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since Jan 16, 2013
I love gardening, grow a lot of food herbs and fruit. I have chicken and ducks and run a small plant nursery - how blessed am I!
cool climate, Blue Mountains, Australia
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Recent posts by Angelika Maier

That sounds good. I should try it!
5 months ago
My answer is super simple: You will need the timber only if you are old and can't bend down. Otherwise, why would you use timber around a veggie garden? I don't have it and it is probably super annoying because the grass and other weeds are always growing through the timber where you can't get to it. Simply leave the timber out and keep it simple unless you do the beds around hip-high so that you don't have to bend down, this makes sense. people always talk about building a vegetable garden, but you grow a garden you don't build it!
I presprout bigger seeds which go directly into the garden as well. michelle do you do this presprouting with lettuce seeds to produce seedlings?  I usually sow lettuce directly into garden beds, but people want lettuce seedlings! Someone told me they use a fan over a heated bed in a greenhouse but really I don't have all these things. And I don't like electricity mixed with water...
5 months ago
Interesting thread! I have a cheap Samsung phone and a better albeit 10y old photo camera. Is any of these useful? Which editing software do you recommend (name!)?
As for the music I would take care. Some videos have music which is so loud that you can't hear what the person says and some music is very annoying.
I personally really despise electronic yoga sounds.
5 months ago
The post was about plants and all I found in the answer were weird abbreviations! Sorry, I don't want to learn yet another foreign language. Here is a more straightforward input. The topic on plants which are not suitable because they are weeds is a very discussed topic and not everyone agrees on whether willows (or other weeds) are bad or not. We dug out blackberries only to find that the best soil is under the blackberry which is supposedly so bad! have a look into Peter Andrews, his book is fantastic on how to restore the Australian landscape.
5 months ago
I never get massages but after yoga streches I sleep well. It is difficult to strech after hard yakka when all you want to do it is to sit or lay down though. But even ten minutes do the trick.
5 months ago
I used to grow amaranth from amaranth I bought in the health food store. The variety was good and very high yielding (as to be expected) the only problem is the cleaning after harvest, which is why I am not growing it anymore. I would sow a bit thicker because the seeds might be dried on higher temperatures than are good for germination.
5 months ago
Parsnip seeds are super short lived and you have to collect your own. For carrots they do need a long time to come up and need watering meanwhile and yes they hate weed competition. If you sow in autumn then in my climate it is better to sow early otherwise everything only runs to seed in spring.
Hi there, I do have a nursery for perennial medicinal plants and the like.
But there is a huge demand for seedlings and peopley buy in the big box store otherwise.
I had no problem with tomatoes, chilli and so on but I DO have a problem with everything leavy like lettuce, brassicas. In autumn I tried it and they simply did not turn out sellable. I took care but they came up uneven si some cells were filled some not. They didn't look terribly great either. (For my own use I mainly do direct sowing)
I did grow outside but with automatic watering 3xday.
So what are your tricks to get good looking seedlings for sale and TO SOW EVENLY? I don't want to use fluorescent lights, fans and other expensive contraptions. Our house is too small to raise them indoors and I'm in Australia and we don't have basements!
Thanks in advance!
5 months ago