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I have similiar issue. What about to make rip line on lower part and fill it with clay or organic matter. Maybe this will hold water for longer period?
5 years ago
Hi Brian!
I am happy to see one more permaculture guy with love to wine and other bewerages
Last year 2012 i made by myself only with use of my manual work more than 400 liters of wine, so maybe i will give some experiences with chosing of appropriate wine fruits.
As i am now sick of grape wine (i really drink a lot of it this winter) theres really better fruits to do some wine.
I dont like French propaganda that the best wine should be from grapes. For me it is wrong story guys.
The best wines which i prefered and checked till now are wine from aronia (aronia melanocarpa),cherries (not sweet cherries) and rosa canina / rosa rugosa. Good and strong wine you can make from plums as well from blackberry. Another stuff what you can use with good result is a raspberry then mix of redcurrants and goosberry (sour and sweet) and mix of pears and apples as i checked they taste good.
Theres of course more stuff good for wine like dandelion and so on but they need lot of time to collect resource, so i am neglecting this stuff in wine making.
Here where i live is more than 51' north of geographical height and still theres really good amount of sugars inside the fruits, even sometimes i leaving them to freeze to transform sugars into simple ones to make taste better.
This year i tried to make wine with elderberry but with rather bad result the wine is really sour (not beacuse of lack of sugar), but nothing will be gone, i will try to make some booze from
Just give yourself some time, be slow and patient, experience, check few times, make notes, try, drink, as we say in Poland "fast? you can only catch the flies!".
All the best.
7 years ago
Hi guys!
I live in central Poland, i moved there into small town where i live now last year.
I would to implement there as many permaculture strategies as i could and my ideas still transforming, where to place specific areas.
There are quick sketch Picture what the property is looking, with black as exiting things (i mentioned not all of them) and with coulor what i want to implement there (garage is not permaculture thing anyway i just pictured it )
The sun angle is om 23 june, so north arrow should be little turned left.
Theres not as much wind sometimes from west - north west.
Property lies on slight slope from south around 140 meters to north side 139meters.
On picture is an old house ruin it looks more like hill i want to stay it as a zone 5.
I am still asking myself to place pond beetween zen garden and food forest and chicken house with greenhouse instead the pond, to make my way to chickens shorter as well as there on the south side of building tap water. One thing what concerns me is the view from the house almost directly onto chickens house and greenhouse there is not but we fixing house now and i would to add window in south side of the house , as on the first floor there are windows only on west and east side.
On the south side,where is a idea to place a pond there's planted pine and picea trees some of them as 5m tall and i think is a must to cut almost all of trees ;( (only few of the smaller tress will be replanted). Instead of them there will be hedge from food plants - rosa canina, elderberry, eleagnus and so on.
Zen garden means , that this place will have ornamental and relaxing meaning, place inside nicke looking (but still edible! ) garden some bench etc.
On the picture, there only general meanings of things, as well not always in good scale.
So that's mine general idea for this property.
If you will have some concept please mention it.
7 years ago
Thanks guys, i am aprreciated for your help.
Your answers gave me an idea to make connection from the french drain situated near foundations and which will cover few meters fence lenght to the pond. Situated in area where compost pile is placed now.
When spring will come i will start to dry out foundations (by digging soil for 60cm depth) and make some waterproof insulation on them. Then i will decide which way is best to drive water somewhere from house foundations
7 years ago
Coat the eggs with wax - natural bee's wax is the best choice. It prevents evaporation and closes all the pores on the egg shell. The eggs should be edible for at least one year if stored properly - temp +5 to +10 celcius.
7 years ago
Thanks for answers guys.
Soils are rather dry and sandy here, but in winter theres lot of rains snow and moisture.

darmowy hosting obrazków/></a>

"Water" means that moisture is coming into building from this side.

About the pond i am sceptical as i need to dry area where i have not access. Will the pond dry out part from north side?

Salix species - that can be tricky here as i do not see them in area as wild trees so i do not know that they will grow easily on these soils.
7 years ago
Hi guys!
I am new on forum so welcome to all of you.
I have situation where my house is standing on neighbour border and i cannot simply make a drainage to dry out soil there as to building where i live water is coming from bottom (through foundations) to room on north side.
Therefore i am looking for trees with long enough roots to penetrate soil to dry it out.
Theres populous species which have such root system but theres problem that the roots are strong enough to damage foundations (as i heard).
Soil near my building is sandy rather poor. I have to plant trees on west side to reach north side of house. Do you have any experience with this kind of situation any advice?
All the best
7 years ago