I think that’s how Americorp works but it seems much too underfunded and small to me. We need something big IMHO.
It also reminds me of a person in Bangladesh who saved a huge island from being washed away by the floods by planting thousands of trees. And another person who swims around in the Nigerian delta planting mangroves. And of course, The Man Who Planted Trees, was in Portugal if memory serves.
I love the idea of grassroots camp actions too. So what is the wave of the future. Extinction Rebellion?
2 weeks ago