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If you give me a link, I promise to share it with both of my friends. If we're lucky, they'll know people to share it with. Hopefully this will help me get that audiobook (which I will play at my farm stand).
1 year ago
My recipient informed me that she received the gift (via email link) and it played just fine.

OT: She also told me that roughly seven minutes of the beginning of Helen's video were of her telling people to, "Hurry the f up, it was time to start," and that, "They didn't hurry the f up, so she started without them."
I can't put into words how much I like this PEP idea. I know, because for two days I've been trying to.

I'll be on board for this in whatever way it moves forward. How does this become a kickstarter? Whatever it is, I'm there. I'm currently taking my second PDC and all I feel is overwhelmed. I can't pick something and start working on it, because of how much other good stuff I could be doing. I can never be sure I'm doing the best thing. But with PEP, that's not a problem, because I am, of course, going to master the entire list. Someday. Maybe. But that's not the point, the point is I pick one and master it, and then I get to pick another. So, we move forward with relentless incrementalism, ratcheting forward and infecting more minds with our enthusiasm about our new-found skills.

I do see one major problem with this idea - I didn't think of it first.

- Trevor.
6 years ago
I don't think this addresses the question directly, but I'm sometimes an Amazon seller and I just received an email from them mentioning a few ways to improve your traffic. Not exactly Amazon tricks, but maybe helpful, so here it is:

• #AmazonCart allows you to promote Amazon listings on Twitter and help drive sales. Customers can add products they see on Twitter to their shopping carts without leaving Twitter.
• Create a Promotion: Adding an incentive—such as Buy One Get One, a discount, or other benefit upon purchase—can improve order conversion.
• Market Your Products on Facebook: Now, more than ever, e-commerce sellers are leveraging Facebook's power to promote their products.

These items were links, but they are long promo looking links, so if you're interested, you're probably better off searching for info, but I'd be glad to forward the email if anyone's interested in those links.

Also, I wrote a 5-star review of the cards, hope it helps.

- Trevor.
Bushels -N- Pecks

Cassie Langstraat wrote:So I obviously think this is a great thing but I was telling someone about it the other day and they said "Well, that sounds like, how is it different?"

I'm an AgriTrue Producer (Bushels -N- Pecks, Branch, MI), and after seeing your post I went to eatwild to see about getting listed there as well - and it seems they only register meat, egg, and dairy producers. Since I currently produce only vegetables and herbs (meat and eggs are coming, dairy is unlikely), it doesn't look like I can get listed. So that's one difference. Otherwise they do look similar.
6 years ago