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since Jan 16, 2013
I love gardening, grow a lot of food herbs and fruit. I have chicken and ducks and run a small plant nursery - how blessed am I!
cool climate, Blue Mountains, Australia
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Recent posts by Angelika Maier

We are building a swale (with a machine). If we make the bottom of the swale wide so that we can drive on it every now and then (not every day) would that be an issue? Want to safe space!
5 days ago
Thanks! I probably will use the bucket and milk jug method. If I collect enough I can use both methods on each tree. I l like ollas too but to buy them they are too expensive and to make them - well I can't throw that big! Coiling takes a LOT of time. And I would need a low fire clay. Bt the two other methods are easy enough - it's only until the tree starts growing later I think there won't be watering necessary.
5 days ago
not directly greening the desert but.....
we want to plant some trees and bananas over the weekend and we won't be there for several weeks. So how to water? It is NOT a dessert climate but warm temperate with decent rainfall it's summer here.
My first idea was these spikes from Bunnings which you screw onto bottles but apparently, they are NOT working at all. webpage Any other ideas? Anything DYO which is low tech and does work?
5 days ago
First, what is the reason for a pond? Do you want to grow water plants get an old bathtub. Do you want to store water? Do you want to create habitat? This would be the reason for a pond. Bt generally a pond close to a house would be better perfectly sealed say a concrete pond.
5 days ago
Does anyone have experience with compacting or gley or lawn?
5 days ago
We are developing a half-acre garden and there is a non-permanent watercourse on the bottom. Apparently it's dry most of the time, but the trees indicate that there is constant soil moisture. So I want to dam it a bit up and since we are using a machine for swales I could dig it a bit wider and maybe deeper. Any thoughts about how to? How to seal? HOw big? The soil is a mixture between clay and sand.
1 week ago
It's a bit late but IMO a teacher. Not every week but every now and then. I play recorder and not guitar though. The other important thing is and ensemble with someone leading (a teacher) this is best and a lot of fun!
3 weeks ago
But I haven't seen anyone calculataing this. I could take a photo of ours, it has to be emptied every now and then.
3 weeks ago
I believe that the total amount of calories is not of a great importance. The important thing are nutrients. While it is rather easy to grow starches, high valid proteins is a bit more complicated and if you want to grow high valuable fat you need to kill animals even if you don't like it. But it is very valuable to get self sufficient or more self sufficient because of the Great Reset planned.