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Gurkan Yeniceri

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since Feb 12, 2013
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Started growing food around 2007. Took a PDC in 2016. Wrote a cheesemaking book in 2009, a beekeeping book in 2015 and an aquaponics book in 2016. I am giving workshops on these subjects in Canberra.
Australia, Canberra
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Recent posts by Gurkan Yeniceri

Would building an aquaponics system to hold trout count as fish keeping?
1 month ago
Our Turkish Angora is also very active. 6 months old now but still a kitten to me :-D

Happy Kitten Day
5 months ago

Diane Kistner wrote:

You forgot Poetry!

I sure did
5 months ago

Chris Kott wrote:Gurkan, I think it will remain a little more relevant than religion,  and longer.


I hope it will.
5 months ago
From a quick glance on Daron's post, these are the categories I thought it would fit:
Behavioral Sciences
Earth Sciences
Environment Studies
Farm Equipment/Tractors
Housing/Low Income
Human Interest
Self Help/Self Improvement

And of course, give it a 500 year it will turn into a religion at some point hence this category:

5 months ago
Turn it into a story with mythical creatures being bacteria, nematode, worm, mychoriza, nitrogen.

Who eats who, who captures who. How plants exchange nutrients. How seeds travel in bird's stomach etc. etc.

Go wild with the metaphors but staying true to scientific facts.

I once explained bees to my kids using a conveyor story and you won't believe, the knowledge still stuck in their brains.
5 months ago
I am 45 and sucked into gym memberships for most of my life. Took me a (fake) doctor report to get out of the membership agreement.

I put on weight immediately and became 105Kg, post office was recommending me to get my own post code :-D

I discovered the free gym opportunities around through a website called and following those now.

I am sitting on my bum all day in front of a computer so 2000 cal a day is a myth for me. Eating only once a day (dinner) is enough for me plus 3 days a week heavy exercise mostly using our own body weight within the group fitness classes I join.

I am 95Kg now and planning to loose more.

I also do professional stretching in a group class and let me tell you, that was I what I was missing my whole life. Even my walking changes after a 45m stretching session.

After working in the garden for a day, I am completely wasted and can not even lift a finger in the evening. I do what I've learned from stretching classes for about 25 minutes, concentrating on aching muscles and a new me comes out of it.
6 months ago
My husky X akita dog eats and poops a lot. I have a 250L compost bin under my 2 pear trees where I chuck all the poop in there along with grass clippings, dead fish from aquaponics, spent coffee grounds and regularly topped up with kefir slurry. Poop in there first covered by a white jacket of mycellium almost like a camembert and incinerates to powder after a while. There are worms in there and summer visitors of black soldier fly larvae helping further with the processing. It gets hot in summer but I have never measured the temperature. I am also not using the black soldier fly larvae for my fish thinking that it would be contaminated.

I never take the compost out of this bin and let the pear trees utilize in time.
6 months ago
Show them the organic examples around.

Show them what you do. Take them to a tour in your land and explain them the relationships between soil microorganisms, grass growing on top and the animals grazing etc.

Tell them they can get organic certification down the line.

Draw them a roadmap based on what they wanted to do, according to permaculture principles.

Introduce them to the forum here.

Buy them a gift book Building a Better World in Your Backyard :-)
6 months ago
Browse through this English forum. You will find some recipes

Also this book
6 months ago