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Haute Vienne, France
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Recent posts by Rus Williams

my area of france, the haute-vienne hasn't change.
Still possible to find house, barn and a hectare for 100k plus or minus 50k depending on location and condition.
Hard to find anything over 1 Hectare though, unless you buy a farm and that's 3-400 000 plus. And you have to deal with Safer

1 day ago

. We were founded on Equality of opportunity.  Not equality of outcome.  We forget that at our peril.

Earth care
People care
Return the surplus

That's it. That's permaculture.
And that is equality of outcome.
2 weeks ago
Bonjour Estelle

I have a spread sheet that I'm happy to share with you detailing hen numbers, food costs, egg production, and cost of goods sold.
If you plug in your numbers they should give you an idea about what you are dealing with.
It's not my sheet, someone gave it too me a while ago, and to be honest I haven't used it, but it's there if you want it.

If you want to send your email through a purple moosage, I'll send you the file.

We're in the Limousin, so not far away, I'd be interested in seeing what numbers you come up with as it could be very relevant to us.
Would you do that in return?
1 month ago
Yup. That looks about right from what I'm reading.
It's about 20-30 years away, but we'll start seeing the beginning of it probably sometime in the next 3-7 years, depending on how the global climate system responds.

2 months ago
We're in the Haute Vienne, so around the area you're looking for. We don't have community space, in fact just got badly burned by 'friends' trying to pull something together so we're fighting a bit shy at the moment. But meeting and helping people is always interesting.

You can register as a micro-enterprise which seems to tick a lot of easy boxes to register here, but it's not without its issues. Also getting here after the end of the year, without a job offer will be very difficult, my advice is probably to jump now while you can, as long as you can go back if things don't work out.

Anyway, let me know if you want to chat.
3 months ago
I really dislike the 20v marketing nonsense that dewalt uses. It's 18/ 36/ 54v here in Europe for the same batteries and as someone said on a forum

The 20 volt crap is basically the tool version of "But ours goes to 11"

I have no experience with this dewalt platform, since the 18v NIMH platform. I'm into the makita 18v  as  a professional carpenter and I'm seriously happy with the life of the tools and especially the life of the batteries. they have an overcharge and overdraw protection that has kept them in great shape for many years. In fact I still have a couple of the original 3.0 Ah batteries from when that was all you could buy.

I bought a 36v strimmer recently and have been surprised pleasantly by it's  performance. I was expecting it to be good but it's better than that. Quiet and non stinky too.

EDIT: For heavy duty use most people I know recommend the expensive Bosch stuff. It's a step above the pro consumer stuff (dewalt makita etc) still
3 months ago
Hi Yury,

Is there a European distributor for these? France would be preferable, but anywhere in the EU would be ok too.

I use an azada a lot in the garden for breaking up and moving soil, and was thinking about a smaller one for weeding.
This looks like something I would really like to try out.
6 months ago
Awesome. Thank you all very much
10 months ago
Have land, need plants!
Anybody have any good links for online, bio nurseries that post. Specifically were looking for some low cost hedging plants to get a jump on our design.

We're ordering a bit of stuff  from the awesome Balken ecology project and a bunch of seeds too, but we need some common or garden plant sources.

Thanks for your time
10 months ago