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since Jan 21, 2013
I am a Kentucky farmer, born and bred. The real McCoy. Behind a team and plowin fields at age 6. We raised everything we needed, my Grandparents and I. I wasn't on a tractor, and that was another farm entirely, until I was 20 yrs old. With my Grandparents on my paternal and fraternal sides, being of a large percentage of Cherokee ancestry, I learned many things that have long since been forgotten. I teach as many youngsters as possible, with every opportunity presented. My own Children know things that set them apart, with regularity, as do a great many of the children I've worked with and taught. I'm called Mom by more young people than Mother Goose, and it's a reward that is immeasurable.
Aiken SC 29801
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Recent posts by Sherakee O'Riley

Here's a passel'o free goats.
Thank you John, for all your work. I wanna grow up n be just like you.

Ps. As much as I yak, thanks for not bootin me. 😃👍💕
I've tried twice to write a post and it didn't take. My corn-pewter has been out of commission for a few days and I'm trying to make do with a phone, so here's my final go at it.
All of my tomatoes are volunteers, or directly seeded every year. Since after the big ice storms down here I've been granted a hefty hand up in the building of my giant berms (huglekulters) and the advancement of your plot for world domination in the deep DEEP south is moving forward.
I'd like to video as much of the major changes as feasible and adding a few tomatoe seedlings in the mix for comparison may be no problem, if you think that may be what you're looking for. I'm here to serve the cause so just let me know and I'll be the "minion with an opinion" if it fits a need.
Your friend,
6 years ago

Len Ovens wrote:In my experience "pickiness" goes up with age (young children sleep anywhere, old folks can't seem to sleep on anything).

That's an incredibly good point. Bladder's could be used, (big like a twin blow up mattress) or small (like the wine bladders in boxes) in creating the firmness or even the adjustable firmness of the crazy money diala-beds. For a cheap shortcut and more instant gratification, one of those self inflatable jobs could be inserted into our final product. For a marketable product or for those of us who choose to build completely from our own devices, small hand pumps or any type of ac/dc powered air pump, a check valve or valve's (also called stop vales), some tubing and imagination would do the trick. Die hard survivalists could even have a blow up valve or that could be an added option for extra security for any reason.

I wish I were there with you guys. I am pulling for you and am very proud of everyone.
7 years ago
hahaha "I Beams" not beans... buu I do have a large variety of heritage legumes. hahaha
7 years ago
Welcome Micheal!
Your video is wonderful, great use of the "BLUES".

It's been a big part of my long time plan for my farm to build an underground home. I've saved back I beans, C channel and a great number of large windows, well for that an an enormous greenhouse, but I've always been proactively interested in compact living. I would like to know what your advise would be about developing a compact living situation in an underground housing situation, and I'll be all ears.
Thanks so much and we're SO glad to have you!
7 years ago

Sean Banks wrote:^ just curious how your neighbor found out about your dead horse?

They're like... (omg) always watching me! Jes Joking. There aren't miles between us, here, a couple of acres, maybe.

Hi Sean, All of my neighbors are my friends, yes, even the newish nosy one's. That was a about 5 or 6 years ago or so, now we're much closer.

In addition, my property, the multitude of interesting animals, and the incredible change that came over the property once having been purchased by myself, was quite an attention magnet and I was always ready to share my knowledge and experience with everyone including tours.
7 years ago

Leila Rich wrote:We need a hugelkulturalist who's tried this to show up!

I had a horse hit while being babysat by a good friend, she didn't make it a week. I put her in "the back 40" (which is 1/2 an acre of garden area) and covered her in several feet of wood, wood chips and yard debris. I had a newish nosy neighbor on my backside who called the local animal control and complained about the 'smell', which she had only assumed would be a result. The animal control Boss Guy, a friend of mine now because of this one incident, lol, inspected the area which was almost two weeks into the process, and even laid down on the ground trying to smell something. Anything. Well, anything but rich soil, that is.
7 years ago